IIM WAT Tips Approved By CAT Toppers

WAT Tips For IIM WAT-PI Round

The list of shortlisted candidates for the WAT-PI rounds has been released by most of the IIMs. The Written Ability Test (WAT) is one of the most crucial stages in the IIM Admission Process and carries a weightage of 10-15 percent in the final evaluation. With the weightage of the WAT-PI round increasing each year, we have come up with IIM WAT tips approved by the CAT Toppers and students of top B-Schools.

IIM WAT Tips : Popular Areas & How To Prepare

Following are the important areas around which the IIM WAT topics are based on. We have also mentioned the key resources to prepare for the topics.

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Evaluation Parameters for IIM Written Ability Test

There are certain parameters on which your WAT will be evaluated. So make sure to take care of these criteria when you are writing the WAT.

  1. Quality of the Write-up : The quality of content, the words and sentence curation comes into play when you are writing the WAT. Writing out of context and beating around the bush is not advised.
  2. Quality of Arguments : Take care of the arguments you’re putting down. Support your arguments with logical examples.
  3. Consistency : Follow a pattern of writing and stick to it.
  4. Clarity of Language : Be clear with what you want to present. Form sensible sentences.
  5. Grammar and words : Do not be too verbose and use heavy words. One of the most important IIM WAT tips is to write in such a manner that what you have written is easy to comprehend.

WAT Tips : Structure of Writing 

The key WAT tip is following a structure. Structuring your article and being consistent with the pattern is very essential. Make sure that your WAT consists of these three parts – Introduction, Body & Conclusion.

WAT Structure For Current Affairs Based Topics

  • Introduction : Keep the introductory part simple with two lines that will set the tone for your entire article.
  • Body : In this part of your article, you are required to take a stance as per the topic. Whether you are going to write for the topic or against the topic. Add some facts and examples to back your arguments.
  • Conclusion : The conclusion should be a summary of the body text.

WAT Structure For Philosophy Based Topics

  • Introduction : Start your article with a quote that relates to the topic.
  • Body : Add facts supporting your arguments in the body. Write in a story-telling manner. Also, take a non-personal stance.
  • Conclusion : Give your final verdict with subtle disagreements and in a persuasive form.

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WAT Structure For Abstract Topics

  • Introduction : Start with a crisp introduction and set the tone for moving forward.
  • Body : Give relevant political, social, economic, or technological examples. Provide logical justification for your viewpoint.
  • Conclusion : Conclude the article with alternatives.

Key IIM WAT Tips

Tips for IIM WAT Round

IIM WAT Tip 1 : Are you writing for yourself?
Ask yourself who you’re writing for. Are you writing for yourself or for the B-School panellists? Obviously yourself. So make sure that whatever you write, write it carefully. Analyse what the panellists would want to read. You may also be cross questioned on whatever you write in the WAT.

Tip 2 : Make a mind map
As soon as you read the topic, start formulating a structure of all the things you’re going to write. All the quotes, facts and examples and the order of putting all of these down. This way you’ll be consistent with the structure and won’t miss out on anything.

Tip 3 : Write clearly
The most important IIM WAT tip is to write clearly. Bifurcate the content into paragraphs and talk about different segments. The language should be easy to understand with less verbosity.

Tip 4 : Use transition words
Using transition words in your article such as furthermore, nevertheless, besides, in addition, etc. These words can be used to maintain the flow of your WAT article and switch between ideas.

Tip 5 : The importance of prioritizing
It might happen that you know a lot about the topic and get overwhelmed with ideas. Make sure that you prioritize what to write. One of the most important tips for IIM WAT is to stick to the topic and write what is relevant. Do not cross the word limit.

Tip 6 : Provide examples and citations
If you have gone through research papers or case studies around the given WAT topic, you can use them as citations. Use valid examples to justify your viewpoints.

IIM WAT Tip 7 : Time Management
It is very important to watch your time while writing the WAT. From creating a mind map to jotting down all the pointers, make sure that you use the allotted time wisely.

Tip 8 : The first line
The first line of your WAT article acts as the main hook. It determines whether a person will stick to it or not. The gist of your entire article can be analysed through the first line.

Tip 9 : Conclusion
The conclusion must act as a summary of your arguments. It should not be repetitive with the same words used in the WAT body.

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IIM WAT Tips : Don’ts

IIM WAT : Don'ts

The IIM WAT round is one of the most crucial parts carrying high weightage in the IIM selection process. Making sure that no mistake is made is nothing is left out while writing the WAT is important. Following are some of the “don’ts” for the IIM WAT tips that you need to take care of:

  • Exceed the word limit : Do not exceed the word limit at any cost.
  • Beating around the bush : Do not go around writing anything. Put down only what is relevant to the topic. Complicating the WAT article is not recommended.
  • Detailing the introduction and conclusion : The introduction and conclusion should be precise. Only the body of the article should be detailed with arguments and examples.
  • Not giving credits : If you’re taking a quote or any content from somewhere, make sure you’re giving credit to the author. This is one of the most crucial IIM WAT tips.
  • Making grammatical errors : Take care of the grammar, spellings and punctuations.
  • Complicating your article with big words : As mentioned earlier, complicating your WAT articles with big words is not recommended. The article should be easily comprehendable.
  • False content : Using made up examples to justify your viewpoint would not be a smart move. Use relevant real-life examples only.

These were the Top IIM WAT tips that iQuanta’s IIM students swear by. These Written Ability Test tip will help you get into the top IIMs.

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