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CAT 7 Months Planner: Non-Working Aspirants

CAT 7 Months Planner for Non-Working Aspirants

There are 3 types of non-working aspirants: (1) College-going aspirants whose online classes follow a strict schedule. (Mostly 9 am to 4 pm: They need to follow the same time-table as Working Professionals (Check out Time-Table for Working Professionals) (2) College going but with no classes (with 1Lakh fees/year) (3) Those who lost their job due to Covid or working at home with leisure.

MBA Entrance exams

The below timetable is for ii) & iii). The first type can follow the working plan. Note: The plan is strictly for serious aspirants aiming for 99+ in CAT 2024. First, you need to evaluate how you can achieve 99%ile. There are two ways –

  1. You are damn good in two of the sections, for example, QA & VA, QA & LRDI, or VA & LRDI, while average at the third One example of a Past CAT score of an iQuanta student : QA: 99.7 LRDI: 99.9 VA: 88 Overall: 99.68  (IIM C)
  2. You are equally good at all three sections QA, LRDI, and VA. (Balanced Prep) With 97.5%ile+ in all three sections will land you close to 99%ile overall. And 99%ile in all three sections will land you more than 99.7+%ile overall. So evaluate yourself, and then make a plan on these lines. Considering that you start your preparation from the first week of May onwards, you have roughly 210 days till 24th November.

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Basically, you need to put in extra effort to reach your goal because those having working experience have a bit of an edge over non-working people and for that, you have got more time than working people to compensate. You need to put at least  6-7 hours /day (along with the any Classes you follow like iQuanta CAT Full Course. (Please change according to your requirement if you feel exhausted) CAT 2024 Course

CAT New Batch Starting from May: Check here: CAT Course Details

First, I would recommend you to make a list of all the topics that come in CAT with their weightage. Pen down all your strengths and weaknesses. Following are the Important areas from each subject : 

1. Quant chapters:

Approx number of Questions asked : (Considering 2 hours CAT exam)

=> Arithmetic ( 8-9 Questions)

=> Algebra ( 7-8 Questions)

=> Geometry (5-6 Questions)

Other important topics:

=> Numbers ( 1-3 question but this topic is going to be your base for all other topics, some concept that you’ll learn in this topic will help you not only in Quant but some DI sets as well)

=> Series, logs , PnC (3-4) Question)

=> Miscellaneous (1-2 Questions)

(Considering you want to complete your portion in this order only; change if you wish to)

Chapter Wise Plan: (Starting from 1st May)

As iQuanta is starting the New CAT 2024 Batch from May, so it will be useful for those who are enrolled too as well as to those who are starting the preparation around this time. (If you want to be a part of this course, you can enroll for Brahmastra CAT Full Course at For iQuanta CAT New Batch Enrolled students, the Flow of Course will be like:

  1. Non-Engineers’ Conceptual Videos for those extremely weak in Quants.
  2. CAT 2023 Level Marathon after each Topic.
  3. Topic-wise Mocks after each class (Al-based)
  4. Live Conceptual class
  5. Application class
  6. 20 Question (Per Topic) Assignment in the Dashboard.
  7. Practice sessions on that topic
  8. CAT Level Material to solve (50 per topic | Easy to difficult)

Then move to the next Topic Numbers [6th May – 30th May] (3-4 hours per day for 3-4 weeks (25 days) learning concepts and solving sums from past papers as well : [30th May to 14th July]

  • Arithmetic (3-4 hours per day for 45 days. From this point, you can start taking Mocks along with your preparation so that you get familiar with sitting for a 2-3 hour exam

[14th to 29th July]

  • Modern Maths(3-4 hours per day for 16 days.)

[29th July to 31th August] 

  • Algebra (3-4 hours per day) for 32 days

[31th August to 21th September] 

  • Geometry and Mensuration(3-4 hours per day ) for the next 20 days

 [21th September to 4th October]

  • Leftover topics (3-4 hours per day ) for 14 days Revise leftover topics and practice[iQuanta Course is designed in a way that your whole syllabus will get covered by August End, while one month is adjusted for your Practice and Solidification of Concepts]
  • Crash Course [4st October to 24th November]

Revise the whole CAT syllabus again with the fast-paced Crash course for 60 days prior to the main exam.

