Govt Job SSC CGL vs MBA – Syllabus, Positions, Salary, Hierarchy, Work-life Balance

Staff Selection Commission’s Combined Graduate Level Examination’s (SSC CGL) notification has been released.

It is a Rs.100 form.

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Syllabus for SSC CGL is same as CAT but very easy. Just crack the written examination (no interview) and get prestigious group B central govt services.

While for MBA, you have to first clear entrance exams such as CAT/ NMAT/ XAT/ SNAP. Post this there will be GD/ WAT/ PI rounds for your selection into a B-school.


  • Income Tax Inspector (Assistant Commissioner IRS, neeli batti, after 15 years of service)
  • Customs Examiner (Assistant Commissioner, neeli batti, after 12-15 years of service)
  • Assistant in Ministry of External Affairs (explore the world on govt expenses, 3 years Delhi posting, next 3 years posting in an Indian embassy abroad, fully furnished govt accommodation by that country, free education for children in prestigious Indian Embassy schools abroad)
  • Assistant in Central Secretariat Services (posting in Delhi throughout in different ministries, 2 bhk govt accommodation + various other perks)
  • CBI Sub Inspector (complete swag)
  • Assistant Enforcement Officer
  • Assistant Audit Officer (group B gazetted service, desirable qualification, MBA, Economics, Finance)
    Even after an MBA from top 30 B-schools, you will be at a position of responsibility, managing people and resources, scheduling and planning events and activities, driving and leading a team and working to bring higher value to your organization.


  • Rs 52000+ in hand (+2 bhk govt accommodation + medical facilities for whole family + various other perks) for all Inspector/Assistant posts
  • Rs 56000+ in hand (+perks+accommodation) for Assistant Audit Officer
  • Rs 35000-40000 (+perks+accommodation) for Auditors, Divisional Accountants

For an MBA graduate from top 30 b-schools in India, the earning opportunities are far higher if you have the right attitude and mindset to work and learn on the job. Your work experience in a Corporate or a Start-up company can earn you lacs and crores of rupees in the future and it all boils down to you – whether you are ready to take risks and grow.

Work Life Balance

Prestigious services, 5 days a week work, no stress, lot of holidays and free time, job security, chances of reaching up-to Additional Commissioner/Commissioner if one joins at the age of 23-24.
Work Life Balance in a Govt Job would be definitely better than than in a job after MBA. But, a job after MBA from top 30 colleges will give you tremendous growth and learning opportunities while working in a Corporate or a start-up that is faster than that of a Govt. Job.

Govt hierarchy is usually like this :

Many of you must be having a passion for making a career in the ruthless corporate world. But just appearing for B school entrance examinations without any worthwhile work experience makes it difficult to convert a B school in top 15 (or say top 30). When the syllabus is almost same, same pattern, no interview, you just have to appear for this exam, continue with your B school preparation, join the central govt service. So that you will get an awesome work experience + stability + Rs 52000+ in hand. And also, a central govt work experience adds considerable weight to your Resume while appearing for B school interviews.

Also, govt machines are on an overhaul spree. Gone are the days when a typical govt office used to be a den of corruption, with unscrupulous lazy people loitering around spitting betel leaves here and there. Job security + awesome starting salary + perks + govt accommodation + prestige + power has been attracting the youth towards govt sector since last 3-4 years.

Having said that, MBA opens door for a wonderful career but only if you pursue it from a top 15 B school (or top 30 max)…..otherwise you can explore this opportunity or pursue Masters from abroad or continue with your present job.

PS : I am in no way suggesting you to give preference to a particular field. Just shared with you my thoughts/opinions on this so that you can take well informed decisions. Rest is all up-to you on what sort of career path you want to take based on your aspirations and interests in life.

All the very Best for your future!