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3 Attempts, 2 disappointments, Finally 99.6%le

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   IIM Kozhikode, 2015-2017,Converted IIM K and IIFT
    CAT %le : 99.6

· For people With around 4 months for CAT 17, I know almost everyone is trying to put all their efforts to tame this feline this time. We generally do get different opinions from different people about how to go for CAT, what to do and what not to do. I feel everyone has their own unique way of preparation. One size doesn’t fit all, so analyse every suggestion you get from others and see if it will suit your plans. Make your own strategy and stick to it. Here are some suggestions which helped me last year:
For people who feel they are weak at quants, you need to stop doing that. I feel quants is all
about confidence and practice. CAT tests basic aptitude level with slight bit of twist. With
sufficient practice, one can easily score better in this section. Start from the basics and try to
internalise the concept. Try to know the logic behind every solution (Except Geometry :P). Stop memorising long formulae and try to build the base strong. Arun Sharma and Sarvesh Verma helped me immensely if you practice it with dedication. Solve previous years mocks and try to know different varieties of questions. It will help you not freak out in the exam as you will be aware of most types of questions. Sectional test and mocks will help build your confidence. Trust me,confidence is very important. It can do wonders.

· LRDI is one section which can not be taken lightly. It has shattered many dreams in the past and it can do so this year as well. People with good analytical ability will have an edge here but that can’t stop others from scaling up. 1-2 hours should be dedicated towards this section everyday. I started my lrdi preparation from Arun Sharma and it did help for basics, especially in LR. For DI, you need to practice speed calculations. Even though calculator is allowed, calculation speed can save you precious time. Try to familiarise yourself with as many caselets as you can. While solving, try to be calm.. Nervousness won’t help you, it will only slow you down. Inculcate the ability to choose sets wisely. One wrong decision can mess up this section badly.

· Verbal is generally not my area of expertise, but I will share my two cents here. You need not be a master of english to score decent in CAT. Practice is the key here. People often say that reading helps and it actually does. Read few editorials every day and try to understand what an author was trying to convey. Focus on RC as it eats a heavy chunk of this section.
Accuracy in 
RC can make or break this section. Practice 3-4 RCs everyday with stopwatch. Take as many sectionals test as you can. It helps immensely. For CR, gmat papers will be one to refer. Try to understand the reasoning behind every solution and learn from your mistakes.
Well, it seems pretty easy, but trust me it will need some devotion and self belief. There will be times when you will feel down for your low mock scores. Well, that is the time when you need to go back to basics. Make sure that you take lessons from every mistake and not repeat it again. I will stress on this point again and again. Never repeat same mistake. Make a new one, if you have to.

Be active for this 4 months on CAT Preparation – iQuanta group as you will learn a lot from this group. You can always learn new methods and logic from the group. Learning and sharing will be the key. I took coaching from Career Launcher in 2013 but it didn’t help the cause much.

It was this CAT Preparation-iQuanta group and iQuanta Course which helped me score decent enough in my last attempt. Enroll in Ims,Time and CL’s mock series and take them seriously. These mocks will prepare you thoroughly.However,do not take these mock scores seriously.

After all,all that matters is CAT.
Above all,believe in yourself. If you are confident about yourself, half the job is already done.
Enjoy this journey. I hope all of you will be able to achieve your dreams. All the best.

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