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IIM Calcutta : Campus, Courses, Cut-offs, Alumni & More

Indian Institute of Management Calcutta – IIM Calcutta

Founded in 1961, the Indian Institute of Management Calcutta was the first of the renowned IIMs of India. Situated in the Joka region of Kolkata, the institute was established by the Government of India to promote management education and research. Over the years, IIM Calcutta has constantly been ranked among the top 5 B-Schools in the country. It was listed in the 3rd position in NIRF Rankings 2022 and was also ranked third among the IIRF Rankings 2023. Postgraduate, doctoral, and executive-level programs in management are offered by the institute, along with the MBA (Master of Business Administration) program, which is its flagship program. Keep reading to know more about the institute, campus life, programs offered, placements, top alumni, and more!

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Campus Life at IIM Calcutta

If you were to ask anyone from IIM Calcutta – any alum or any student – about the JOKA culture, then you’ll get a look filled with bittersweet memories. The struggles are real, just like any other top B-school in India. But it is also, the IIM with seven great lakes. Spread across 135 acres, the campus was built on what was once a bird sanctuary. Every morning, you are greeted with the welcoming cries of a variety of bird species.  It is a campus with great natural beauty.

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The Jetty is one of the most iconic spots on campus, where students go to chill out and have random discussions. Just like the name suggests, it is a pier facing one of the lakes on campus. The in-house store is another place where you can find crowds of Jokars hanging out. They are there to soothe their hungry stomachs or buy some necessities. Speaking about Jokars, the Joka culture is highly influenced by the city in which the campus is located, Kolkata. For example, the campus ‘lingos’ as you would call it, are influenced by the Bangla language.

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The sports culture is also very strong at IIM Calcutta. There are more than 20 clubs and special interest groups hosting different types of sports, cultural, literary, and professional events throughout the year. These events serve as an outlet for the student community and also provide a platform for the holistic development of the ‘future leaders’. Carpe Diem, the annual cultural fest of IIM Calcutta is one of the most anticipated events of the year. Intaglio, the annual business summit is another awaited event, and students from other top management campuses are invited to participate.

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Festivals are welcomed with all the ‘josh’ at the hostels. Pujas and Yajnas are conducted in the hostel courtyards. Scrumptious feasts are served in the messes and the whole student community comes together to burst crackers and fly kites on the hostel rooftops. There are two types of hostels at IIM Calcutta – there are the co-ed hostels and then the boys’ hostels. In the co-ed hostels, girls are allotted to separate floors. The library at IIM Rohtak, often referred to as one of the best management libraries in Asia, has an amazing collection of more than 1.6 lakh books and journals. More than 40,000 online journals can be accessed through its e-portals.

During the first few months at the campus, you will be overwhelmed by the rigorous requirements of the program. You will question your competence, your abilities, and maybe, even your decision to come here. But time will teach you that if you think you can, then you can. That is when you truly begin to appreciate the challenges of the program.

Programs Offered at IIM Calcutta

IIM Calcutta offers four business management programs at various levels apart from its flagship program, MBA (Master of Business Administration). These have been discussed more in detail in the table given below. Furthermore, the institute also offers executive education in the form of Management Development Programs, Long Duration Programs, and Consultancies.

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IIM Calcutta Cut-offs

IIM Calcutta has different policies for domestic and overseas admissions. The institution has laid down a three-step admission process before candidates are finally selected for the MBA program. In the first stage, candidates not fulfilling the minimum CAT percentile cut-offs are eliminated. Then, composite scores are derived based on weights assigned to parameters such as CAT score, Class 10 marks, Class 12 marks, and Gender Diversity Factor. The shortlisted candidates from the previous stage then proceed toward the Personal Interview and Written Ability Test rounds. In the end, the scores of all three rounds and the points awarded for academic diversity at the Bachelor’s and Master’s levels for non-engineering qualifications and work experience are added up before candidates are finally selected.

The following table gives the minimum requirements of the CAT percentile to qualify for the second stage.

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Cut-offs For General Category

Cut-offs For EWS Category

Cut-offs For OBC Category

Cut-offs For SC Category

Cut-offs For ST Category

Key Placement Highlights Over The Recent Years

Final Placements


The 2023 final placement process was conducted for a total of 465 students. 73% of the batch came from an engineering background, and only 39 % of the batch were freshers.

The majority of the roles were offered in the Consulting domain (40.5%). 18.2% of the roles offered were in Product & Analytics and 15% in Finance. The remaining distribution was as follows: General Management (14.3%), Sales & Marketing (9%), and Strategy & Operations (3%).

The Highest International CTC for the year was INR 94.82 LPA. Accenture, Adani, Adobe, Arthur D Little, BCG, Bank of America, Essar, Ernst & Young, Edelweiss Tokio, Flipkart, Google, IBM, HSBC, Hindustan Unilever Limited, Kearney, L’Oreal, Morgan Stanley, Microsoft, McKinsey & Company, MasterCard, Nestle, Nomura, O3 Capital. Tata Steel, Samsung, P&G, Piramal, Zomato, and Tata Consultancy Services were among the numerous other prominent recruiters on campus.

The table given below attempts to track the placement performance of IIM Calcutta’s MBA program over the past four years.

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The 2022 final placement process of the PGDBA program at IIM Calcutta witnessed the participation of 36 firms and 62 students. A total of 24 offers were made by the participating firms. Some of the prominent recruiters on campus were Goldman Sachs, ICICI Bank, Accenture, Boston Consulting Group, Schneider Electric, Dr. Reddy’s Lab, Viacom, and ZS Associates.

