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IIFT Topper Rank 1 Daniel Sinha Success Story

Honestly, I have never been an expert of the art of cracking exams and even this has come as a pleasant surprise. But for the future aspirants, all I can say looking at my result is that just be cool and confident- not only during the exam but actually during the entire preparation phase as well. Sometimes you might get a feeling that the things are going way different from what you had expected but just remain cheerful focused. Not to forget, resources from cheered and the guidance of the mentors have been crucial in my success.

There are tonnes of material done in the class – which takes care of everything from basics to advanced level. Keep practising and keep revising. Make sure that you also develop your strengths when you are working to take care of your weaknesses. Try enjoy your learning process and have your goals set in mind.

At the end of the day, remember that these exams also depend a lot on that particular day and on a lot of uncontrollable factors. So just do your bit and stay happy!

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