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Best CAT Books 2024 : 12 Updated Books for CAT Preparation

The CAT Preparation Books are the most important and must-have learning resources. CAT Preparation Books consist of all the chapters and topics required for full-proof CAT preparation. These CAT Books also contain important formulas and important shortcut tricks that the candidates must know to score good marks in the exam.

When lakhs of aspirants are preparing rigorously for an exam, to get into the top B-Schools, having the best CAT Preparation Books 2024 and consistency in preparation is essential.

MBA Entrance exams

MBA Aspirants usually have a popular confusion regarding which CAT preparation books publishers have revised as per the latest exam pattern. There are numerous resources and materials available for preparation, but the right choice of CAT Preparation Books, persistent practice, and continuous guidance from mentors, are the key aspects that will determine your success in the CAT exam.
All books available in the market are very similar in nature. But are those books updated as per the recent trends of the Exam? Are those books still Relevant? Chances are minimal, as most of these books have not been updated in recent years. So here is where iQuanta comes into the picture, providing you with the Best CAT Preparation books for each section that can help you in Cracking the CAT Examination. The best part about these books is that the complete material is distributed in a set of 12 books which are updated as per the CAT 2023 Standards.

Why iQuanta’s CAT Preparation Books Are Best for CAT 2024?

  • Expertly Curated Content: Subject experts have carefully curated these CAT-level material books to ensure that students have access to the most relevant and up-to-date content.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: Our best CAT Preparation books cover all the major topics asked in the CAT exam, including data interpretation, verbal ability, and logical reasoning.
  • Practice-Perfection: Practice is said to be the Key when it comes to the Preparation of Aptitude-based exams. The more you practice the better you will get in the subject. That is the reason iQuanta CAT Preparation books include plenty of practice questions and assignments to help you improve your skills and gain confidence.
  • Strategic Approach: We intend our study tools to help you create effective strategies for dealing with various types of questions and managing your time efficiently throughout the exam.
  • Proven Results: Students know iQuanta for its content relevancy, which our best results in CAT prove. We intend our study tools to help you create effective strategies for dealing with various types of questions and managing your time efficiently throughout the CAT exam.
  • Author Desk Questions: ADQs is an initiative by iQuanta where the students are given CAT-level questions consisting of all the topics. These questions are formulated and handpicked by our Mastermind, Mr Indrajeet Singh (popularly known as Wizard of Quants), and our expert faculty according to the latest CAT exam pattern. The CAT 2023 exam’s difficulty was into consideration while forming these ADQs.
  • No More Material Hunt: We offer a set of 12 books, which is best for the CAT exam, and unlike other publications, we do not offer a generic book for Quants, LR, or VA that consists of all the topics. Rather, we segregate our books into major topics which are of utmost importance in the CAT exam. As for Quants we have a specific book for Number Systems, Algebra, Arithmetic, Modern Maths, and Geometry.

CAT Preparation Books: Quant Section

Quantitative Aptitude is a crucial part of the CAT Exam. Out of the total 66 questions in CAT, 22 questions are from the section of Quantitative Aptitude, which contributes to 1/3rd of the total marks. Each question carries 3 marks and the penalty is -1 for each incorrect answer. Since most of the top B-schools consider your sectional percentile, it is essential to pay attention to each section well. Though the topics of this section are based on fundamental mathematics, the questions are tricky and complex enough to baffle anyone.
In iQuanta’s CAT Preparation Books, you get 5 books based on 5 major areas of the Quant Section that are Number System, Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry, and Modern Mathematics. These 5 QA Books consist of a total of 2350 Questions. Each Topic has bifurcated sub-topics having 50 Questions each, 30 Easy to Moderate, and 20 Moderate to Tough. Each Topic has 100 Author’s Desk Questions specially curated by Indrajeet sir (also known as the Wizard of Quants).

CAT Number System Book:

The Number system is a topic that starts at the pure basics of mathematics, i.e. numbers. It explains to the students the different types of numbers so we can make application of these concepts to a variety of areas. The CAT Number System Book consists of 250 Practice questions and 100 ADQs (Author Desk Questions).

CAT Arithmetic Book:

Arithmetic tests your understanding of the operation of Numbers and your ability in Applications and problem-solving. Arithmetic as a significant sub-part of the QA Section plays a crucial role in Quant preparation. The CAT Arithmetic Book consists of 550 practice questions and 150 ADQs (Author Desk Questions).

