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How to Score 700+ in GMAT

With increasing competition every year, the required GMAT scores to get into the top B-schools all over the world are also increasing. To begin your GMAT preparation, you must first strategize and plan. 700 marks is considered to be the threshold score for a person who takes the GMAT exam. Given below is the strategy to score 700+ in the GMAT Exam.

  1. GMAT Exam Pattern: To ace the GMAT exam, first of all, you need to be aware of the GMAT exam pattern. The computer-adaptive aspect of the GMAT distinguishes it from other MBA tests. Go through the syllabus thoroughly and prepare your schedule accordingly. Check out the GMAT exam pattern, syllabus and eligibility criteria here.    GMAC has launched the new ‘GMAT Focus Edition’ in February 2024, click here for the syllabus in detail.
  2. Clear out the basics: Getting your basics strong is a fundamental part to score 700+ in your GMAT. You can only progress to the advanced level questions if your foundation is strong. Get your basic concepts clear and then practice as many questions as you can from that particular topic.
  3. Use relevant material: Make sure that the study material you are referring to is relevant to the exam and exam pattern. All of the relevant concepts and questions must be covered in the books and sources you choose. You can also take up an online course from a trustworthy institution for a more structured preparation.
  4. Maintain your consistency: Maintain a continuous flow in your preparation. Prepare a study schedule and stick to it. Make sure you give attention to all the concerned sections everyday and practice questions relevant to the topics you’ve learnt.
  5. Analyse your mistakes: Prepare an error log for yourself and keep updating it with every mistake. This is going to help you keep track of your weaknesses so that you can focus more towards them. Once you start maintaining a log, start working towards accuracy and practice so much so that you don’t make the same errors again.
  6. Focus on timing: Once you start getting your answers right, start focusing on the time you’re taking to solve a question. In order to score 700+ in GMAT, you need to be quick and solve as many questions as you can in a limited time frame. You can practice mental math for better calculations. There are also various tricks that can help you in performing calculations faster. Get the right answer in the right time.
  7. Guess intelligently: There might be questions for which you wouldn’t need to go deep into the calculations. There might be a possibility that you can easily figure out the right answer just by looking at the options. Hence, you need to guess intelligently. This is also going to save you a lot of time.
  8. Get your doubts cleared: Always get your doubts and confusions resolved. Do not ignore them at all as these may go forgotten. Make sure you take your confusions to a credible sorce and get them solved right when they occur to you.
  9. Enjoy your preparation: Take breaks while you’re studying. Do not over-burden yourself as a saturated mind is of no use. Enjoy your preparation journey. Treat yourself after solving certain number of sets. This is also a very good way to stay motivated throughout.
  10. Taking and analysing practice tests: Appearing for diagnostic and mock tests is very important if you want to score 700+ in GMAT exam. Mocks not only help you with understanding where you stand but also to understand your weak areas so that you can focus towards them more.

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