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IIM Sirmaur: Campus, Cutoffs, Placement, Alumni & More

The Indian Government established the Indian Institute of Management Sirmaur (IIM Sirmaur) in 2015 as a Centrally Funded Institution of National Importance. IIM Sirmaur is one of the nation’s more recent IIM family institutes. As a renowned institution, it works to deliver Management Education of the highest calibre while fostering related fields of study and interdisciplinary research. It is overseen by the Ministry of Education, Gol.

Campus Life

A normal day at IIM Sirmaur begins at 7 am when students wake up and get ready to take on the day. Classes start at 8 am and each lecture is of 90 minutes which is followed by a 15 minutes break. There about five classes a day and by evening 5-6pm you would be free from classes. You will be surprised to know that doing classes would be the easiest part of your day as actual work starts after classes are over. You will have committee work, extracurricular activities, guest lectures, seminars etc. to attend. How you manage your time is what will determine your two-years journey at IIM Sirmaur.

MBA Entrance exams

The beautiful campus is situated at the foothills of the Himalayas with the river Yamuna flowing in the backyard. The scenic beauty along with pure air provides the best possible atmosphere to study. The scenic location of the campus along with fresh breeze and mountains will keep you afresh even in a challenging environment. IIM Sirmaur is the only new IIM that has all the amenities on one site, which is a remarkable benefit. It has modern classrooms with all the necessary amenities, a Bloomberg terminal, a state-of-the-art library, guest faculty from the top 10 B-Schools, as well as excellent internal faculty, a WiFi-enabled campus, and a fully stocked gym. IIM, Sirmaur hosts Sierra, one of the biggest festivals ever to take place on a college campus in northern India.

The curriculum at IIM Sirmaur is demanding, just any IIMs but you will be taught by one of the best faculty in the country. The professors at IIM Sirmaur go above and beyond to make sure that students fully comprehend the material and are prepared to thrive in their jobs. Although the curriculum is demanding and tough, it is also well-organized and gives students a thorough understanding of business principles and procedures.

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IIM Sirmaur is not only about readings, case studies, assignments and classes but it also has more than 25 committees and clubs to choose from. You can opt for any committee according to your interest where you will have a lot of peer learning. IIM Sirmaur provides a holistic development to its students from personal to professional. The institute is also very supportive of new ideas and innovation from the students and will encourage you to be the best version of yourself. The 2- years at IIM Sirmaur will be an eye-opening, transformative and learning journey for you.

Programmes Offered at IIM Sirmaur

IIM Sirmaur offers an array of programs including the Post Graduate Program (PGP), the flagship program of IIM Sirmaur. Various other programs such as Ph.D, MBA Tourism, Executive Ph.D and others. The table below shows everything you might want to know about the programmes offered in IIM Sirmaur.

IIM Sirmaur CAT Cutoff

Key Placement Highlights over the years

The MBA Batch of 2023 saw great success in its final placement process. The 2021-23 MBA batch had a total of 238 students with an average work experience of 21 months. Some of the prominent sectors were e Banking Financial Services and Insurance (40%), IT /ITES (26%), Strategy and Consulting (11%), FMCG (4%) and Infrastructure and Real Estate (4%) and logistics and supply chain (4%). Top recruiters were ICICI Bank, Accenture, Cognizant, HDFC Bank, Deloitte, HSBC, Tresvista, EY, CRISIL among others.

Summer Placements

The MBA Batch of 2024 had a total of 246 students and were offered roles in Sales and Marketing, Operations and IT, Analytics and Consulting, General Management, and Finance. The institute has successfully completed the Summer Internship Placements, with a remarkable achievement of 100% summer placements, for the MBA batch of 2022-2024.

Highest Stipend- Rs. 1,70,00

Average Stipend- Rs. 50,942

Median Stipend- Rs. 40,000

MBA Entrance exams

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How old is IIM Sirmaur?

The Indian Government established the Indian Institute of Management Sirmaur (IIM Sirmaur) in 2015 as a Centrally Funded Institution of National Importance.

How many courses are there in IIM Sirmaur?

There are more than 5 courses, MBA being the flagship programme.

What is the average CTC in IIM Sirmaur?

The average CTC in IIM Sirmaur was Rs.14.4 Lakhs for the 2021-23 MBA batch.

Does IIM Sirmaur have a permanent campus?

IIM Sirmaur has achieved significant progress in the development of its permanent campus, at Dhaula Kuan, District Sirmaur, Himachal Pradesh. The construction process is ongoing.

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