  • Keep solving and practising questions on CAT Preparation-iQuanta Group daily and whenever you see the questions, because solving randomly prepares you better than solving them chapter-wise for a competitive exam. (Most Important)


  1. From any standard material, you have in hand, along with iQuanta Sessions. Follow CAT Preparation Group posts/Events. Try to attempt questions there and ask doubts in case. (Most important)
  2. Solve CAT Past papers :
  3. You may join iQuanta CAT 2024 Course which is of immense help to develop concept and methodology to tackle CAT questions. Regular sessions by iQuanta till CAT will help you remain stuck to your plan and be regular which is the most important part of CAT Preparation : Consistency. New Batch classes are starting this week. Click on the link below to join. CAT 2024 Course  CAT New Batch Starting from May : Check here: CAT Course Details
  4. With the CAT 2024 Course, you may refer CAT Preparation Books by iQuanta. Choosing the best CAT Books is the most important part of the CAT Preparation Journey. To cater to your needs and boost your preparation, iQuanta has released its first edition of its CAT Books, which are specifically designed to suit the needs of the latest CAT pattern.
  5. For more detailed CAT Overall Strategy: follow this link.
  6. For detailed CAT Quant strategy : follow this link

Verbal Area:

  1. Reading comprehension
  2. Critical Reasoning
  3. Para Jumbles and Odd one Out
  4. Paragraph Summary

RC and Verbal Area (Starting from 1st May-28th Nov): 

  • Keep a daily practice of reading for at least 30 mins. Basically, read some editorials and also try to summarise from what you read.
  • Reading comprehension (2 hours daily).  Start with at least 3 passages per day then increase to 4-5 passages once you gain Accuracy. Likewise, till November you will be able to complete almost 300+ passages).
  • Here quantity is not important, quality is, focusing that you gain at least 90% Accuracy.
  • Sentence Correction, Critical Reasoning, Para jumbles, and Para completions. (It’s up to you how to do it. Generally, one should keep 2 days for each topic above).

Source :

    1. Mocks and Sectionals of iQuanta and any standard Test series.
    2. 250 Genre Wise CAT RCs.
    3. CAT Preparation Group/iQuanta Events.
    4. CAT Past papers (
    5. You can follow this post for detailed CAT VARC Strategy 
    6. For an extra edge help you may join iQuanta CAT Course. 

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LRDI Area :

Many aspirants consider Logical Reasoning as the toughest part in CAT examination. Logical Reasoning questions usually come with 3/4 bits. A paragraph is given with full of information followed by 4 questions. You have to read the information thoroughly and apply your logic for answering these questions. The first and most important step in solving an LR problem is to write down all of the information given in a box, table or diagram. For example, if the problem involves seating arrangements at a round table, always draw the table first and then try various permutations and combinations of people seated around it. Once you have drawn the figure for the problem, you are free to think with a clear mind. LR problems usually contain several statements which serve as clues to solving the given questions. Thus, the problem should always be attempted in a methodical manner, and solved step-by-step, because trying to look at all the information at once will confuse even the best of us.
All you need for cracking LRDI is the familiarity over CAT Type LRDI Sets. Means if you have solved 300-400 CAT Type LRDI sets till CAT you will be able to solve at least 50% of the total LRDI sets in the exam.
And how much you can get by solving 2/4 LRDI sets in CAT exam? 99 %le, in few extreme cases eg CAT 17, solving 3 Sets out of 8 could give you a 99 %le.
So all you need to do is select the sets you can solve and solve them. And to get that familiarity all you need is practice.
– This area generally needs lots of practice to get hands on a variety of sums. – Keep practising LR DI 2 hours/Day[till 20th November] CAT 2024 Course  CAT New Batch Starting from May: Check here: CAT Course Details

Source :

  1. Mocks and Sectionals of iQuanta and any standard Test series.
  2. CAT Preparation Group/iQuanta Events.
  3. CAT Past papers (Most Imp for CAT)
  4.  For detailed CAT LRDI Strategy, check this post :
  5. For proper preparation of the LRDI section, you may join iQuanta CAT classes .

