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DMS IIT Delhi Interview Experience by CAT 98.79%iler

DMS IIT Delhi Interview Experience

Madhur Srivastava is a GEM candidate and his past academic records include 86.43% in X, 85.8% in XII and 8.35 CGPA in his under graduation. He had a work experience of 39 months at the Tata Consultancy Services. He scored 98.79 percentile in CAT 2021.

Madhur applied for both the programs, i.e. MBA and MBA(Telecom)

DMS, IIT Delhi Interview Experience Transcript of Madhur Srivastava

DMS IIT Delhi interview experience
Department of Management Studies, IIT Delhi

2 male panellists (Lets call them M1M2 and myself “M”)

M1: Madhur, tell me about yourself ?  And why do you want to do an MBA ?

M: Told about the usual prepared answer about my basic intro, my field of graduation and my hobbies. Also, mentioned about my interest for doing an MBA.

M1: Tell me about the 2022 UP Assembly elections ? What is your view about it?

M: Told them that the population has given a mandate to BJP and its alliance. They have bagged 255 seats and I feel that the party has done well to understand the public sentiments and cash onto it.

M1: Tell me where the other political parties lacked and why couldn’t they perform well ?

M: Sir, the other political parties only came to the public when the elections neared, they did not talk to their audience in the 5 years and only came with their manifestos once the elections were announced.

If they want to win, they need to understand the audience sentiments not just before the elections but much before that.

M1: Tell me more about your work experience ?

M: Sir, after graduating, I got an opportunity to work with TCS for 39 months where I was working with an Automotive account looking into the Electric vehicles. After a point of time, I felt the need to look into the business side of things hence, decided to pursue and MBA to get a holistic picture.

M1: What is sustainable living?

M: It’s a responsible way in which a species evolves such that every aspect of its life functions is useful or at least not harmful to other species in the biosphere and environment.

M1: What are the various factors affecting the business environment of any organisation?

M: Told them about the PESTEL analysis in detail with examples for the same. The professors seemed impressed.

M1: Where did you learn about this term?

M: Sir, I was always inquisitive about learning more about the MBA world and when I asked my friends already pursuing an MBA from other colleges about how could I enhance my knowledge, I came across this term. But sir, I not only want to read about PESTEL, I want to apply it once I join the course.

M1: So, what specialisation are you looking to opt ?

M: Sir, I want to develop my skills in to the marketing world and once I attain the degree, I would like to gain the necessary skills and start something of my own.

M1: Why MBA after Electrical Engineering and IT ?

M: Sir, I graduated in Electrical Engineering post which I got an opportunity to work with the Electrical vertical of TCS. An outsider might think of TCS to be an IT Company but it has got other verticals like: Mechanical, Electrical, Biomedical. And, I was fortunate enough to gain an opportunity to closely work with Electric Vehicles in the Automotive Industry. Since, I already learnt the technical side of things in 3+ years of my work experience, I wanted to broaden my horizon and look into the business side of things as well.

Plus, getting into MBA would give me a chance to be a student again.

M1: What is your opinion on the farmer agitations?

M: Sir, I feel that their protest for the purpose of inclusion of MSP is a necessity and the farmers should have a minimum guarantee for their crop.

M1: What are your interests and hobbies?

M: Told them about my interest in Gardening, cooking and voluntary blood donation.

M1: Do you have any questions for us ?

M: Sir, I wanted to understand that before joining the college, I would have sufficient time, how can I equip myself during this time?

M2: Madhur, you may read a lot, work on the current industry problems and business news, try to look and develop a perspective for case study problems.

M: Sir, that will be really helpful. Thank you for answering this.

M1: That will be all. You may leave the meeting.

M: Thank you sir, good day

Once the interview got over, I had a positive feeling that I would convert the program, but wasn’t sure that I would find my name in the first list itself. The interviewers seemed impressed particularly because of the answer wherein I explained PESTEL analysis. I was confident about converting the call and luckily after a long wait of 50 days, I eventually converted both the programs.

Verdict: Converted both the programs.

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