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iQuanta - Village Adoption Initiative

Indrajeet Singh - CEO iQuanta

iQuanta - Free Education Initiative

Keeping in line with the mission to make education accessible to everyone, iQuanta launched the Free Education initiative in 2017. It all started when Indrajeet Singh, the CEO of iQuanta received a letter from Saurabh Kumar Ranjan highlighting the lack of basic education in the village of Shahpur and asked for his help. Much to Mr. Ranjan’s surprise, Mr. Singh took the next flight available to Shahpur. He went and adopted the village completely - taking care of free education for every child there. He even converted his own house into a school.

Indrajeet Singh’s House in Bihar - turned into a school.

In the past years, under the initiative - iQuanta has adopted two villages by providing free education to more than 1500 students.

On students demand, Mr Singh danced on the stage on the beats of Dhoom

Village Adoption- 2017

The results have been astounding to say the least. From 25 to more than 500 students with 4 full time teachers, the initiative has unearthed dozens of tremendous talent.

The initiative conducted a Rural Talent Search Examination in 118 villages and selected the top 5 students from each of them to provide free education.

Rural Talent Search Examination

Ankush Kumar, one of the student selected under the initiative secured a 23rd Rank in BHU-SET entrance test. He is from a village without a single school in it. There are a lot of brilliant students like him who only ask for a chance to learn. The initiative gave him a scholarship which made it possible for him to get that opportunity.

Moments of Appreciation from the people of Shahpur

The love and response that the initiative has received has been overwhelming.

Mr. Singh plans to adopt more than a 100 villages and provide free education to more than 15,000 students in the next two years. He has set up iQuanta Charitable Trust to achieve his dream of education for all.

Ceremony Hosted by the village of Shahpur

Some moments from the life of the students under the initiative


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