7 criteria to select your dream B-school.

If you are aiming to do MBA from a top b-school of the country, then there are number of factors you need to keep in mind. There are a variety of B-school Entrance exams that will open your doors to India’s top b-schools. In this article we will look at several factors that are important to look at while you choose which B-school to do your MBA from.

In India, there are thousands of B-schools that offer an MBA degree. But we all wish to do an MBA from the best B-school on offer. There are two important factors to look onto on this.

While considering which B-school to join, you need to look at several factors:

  1. Quality of Peer students

Quality of Peer Students is a very important parameter to judge a B-school as most of the learning in B-school happens from Peer-to-peer learning. There are a lot of activities in B-schools that require teamwork such as Group Assignments, Group Projects etc. The interactions with your peers hence provide good learning scope for you. Plus, you will be able to network with your peers which will help you in your future career.

  1. Placements

Placements are definitely the most important parameter that students use to decide whether to join a B-school. Yes, it is true as after making an investment of time and money, you would definitely want a good job on hand after passing out with an MBA degree. For this, you can look at the Placement brochures/reports of the B-schools you are applying to or have an offer from. For this, it is advisable to look at the Median Salary rather than the average salary. Also, you can look at the different roles and domains of work that are on offer. For example, if you have 2 years of work experience in Operations, NITIE Mumbai is better than doing General Management from IIM Kozhikode.

  1. Faculty and Teaching Pedagogy

Faculty and Teaching Pedagogy are pretty good in most top B-schools in India. You can expect very good and insightful classroom experiences. There will be lot of case studies, real-life business examples, Live Projects, Internships and Workshops for you to learn from.

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  1. Age and Brand of the B-school

Brand of the B-school also plays a very important role in selecting the right B-school. This is because a good Brand such as IIM will always attract better companies for recruitment. Plus, this IIM Brand will also help you throughout your career. But, also there are other very good B-schools that are not IIMs such as FMS Delhi, XLRI, SPJIMR, NITIE, MDI Gurgaon, IIFT Delhi & Kolkata, NMIMS, TISS, JBIMS and many more. The important thing to do here is to do your research thoroughly so that you can apply to the top 20 B-schools within their application deadlines and then, you will have the option to choose which one to join based on the converts you have on hand.

  1. Infrastructure

Infrastructure and Facilities are also important while choosing your B-school. As you would want to have the basic facilities such as sports playground & recreation, mess, cultural events area, auditorium, places to hang out, food shops/ cafeterias etc. These are elements that will add even more energy and joy to your B-school life.

  1. Location

The location of the B-school plays a crucial role in further engagements with the industry. A B-school that is located in an industrial hub will definitely have higher engagement activities and opportunities than a B-school that is located in a remote area. Still, this is a lesser important parameter nowadays with B-schools shifting to the online mode of education due to Covid-19.

  1. Fees structure of B-school

The last parameter to consider would be the Fee structure of the B-school. Some B-schools have fees more than 20 lacs whereas some have fees of around 10 lacs. You can also look at that while calculating your ROI (Return on Investment). But if you are joining any of India’s top 15 B-schools then fees are merely a number. Because you will easily get an Education Loan for your MBA. And this MBA degree from a top B-school is going to earn you far more than you are investing today. As they say, “Investing in Education is always the best investment”

These are 7 parameters you can look at while deciding which B-schools to apply and which B-school to finally join based on the converts you have on hand.