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From a mere 62%le to 98%le in Quant: CAT Struggle Story of Yogesh Joshi


I being one of the oldest member of this amazing CAT Preparation group wanted to share my part of experience. I stumbled upon this group way back in 2015 when I had no idea if CAT had some other meaning apart from that 4 legs animal.

Seeing the vigour and enthusiasm of this group , I researched a bit about the CAT exam. Just to let you all know that I failed in Maths in Class 11th for two continuous terms. Even then I thought to try this CAT exam as I was seeing no exciting career in doing engineering from where I come (a small town).

I did think of taking a coaching but there were no such good facilities available at my locality even at a very high fees of around 60k which I couldn’t afford anyway.

But when I came across this group where almost everyone were helping each other for free and hell yeah this group had even better results than those reputed offline coachings. So I decided to prepare with this group and started learning bit by bit and making notes even between my engineering lectures. I started trying questions posted by others. Initially I struggled to solve 75% of the questions posted in this group but I kept trying and slowly I started gaining confidence after getting few questions correct. This was not a full time preparation but I thought I could get a decent percentile so attempted CAT 2017

But it was again a failure with just 72%le with 62%le in quants. I was frustrated, and couldn’t figure out where I went wrong, was it my preparation or strategy? I didn’t know. But maine haar nahi maani and I decided to hit back strong in CAT 2018. After completing my graduation I again got involved into preparation and I started solving doubts of others with full dedication just for the sake of improving myself. I solved a lot of questions in this group and when Indrajeet Singh sir started learn & earn initiative, I started solving even more, as I was getting paid to prepare my self, and within 2 months I solved around 935 doubts which filled me with immense confidence but I was still apprehensive if this year will repeat the last year’s story.

I talked to Indrajeet sir and asked him about the course, after joining him I started taking classes regularly apart from solving the doubts. People even started tagging me in their doubts. Never thought ek 11th class maths fail ladka will start taking CAT quant doubts.

Finally the D day arrived and I took CAT. It was better than last time but still I lagged in VARC/ LRDI, but in Quants I got 98%le.

I don’t want this to be the end of my struggle, and I strive to hit back strong and touch 99 overall in CAT 2019, and I want to thank Indrajeet sir for his constant support and guidance, iQuanta played a major role in boosting my quant score and more than that my belittled confidence.

Conclusion of this story was, If I can do it, anyone can do it. Never underestimate yourself and start your preparation with the right strategy. I guess Indrajeet sir has already shared the CAT 2019 strategy, you all can follow that. I would recommend everyone to join the iQuanta course, and I guess this year they are coming up with videos as well which can be helpful for beginners. If anyone has any queries regarding preparation I would love to help them. Lets start the preparation with high josh. CAT exam

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