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CLAT Subjects 2025: Subjects Wise Syllabus & Strategy

In this article we will delve deeper into the details of CLAT subjects 2025 and section-wise strategy, topics, and sub-topics majorly asked in the exam. By the end of this article, you will have a clear understanding of CLAT subjects 2025, its section-wise strategy, and exam pattern.

CLAT Preparation Group
CLAT Preparation Group

The Common Law Admission Test (CLAT) serves as a centralized national-level entrance examination, administered by the Consortium of National Law Universities, a collective comprising representative universities.  CLAT is a law entrance exam. The CLAT Exam serves as the cornerstone of the admission process for gaining admission in 25 out of 27 National Law Universities (NLUs) across India. Notably, NLU Delhi and NLU Meghalaya conduct their entrance exams. Thus, while CLAT 2025 facilitates admission to a majority of NLUs, these two institutions have their independent assessment processes.

In the CLAT exam, there are a total of 5 CLAT subjects 2025 or sections namely, English Language, Current Affairs, Quantitative Techniques, Logical Reasoning, and Legal Reasoning. Let us learn about the CLAT syllabus 2025.

CLAT Syllabus 2025

1. English Language

CLAT exam syllabus 2025 for English Language

Total Weightage 20%
Syllabus 1. Correcting Incorrect Grammar Sentences
2. Synonyms & Antonyms
3. Tenses
4. Fill In The Blanks
5. Spotting Grammatical Errors
6. Active & Passive Voice
Type Of Questions MCQ

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2. Current Affairs/GK

CLAT 2025 Syllabus for Current Affairs/GK

Total Weightage 25%
Syllabus 1. National & International Affairs
2. Schemes
3. Science & Technology
4. Summits & Conferences
5. Sports

6. Awards & Honors
7. Arts & Culture
8. Important Historical Events
Type of Questions MCQ

CLAT Preparation Group
CLAT Preparation Group

3. Quantitative Techniques

CLAT Syllabus 2025 for Quantitative Techniques

Total Weightage 10%
Syllabus 1. Ratios and proportions
2. Basic algebra
3. Mensuration
4. Statistical estimation
5. Algebra
Type of Questions MCQ Type

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4. Logical Reasoning

 Logical Reasoning syllabus for CLAT 2025

Total Weightage 20%
Syllabus 1. Analogies
2. Series
3. Seating arrangement
4. Syllogisms
5. Blood relations
6. Logical sequences and matching
7. Calendars and clocks
Type of Questions MCQ Type

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5. Legal Reasoning

CLAT 2025 Syllabus for CLAT Legal Reasoning

Total Weightage 25%
Syllabus 1. Law of Torts
2. Contract Law
3. Indian Penal Code
4. Monism and Dualism
5. Special Marriage Act
6. Contract Act
7. Bigamy
8. Constitution Void
9. Voidable Marriage
10. Law of Writs
11. Public International Law
12. Juvenile Justice Act
13. Personal Data Protection Bill
Type of Questions MCQ Type


Prepare with Ex CLAT Toppers

Strategy For CLAT Subjects 2025

Preparing for the CLAT Subjects 2025 exam requires a comprehensive approach that covers all CLAT Subjects 2025 of the exam. Here’s a section-wise strategy for the CLAT 2025. The students can prepare for CLAT according to this strategy:

CLAT Subjects 2025: English Language

The preparation strategy for English Language entails:

    1. Practicing reading diverse passages and understanding their main ideas, tone, and purpose. Focus on improving reading speed and comprehension.
    2. Brushing up on grammar rules, including parts of speech, sentence structure, and punctuation. Increase your vocabulary by regularly reading newspapers, novels, and magazines—practice exercises on topics like synonyms, antonyms, analogies, and idioms.


CLAT Subjects 2025General Knowledge & Current Affairs

The preparation strategy for GK and Current Affairs entails:

    1. Staying updated with current affairs by reading newspapers, magazines, and online news portals regularly.
    2. Covering topics such as politics, economics, international relations, science and technology, sports, awards and honors, etc.
    3. Making concise notes of important events, dates, and facts to revise regularly.
    4. Solving previous years’ question papers and mock tests to gauge your preparation level.




