Best Books For CAT Preparation 2024

Which are the best books for CAT preparation 2024? Is that what’s on your mind? We thought of simplifying your search by sharing a section-wise book list in this blog.

Are you aware that casual reading habits can help you prepare for the CAT exam? Now, if you are a habitual reader, all you need is to divert your attention to CAT preparation books. But for non-readers, let’s help you develop some reading skills to ace your entrance exam.

Experts say reading books can increase your chances of cracking the CAT, as this exam is not about testing language skills. It is about aptitude and logical reasoning. Furthermore, the knowledge you gain from various subjects during the CAT prep process is also beneficial for group discussions and personal interviews.

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Does Reading Books Help In CAT Preparations?

Books are humans’ best friend. We all have heard this phrase growing up. Yet, not all of us became a voracious reader. Maybe, because we never understood the importance of reading books till now.

Nevertheless, let’s look at how and why developing the habit of casual reading can be helpful in CAT preparation. As a CAT aspirant, you require accuracy to answer the questions in the exam. It can be learned over time with practice and reading books of different genres to score more.

Benefits of Reading CAT Books
It increases vocabulary.
Reading books regularly boosts memory and brain power.
Helps release stress, as books distract us from our daily life struggles.
Our communication skills improve.
Better hold of the language.
Improves our imagination and helps develop our creative side.
Reading on diversified topics makes us unprejudiced towards other people and cultures.
Improves our analytical skills.
Helps structure any information in an organized way.
It improves focus and concentration. 
Reading books fosters empathy.
Teaches commitment and perseverance.
Broadens your mind to newer perspectives.

As we see from the table above, reading books teaches commitment, and perseverance, and improves analytical skills. It teaches structured information intake; improves imagination, increases vocabulary and boosts memory. These are all the prerequisites for CAT preparations. 

How To Improve Your CAT Reading?

Firstly, let’s get this straight, developing a reading habit for CAT preparation is critical. Secondly, it is because it will increase your speed, an utmost requirement if you want to finish the CAT exam within the set time limit. Furthermore, gaining extra knowledge is always an advantage when appearing for GD and interviews.

In addition, your chances of scoring high percentile and getting selected for your desired college increase.

CAT aspirants, both non-working and professionals, already have a lot on their plate. With all the study material from CAT coaching, assignments, mock tests to appear for, and revisions, many students skip reading extra books. This could prove a fatal mistake, especially for non-readers. Though, we recommend having your nose in as many books as possible. Yet, if you feel there is not enough time up your sleeve, at least start with a few books from our recommended section-wise book list below in this blog.

A book of one’s choice is like a cherry on the cake. But don’t focus too much on the subjects you are already familiar with. Jump into various genres to gain comprehensive knowledge. Following this, let’s give you some hacks to improve your reading for CAT exam preparation.

10 Simple Hacks To Improve Your Reading For CAT Preparation 2023

Remember, the habit of reading can become part of your success. So start becoming a reader early when preparing for CAT.

Make a List of Books

Start by making a reading list. Pick up books from different genres, fiction, non-fiction, history, documentary, science, politics, and technology. You can choose the books from the list we have mentioned towards the end of this blog. Otherwise, ask the readers among your family and friends to recommend good books that you can read. It is useful to have your own reading list, because every time you finish a book, you do not have to waste time selecting another one. Next, try the Amazon Books section, read reviews and order the ones you like.

Self-Motivate by Goal-setting

Where a reader finds it difficult to put a book down, a non-reader has to find ways to inculcate this habit. First, realize that you don’t have to read the whole book in a day. Read at your own pace. Next, self-motivate by setting goals. Let’s say, you decide to read 10 pages every night before sleeping. Make sure to follow the plan dedicatedly. There is a simple thumb rule to form new habits. Experts say if we repeat a process for 21 days in continuation, it becomes a habit.  

Schedule a Time For Reading

Reading books should be fun, not a forceful chore to finish. To ensure you enjoy the process, have devoted time allocated to your undisturbed reading experience. Pick up any time of the day that suits you. It could be before bedtime, early morning or evening tea time. Sit and read every day at the same time. Soon, you will begin to enjoy the process and look forward to your reading time. 

Find a Quiet Place

We all need some time to ourselves after a hectic day. And as I have said before, book reading time should be peaceful. Find a quiet corner in the house where no one would bother you for a while. Or better, go to the café next door, sip your favourite coffee, and read your preferred book.

Turn Off All The Distractions

Keep your smartphone where you won’t be able to reach it easily. The best practice is to keep your phone on silent. Better still, switch it off. Turn off the television, Alexa, music, sit in solitude and enjoy your read.

Try the Active Reading Approach

Audiobooks are a good source of entertainment if your goal is to fall asleep listening to something or just pass the time in the metro. Apart from that, passive listening is useless when you are reading with a purpose. Your aim here is to read books for CAT preparation. So be an active reader to help you improve your reading skills and increase vocabulary.

Carry Your Book Along

It’s a great idea to carry your book along when you travel, like in a metro or waiting for your turn at the doctor’s clinic. This inculcates reading habits, plus an added advantage is you stop wasting your time on social media. Comprehending it is not important to just read, eventually, it is about how fast you can finish reading a book. After all, CAT is all about speed, remember.

Make a Google Doc

By far, this is the best outcome of reading books on diverse subjects. You can make a Google Doc with a humongous list of new words. It will be your personal dictionary that will be useful in your CAT exam preps. 

Read Multiple Books

It has been observed that non-readers get bored reading the same book every day. Because they read slowly when they start reading, plus they may be reading a book that is not of their favoured genre. To avoid boredom, start reading multiple books. It will give you a variety to keep you in the book-reading habit.

Find a Reading Partner/Join a Book Club

Some people find it difficult to focus. Find yourself a reading partner or join a book club to keep you motivated. It could be a friend, sibling, or colleague, someone who shares the same interests as you. Reading together helps you discuss topics and find a new perspective on a similar point. It curbs anxiety, sharpens your logical and analytical reasoning, and keeps you consistent as a reader.

Best Books For CAT Preparation 2024 – Section Wise Books List

We, at iQuanta, provide years of researched study material curated by the best mentors for CAT preparation. There are live classes, recorded video sessions, assignments, a series of mock tests and problem-solving sessions.

Along with the coaching material, aspirants should also use the time to self-study from various other books. Here, we are providing the list of CAT preparation books for the candidates. It is a section-wise book list – VARC, LRDI, and Quantitative Aptitude.

VARC Best Books For CAT Preparations 2024

LRDI Best Books For CAT Preparations 2024

Quantitative Aptitude Best Books For CAT Preparations 2024

When preparing for CAT VARC, you should always read some extra books from both fiction and non-fiction. This helps build new word vocabulary and increase your reading speed too. Pick up your reads from the list below:

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