Highest Stipend: INR 42.50 LPA

Average Stipend: INR 29.71 LPA (12.75% increase)

Median CTC: INR 28 LPA (14% increase)


The 2022 final placement process for the 15th batch of IIM Calcutta was successfully conducted for the 75 students who participated. They were offered leadership roles in the fields of IT (46), Consulting (18), E-Commerce (12), Logistics (3), EduTech (2), Operations (1), Finance (1), Marketing, and Renewables (1).

The key placement statistics were as follows:

Highest Salary: INR 136.38 LPA

Average Domestic Salary: INR 36.79 LPA (27.96% increase)

Median CTC: INR 30.41 LPA (19.25% increase)

Some of the prominent recruiting firms on campus were Microsoft, CleanMax, Flipkart, The Math Company, Bain Capability Networks, Sutherland, Accenture, Ernst & Young, Persistent, Amazon, Axis Bank, Merilytics, and Lynk Logistics.

Summer Placements

141 firms and 473 students participated in the summer placement process of IIM Calcutta. A total of 482 offers were extended to the students. The majority of the roles were offered in Consulting (23%), followed by Sales & Marketing (20%), Finance (19%), Product Management & Technology (16%), General Management (11%), and Operations and ECommerce (11%).

Average Stipend: INR 1.16 Lakhs/month

Median Stipend: INR 1.25 Lakhs/month

The prominent recruiters on campus were Morgan Stanley, L’Oreal, Capgemini, Google, Samsung, Infosys, Asian Paints, Bajaj, Microsoft, Flipkart, Arthur D Little, BCG, McKinsey & Company, Bain & Company, Kearney, Accenture, Credit Suisse, Edelweiss, Amazon, JPMorgan Chase, Uber, and P&G among many others.

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Top Alumni from IIM Calcutta

Indra Nooyi


IIM Calcutta Alumni
Indra Nooyi

Current Interests: Supervisory Board Member at Philips; Board of Directors at Amazon; Council Member of Earthshot Prize

Passing Year: She graduated with a Post Graduate Program Diploma in 1976

Net Worth: $320 million (Forbes)

Accomplishments: Consistently ranked among the world’s 100 most influential women, she served as the Chair and CEO of PepsiCo for 12 years before retiring in 2019.

Krishnamurthy Venkata Subramanian

IIM Calcutta Alumni
Krishnamurthy Venkata Subramaniam

Current Position: Executive Director (India) at IMF

Passing Year: He graduated from the PGDM program at IIM Calcutta with a gold medal in 2007. He is also recorded in the Institute’s Roll of Honor.

Net Worth: $1 – $5 million

Accomplishments: Appointed the Chief Economic Adviser to the Government of India in 2018, he served in the position for around three years.

Sriharsha Majety

IIM Calcutta Alumni
Sriharsha Majety

Current Position: Co-Founder and CEO of Swiggy

Passing Year: He graduated from the PGDM program at IIM Calcutta in 2011 with a specialization in Finance.

Salary: INR 3.5 crore (Basic Salary, Approx.)

Accomplishments: Swiggy was valued at $10.7 billion last year, successfully gaining the status of a ‘decacorn’.

Anirban Chatterjee

IIM Calcutta Alumni
Second from the left: Anirban Chatterjee (with his team)

Current Position: Co-Founder and COO at OneTo11

Accomplishments: He was awarded the Web3 Founder of the Year at the Web3 Asia Awards 2023. A self-taught programmer and serial entrepreneur, he founded the world’s first gaming social networking platform.

Sumit Mathur

Current Position: Chief Marketing Officer at Paytm; Member of the Consumer Complaints Council at the Advertising Standard Council of India

Passing Year: He graduated from the PGDM program at IIM Calcutta in 2003

Salary: INR 2.5 – 3 crores

Accomplishments: Former Senior Director and Chief Marketing Officer at Kellog’s India.

Ajit Balakrishnan

Ajit Balakrishnan

Current Position: Chairman and CEO of

Passing Year: He was a member of the 6th batch of IIM Calcutta’s PGDM program, passing out in 2008.

Salary: INR 1.6 crore

Accomplishments: Former Chairman of the Board of Governors at IIM Calcutta for two consecutive terms.

Gopal Vittal

IIM Calcutta Alumni
Gopal Vittal

Current Position: CEO of Bharti Airtel India and South Asia

Passing Year: A 25th batch alumnus of IIM Calcutta, he passed out in the year 1998

Salary: INR 24.9 crores

Accomplishments: He was able to successfully reach the rural markets through Project Bharat when he was working at Hindustan Unilever Limited. FMCG giants of that time had not been able to achieve the depth of this reach though they had been trying.

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IIM Calcutta Alumni From iQuanta

Tarique Noor

Shreyash Sharma

Sharique Ahmad

Rahul Agrawal

Biman Barai

Pawan Ch

Geetsaisumant Jupudi

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Frequently Asked Questions

No. The institute has not prescribed any upper age limit for joining their programs.

Yes. IIM Calcutta does have sectional cutoffs.

Yes. Your major depends on the number of courses you have taken for a particular stream. You can major in two areas if you carefully select your courses.

Yes. If you have not taken the minimum required number of courses in any particular stream, then it is possible to not have majored in any functional area.

Yes. IIM Calcutta does provide scholarships purely on the basis of the student's academic performance. Please click on the following link to get to know more about the Need-Based Financial Assistance program at IIM Calcutta:

Scholarship Application Form 2022-23 Instructions | IIM Calcutta