CAT Algebra Book

Algebra evaluates your ability to find correlations. The topic tests one’s familiarity with mathematical symbols and ability to put real-life variables into equations and solve them by using various formulas or equations. The CAT Algebra Book consists of 350 practice questions and 150 ADQs (Author Desk Questions).

CAT Geometry Book

Geometry questions check your proficiency in handling spaces. The CAT Geometry Book consists of 350 practice questions and 100 ADQs (Author Desk Questions).

CAT Modern Maths Book:

The Modern Mathematics assesses your lateral thinking abilities. The CAT Modern Maths Book consists of 250 practice questions and 150 ADQs (Author Desk Questions).

QA Books for CAT

CAT Preparation Books: LRDI Section

LRDI is considered to be the toughest and the most challenging section of CAT. It tests student’s ability in problem-solving. The only drawback is that it has an undefined syllabus. Over the years, the exam authorities have changed the LRDI exam pattern, making it difficult to differentiate between the LR questions and the DI questions. However, LRDI preparation experts have followed a pattern over the years that has made it easier to understand the topics to be covered for LRDI preparation. For the LRDI Section, we have 4 books, 2 for LR and 2 for DI. Material has a total of 440 LRDI Sets. Both LR books have 160 LRDI Sets and both DI books have 120 LRDI Sets.

CAT Data Interpretation: Book One

CAT Data Interpretation Book One starts with an introduction to Data Representation and Data Interpretations Tools. The book consists of a total of 60 DI sets, particularly from the topics- DI Tools, Tables, and Bar Graphs.

CAT Data Interpretation: Book Two
CAT Data Interpretation Book Two consists of a total of 60 sets. The Book contains DI Sets, particularly from the topics- Line Graphs, Pie Charts, Mixed Graphs

CAT Logical Reasoning: Book One

CAT Logical Reasoning Book One consists of around 100 sets. The Book contains LR Sets, particularly from the topics- Cubes, Linear Arrangement, Circular Arrangement, Venn Diagrams, and Venn Diagram Optimisation.

CAT Logical Reasoning: Book Two

CAT Logical Reasoning Book Two consists of a total of 130 sets and 100 Questions on OMET Reasoning. The Book contains LR Sets, particularly from the topics- Binary Logic, Games and Tournaments, Network Flows and Diagrams, OMET-based Reasoning Sets, Puzzles, Distributions Sets, and Authors Desk Sets.

CAT Books for DILR

CAT Preparation Books: VARC Section

VARC (Verbal Ability And Reading Comprehension) is arguably said to be the most confusing section of the CAT Exam. Experts often suggest reading more and more to improve in CAT’s VARC section.
Regular Reading can help one in improving reading speed and comprehension, and building vocabulary and grammar. But the other important aspect of VARC Preparation is Practice. iQuanta facilitates its CAT VARC Preparation Books with quality practice questions. For VARC Section we have 2 books on Reading Comprehension and 1 on Verbal Ability. iQuanta divides the content in these 2 books on Reading Comprehension into 8 genres covering all the important aspects of RCs. The Verbal Ability book consists of grammar topics like Para Jumble, Odd-One-Out, Para Summary, and Para Completion.

CAT Reading Comprehension: Book One

CAT Reading Comprehension Book one starts with an introduction to the basic structure of Reading Comprehension, then the book continues to Genre-wise Practice sets. Book One for Reading Comprehension covers LOD-1 RC Passages for the genres- Art and Culture, Business & Economics, Environment & Ecology, History, Philosophy & Psychology, Science and Technology, Society and Politics, and Miscellaneous Topics. The Book contains a total of 120 sets from the previously mentioned 8 Genres.

CAT Reading Comprehension: Book Two

The Book Two for Reading Comprehension contains a total of 120 sets from the same 8 Genres discussed in Book One. Though sets from book two are of LOD-2, here students will gain exposure to Moderate to difficult level of RC Sets.

CAT Verbal Ability Book:
CAT Verbal Ability Book consists of Verbal Ability Topics asked in the CAT Exam, Para-Jumbles, Odd One Out, Para summaries, Para-Completion. Each of the 4 topics consists of 50 question.

iQuanta CAT Preparation Books VARC

Where to Prepare For CAT 2024?

If you are looking for structured CAT preparation along with 24*7 doubt-solving, you can rely on iQuanta’s CAT 2024 Course. Practice the most relevant CAT-level content with iQuanta.

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Indrajeet Singh
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