IIM ABC Practice Batch by iQuanta | 7500 CAT Level Practice Questions

IIM ABC Practice Batch by iQuanta

 Do you feel that even after solving n number of questions- You are still not confident of solving CAT Level Questions?
The problem with your CAT Practice Material and books.
  1. Not relevant – The questions in your CAT study Materials were designed decades back, so much so that it is not even directly relevant to our CAT Preparation now. Hardly, 30 Percent of the Questions are somehow related to our preparation. VARC and LRDI sources are not even close to 30 Percent.
  2. Quality of the Questions – The questions in our CAT exam are more to do with aptitude and less to do with brute calculations. The questions in CAT exam are designed beautifully and the answers are elegant. The same quality has never been replicated in any book or mock, forget the detailed solutions.
  3. “Do This Yourself. I have made my questions” Attitude by “Mock Test & Book” companies – The do it yourself should be complemented by solid fundamentals. You cannot just create absurd and ambiguous question and then not come up with a convincing solution. I have seen dozens of mocks & books with plenty of mistakes but the companies never owning their mistake or coming up with a clarification. The problem with this is that students are left in limbo and self doubt.
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Summary: I could go on but I have made my point that issue students are facing with their CAT Preparation is that they dont’ get Quality questions in abundance with variety which are exact CAT Level.

Solution : We have been working on something big for quite sometime now which will solve all the above ABC issues and named as IIM ABC Practice Batch, the details of which are provided below.

IIM ABC Batch Details

IIM ABC Course Details:

  1. Quants: 2500 CAT Level Quant Questions designed by iQuanta
  2. VARC: 500 CAT Level RC Sets designed by iQuanta
  3. LRDI: 500 CAT Level LRDI Sets designed by iQuanta

-Out of These Half the questions will be provided as soon as you enroll.
-Other half of the questions will be given Dynamically by iQuanta in a Secret Group of IIM ABC Batch.

iQuanta is very well known for it’s content.

Content Quality: All the questions from CAT 2020 were on similar lines from iQuanta Classes: https://www.facebook.com/…/permalink/1812066575627703/

First 50 student get Rs.3000 off in IIM ABC Batch. Use code LASTLAP”

How the IIM ABC Batch Helps You?

iQuanta has completely designed the course keeping the current CAT standards.
All the questions are what is expected in CAT exam.
  • VARC – Inference, main idea and application based questions form the bulk.
  • LRDI – CAT LRDI Sets have an elegance to them. The sets are tricky but become solvable if you get to the first entry in the sets. What do I mean when I say first entry? The first thing that should hit you while you see that set. This is something that only comes in with familiarity and the correct approach.The sets which we will be doing are an exact replica of the though process of the CAT Exam.
  • QA: The focus is on how to use the theory or the concepts across variety of questions segregated topic wise. We have ensured that you find tonnes of exact CAT level questions on all the topics. We will build your endurance and approach from the scratch.

How to Ensure a 99%ile in Mocks?

  1. Give a mock.
  2. Analyse the mocks. Zero in on the topics that you did not score in. Let’s assume that it is Algebra for me or maybe Higher Polynomial to be more specific.
  3. Get to the sub topic in our module. Practice 100 Questions in the next two days. The goal is to get to a perfect score in Higher Polynomials the next time you give a mock.
  4. Find a different topic the next time you give a mock.
  5. Repeat the Process.
  6. Get to a 99 Percentile.
Another speciality of the course is the part where we make you practice questions explicitly. We will do a rolling batch system wherein we take a new topic, practice tonnes of questions on it and then move on to a new topic in a couple of days.
We will keep doing this until we are finished with the entire syllabus in a month. We will then start with the same topic the next month and finish the syllabus again. We will repeat this until the day of your CAT Exam.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Buying the Course:

  • You have to dedicate two to three hours everyday for you to get to a 99 Percentile. If you cannot take the time out, this exercise is not going to make any sense.
  • This course is supposed to be rigorous practice, practice and practice. It is supposed to fill the gap for people who cannot get to a 99.5 %ile.

IIM ABC Batch Review by IIM Bangalore Convert:

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