CAT 2024 : Change in Strategy & Approach After a Tough CAT 2023 Paper

3.3 lakh students registered for the CAT 2023 paper. In 2022, the number of applicants was 2.55 lakh. CAT 2021 witnessed 2.29 lakh applications.

In 2024, these numbers are only expected to go up. Higher the number of candidates, more the competition. This will only lead to more difficult CAT papers in the upcoming years. Hence, the old CAT preparation pattern is not going to work. CAT is no more just a “BASIC” exam.

Students this year termed the CAT paper as difficult, especially the Quant & DILR sections calling it “a paper that only engineers’ could solve.”

So what’s new? What more can you do apart from solving questions that are a bit higher level?

Well, as a solution to all of these problems and to prepare you for any difficulty level the CAT paper reaches, iQuanta’s has introduced a few changes in the CAT 2024 Course The primary focus would be to build strong fundamental.

  1. Non Engineers’ Conceptual Videos
    If you are someone who has lost touch with Math back in school, or are not particularly fond of Quant, then this is the catch for you. Seeing the difficulty level of this year’s Quant section, iQuanta decided to ease out the math for you a little and came up with the Non engineers’ conceptual videos included in their CAT 2024 Course. Here, you’ll be learning very basic topics (percentages, averages, etc.) and solving questions covering all the difficulty levels so that you’re ready for whatever LOD CAT 2024 is.
  2. Topic Wise Tests on AI Based Mock Platform (iCAT)
    Taking tests and gauging your concept clarity and where you stand with understanding a particular topic has become highly important. Analysing your performance and getting to know your weaker areas will help you in improvement and mastering all concepts. Hence, after completion of each topic, you’ll be able to take tests for each of these topics on the iCAT platform which is India’s first AI based mock platform. iCAT provides you with in-depth analysis of your weak areas as well as the corrective measures. Hence, you can take the tests, analyse your mistakes and improve upon them.

    There would also be a dynamic type of topic tests where when you finish one topic, you’ll be able to take that particular topic’s test; when you finish 2 topics, you’ll take a combined test of those 2 topics; when you finish 3 topics, you’ll be taking a combined test of those 3 topics, so on and so forth.
  3. Topic Wise Marathon (Exact CAT 2023 Level)
    After the completion of each of the topics, a 3 hour marathon of exact CAT 2023 level would be conducted to get you well versed with the topic so that the concepts stick in your mind and you’re able to solve the questions easily. The marathons will be exact CAT 2023 level so that you are ready for any difficulty level that IIMs throw at you.
  4. Study Material
    12 Sets of CAT Material updated as per CAT 2023 Standards will be an additional package to the CAT 2024 Course. Each Topic has bifurcated sub topics having 50 Questions each 30 Easy-Moderate and 20 Moderate to Tough
-100 Author’s Desk Questions specially curated by Indrajeet sir, Founder & CEO of iQuanta.

    The problem with hardcopy material in the market is that they are very old and outdated and the CAT exam pattern and difficulty level have changed several times throughout the year. Seeing this, iQuanta decided to prepare an exclusive study material for CAT 2024 that will have more than enough questions of practice so that you are ready for questions of all difficulty level.

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The CAT 2024 Course by iQuanta will be launching tonight and the enrollments are now opened. These newly added features supported by the already existing ones like 24×7 doubt solving, high similarity of the CAT exam questions to what is taught in the class and peer to peer learning are all what you’ll be needing for your CAT 2024 preparation.


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