After doing my Engineering from a decent-enough college in India, I was clueless as to what I wanted to do next. Being a part of so many Teams, Clubs and Committees in my undergrad, I had got this wonderful opportunity to associate and collaborate with people coming in from diverse backgrounds and listen to their opinions as to how to go about a particular situation or a problem. This not only helped me become humble and accept the perspectives of others but, at the same time, also made me an open-minded individual.

And because of all this, I was pretty much inclined towards Management and wanted to pursue a career out of it, that too in People Management. This is because I was always fantasized about this fact as to how people, irrespective of them coming up from diverse backgrounds, work towards the common goal of an organization. And that is why I wanted to pursue an MBA in HRM from one of the best B-schools in India. For this, I was specifically targeting XLRI Jamshedpur, MDI Gurgaon and TISS Mumbai, considering the fact that these 3 B-schools are considered pioneers as far as Human Resource Management is considered.

After taking all the 3 tests, CAT (For MDI Gurgaon), XAT (For XLRI Jamshedpur) and TISS-NET (For TISS Mumbai) and my relative performance in all these 3 tests, I decided to enrol myself for the PGP-HRM program at MDI Gurgaon. However, owing to the fact that we all are going through a global pandemic right now, our academic calendar started 2 months late in a virtual mode.

Nevertheless, the kind of curriculum and the courses that were offered to us were very much relevant to the Human Resource domain, and in a way, helped us understand as to how organizations are able to align their overall strategies to their mission and vision. Almost all the reading materials and case studies that are provided to us are accredited to Harvard Business Review (HBR) and follow a case-based approach.

In the first term, we had a course named HRSP (Human Resource Systems and Processes) where we analyzed implications of HR decisions on organizational performance, designed the recruitment and selection process in an organization, understood issues in Design and conduct of training programmes, understood systems and processes which determine building of high-performance organizations, etc. We also had HBO (Human Behaviour in Organizations) where we understood and analyzed challenges in organizations due to increased globalization, understood how to increase organizational effectiveness through people skills, understood the significance of interpersonal relationships in organizations, etc.

In the second term, we had PMS (Performance Management System) where we mapped current developments in PMS through research and industry expert’s insights, diagnosed people performance-related problems and issues in organizations, leant about Organizational Performance management through Balance Scorecard and 360-degree approach, dived deep into Performance Coaching, Mentoring and Counselling for performance and potential fit, etc. In the course titled HRP (Human Resource Planning), we learnt about the Strategic perspective of Human Resource Planning in an organization, Environmental factors that influence the HRP process, Forecasting methodology and process, Information technology application in HRP, etc.

Currently, in the third term, we have courses like L&D (Learning & Development) where we are developing and deploying Learning and Development Strategy for Business Organizations, designing and deploying Training and Development Interventions, facilitating Group Discussions, Training Programs and Workshop, evaluating and assessing the Impact of Learning and Development Interventions, benchmarking L&D Function against the best, etc. In HRIS (Human Resource Information Systems), we learn about the virtual corporate environment post Covid-19 and how to apply HR concepts. developed basic reporting skills and knowledge about how data is used to support strategic HR decisions and processes developed high-level knowledge of HR databases structures and how to set up these structures, developed the knowledge of “technology-enabled HR best practices” and how HRIS facilitates those practices.

Besides the academic curriculum, the scope of HR at MDI Gurgaon is immense. Human Resource Direction, the flagship club for HR at MDI Gurgaon, releases monthly newsletters encompassing the latest developments in HR in and around India, organizes HR Conclave that invites industry stalwarts in the HR domain to come and talk about the best industry practices, assists students in getting a plethora of Live Project opportunities in order to help them get some practical and industrial exposure and mentors students to make them Corporate and B-schools’ Competitions ready so that they can excel at national as well as international level.

MDI Gurgaon excels not only in Academics, Live Projects, Competitions for the HR domain; but at the same time, also does reasonably well at the most important aspect for every B-school aspirant – Placements. Be it Summers’ or the Final Placements, MDI Gurgaon leaves no stone unturned to help its HR students bag lucrative job opportunities in some of the top-notch organizations around the world in various verticals of HR viz-a-viz Talent Acquisition, Learning and Development, HR Consulting, Performance Management System, Compensation and Benefits, Recruitment and Selections, HR Strategy, Human Resource Business Partner (HRBP) roles, etc.

Lastly, all I want to say is that MDI Gurgaon provides a number of learning opportunities for anyone who is looking for Management roles. If there’s anyone who is genuinely interested to build a career out of HR and wants to push themselves out of their comfort zones, then MDI Gurgaon is certainly one of the top Indian B-schools that they should be targeting.

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