CLAT Subjects 2025Mathematical Techniques

The preparation strategy for Mathematical Techniques entails:

    1. Focusing on topics such as arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and mensuration.
    2. Understanding basic concepts thoroughly and practice solving problems regularly.
    3. Working on improving speed and accuracy by practicing with a timer.
    4. Solving sample papers and previous years’ question papers to get acquainted with the exam pattern and types of questions asked.

CLAT Subjects 2025: Legal Reasoning

The preparation strategy for Legal Reasoning entails:

    1. Understanding the fundamentals of law, including legal principles, concepts, and reasoning.
    2. Practicing solving legal reasoning questions based on principles, facts, and conclusions.
    3. Reading legal articles, cases, and judgments to enhance your understanding of legal concepts.
    4. Solving mock tests and previous years’ question papers to improve your problem-solving skills. :

CLAT Subjects 2025: Logical Reasoning

The preparation strategy for Logical Reasoning entails:

    1. Practicing different types of reasoning questions such as syllogisms, logical sequences, analogies, etc.
    2. Improving your analytical and critical thinking skills by solving puzzles, brain teasers, and logical reasoning exercises.
    3. Learning techniques to solve questions quickly and accurately, such as diagramming, making tables, and eliminating answer choices.

CLAT 2025 Exam Pattern

After understanding the CLAT Subjects 2025, take a look at the CLAT Exam Pattern 2025 below.

Subjects Questions
English Language 22-26 Questions
Current Affairs/GK 28-32 Questions
Quantitative Techniques 10-14 Questions
Logical Reasoning 22-26 Questions
Legal Reasoning 28-32 Questions
Marking: +1 for every correct answer| -0.25 for every incorrect answer| Duration: 2 Hours

CLAT 2025: Exam Dates

Let us dive into the important details to note after understanding the CLAT Subjects 2025. Below are the CLAT exam dates.

CLAT 2025 Marking Scheme

There are a total of 120 questions in the CLAT exam. If the students take the CLAT exam, they must remember the marking scheme of the exam. For every correct answer, the student will be awarded +1 marks. For every incorrect answer, the student will face a penalty or will incur a negative marking of -0.25 marks. If any question is left unattempted, there will be no marking, i.e. 0.

Response Marks
Correct Answer +1 Marks
Incorrect Answer -0.25 Marks
Unanswered/Unattempted  0 Marks

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CLAT Subjects 2025: FAQs

Which stream is best for CLAT?

The humanities stream suits the exam’s reading-intensive nature, but the science and commerce streams also come with their benefits. The optimal choice depends on your skills and long-term objectives. Select a stream that aligns with your strengths and provides a solid foundation for your intended areas of law.

Does 12th marks matter in CLAT?

CLAT admission primarily depends on CLAT scores. however, Class 12th marks are important as they must meet the minimum eligibility criteria (45% for general and 40% for SC/ST).

Is CLAT tough to clear?

Yes, it can be challenging keeping in mind the CLAT Subjects 2025, but with the right approach and preparation, it is definitely achievable. While the CLAT is undeniably tough, a combination of thorough preparation, strategic planning, and a positive mindset can make it a realistic and attainable goal for aspiring law students.

Can I become a lawyer without CLAT?

If you’re considering pursuing a law degree in India but prefer to avoid the CLAT exam or are intimidated by CLAT Subjects 2025, there are several reputable alternatives available. Institutions such as SRM University, GITAM University School of Law, Banasthali Vidyapith, ICFAI Law School, and KL University are among the top choices.

What is the age limit of CLAT law?

According to the official eligibility criteria for CLAT 2025, there is no age limit for candidates appearing in the CLAT UG or CLAT PG exams. However, candidates must meet the other basic educational requirements to participate in the CLAT Exam 2025.

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