Sectional Mocks (All the 3 Areas) : From June till November 20

Daily take one sectional mock either of QA, LRDI or VARC, which can be from any standard source because you need to test yourself on topic wise as well once you are done with your study to get little confident and to ensure you have covered all the areas. You may increase the number if you are free that day, at least one sectional is a must per day. (if that day isn’t your Mock day)

Full Mocks : (Starting from July)

Take at least 1 mock per week until August 31st. From September take 2 mocks per week. Once you are done with the syllabus; start giving weekly 3 Mocks. (you can do that even now if your syllabus isn’t completed). Take as many mocks as you can. You can even opt for iQuanta iCAT Mock test series, which will start around June. Followed by Mock, analyse the paper, with your weak areas and then focus on your weak areas accordingly. iQuanta will soon update the best way to analyse your mocks this month. Stay tuned. 
Note :
1) Try to solve questions in CAT Preparation-iQuanta, and iQuanta paid doubts group, whenever you see a question, that is too fast, if possible try to be the first one to solve it. Make it a competitive environment. This has helped all my students who got phenomenal percentiles this year. 2) Keep solving Questions from your materials and in case you get a doubt, post in the CAT Preparation group or iQuanta Paid doubts group.
Now let me help you to create a 1-day plan : (Disclaimer: considering one can study 6-7 hours with breaks in between)

Now let me help you to create 1-day plan (Demo)

  • 8.30-9.00 AM—Read editorials or newspaper
  • 09.00-11.30—Quant
  • 11.30-12.00—Break
  • 12.00-01.00—Reading comprehension of 1-2 passages
  • 01.00-01.30—Lunchtime
  • 01.30-04.00—Quant Practice
  • 04.00-05.30— Reading comprehension (1-2) passage
  • 05.30-06.00—Break
  • 06.00-08.00— Solve LR/DI sets
  • 08.00-9.30— Verbal Area (SC,CR,PJ,PC)
  • 9.30-10.00 – Break
  • 10.00 P.M to 12.00A.M — iQuanta Classes: Weekly 2 days either of QA/LRDI/VARC (so 2+2+2= 6 days a week)
  • 12.30 am – Enjoy (talk with your girlfriends/boyfriends, or find someone on iQuanta Group :p)
  • On Weekdays: Include one Sectional daily On weekends: Include Mocks (frequency as mentioned above)
Disclaimer :

This is the rough plan; one can definitely change or shift timings according to one’s weaknesses and strengths. I would like to say that do not consider it foolproof, it only helps you to drive your plan. The aim here is not to complete the portion but to have thorough conceptual knowledge. Considering the number of hours I mentioned can definitely change as per your wish but ensure that you cover the syllabus in a defined period only. Please compete with yourself and not with others. Every time you take a mock ensure you improve and do not take mocks unless a thorough analysis of the previous mock is complete. Give time and definitely, you will see some progress. Keep developing shortcuts that can help you in the exam to save time. Join iQuanta Courses for tricks/ shortcuts and Conceptual understanding which is starting in April End.  It starts from basics and reaches to a bit above the CAT level. Try experimenting with your mock paper say for ex. Try using the elimination method while answering or using shortcuts to see how much time is saved. Work hard as much as you can. Work Hard Now to Enjoy Later !! All the best.

CAT New Batch Starting from May: Check here: CAT Course Details

CAT Course TimeLine below : CAT 2024

Indrajeet Singh
Indrajeet Singh
The mastermind behind IQuanta, Indrajeet Singh is an expert in Quant and has devised some ingenious formulae and shortcuts to significantly cut down on the time taken to solve a problem

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