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Is Mirae Asset’s FANG+ETF Still a Smart Investment? : Navigating the Tech Wave

Mirae Asset FANG ETF

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In 2023, the financial markets demonstrated remarkable performance, with equity mutual funds reporting noteworthy returns in a number of industries. But Mirae Asset NYSE FANG+ETF emerged as the clear leader. This fund’s Net Asset Value (NAV), which tracks an index of multinational mega-cap tech stocks, increased by an astounding 96%. Analyzing the variables driving this table-topper’s exceptional performance and projecting its future possibilities is essential as investors consider whether to ride the wave of success.

Comprehending the FANG+ Event

The stocks of four well-known US digital giants—Meta Platforms (Facebook), Amazon, Netflix, and Alphabet (Google)—are collectively referred to as “FANG.” To this is added the inclusion of other tech giants such as Apple, Nvidia, Tesla, Twitter, Broadcom, and Snowflake in the FANG+ index. The strong performance of US large tech stocks in 2023 comes after a difficult 2022 characterized by worries about interest rates, fears of a recession, and weak profitability. But these IT companies reached new heights because of a change in market sentiment, hopes of technological improvements connected to AI, and an anticipated “soft landing” for the US economy.

Examining 2023 Rally

Although the direction is encouraging, there are concerns about the FANG+ETF’s risk-reward ratio. Even while 2022 turned out to be a good year to invest, the current situation suggests otherwise. The tech-driven Nasdaq 100 index was nearly doubled by the FANG+ETF, which resulted in higher prices for individual stocks in the basket. Notably, Tesla and Nvidia have PE multiples of 80 and 63, respectively, indicating possible susceptibility to lower-than-expected earnings.

Market Analysis and Words of Caution

While acknowledging the positive reasons driving the IT sector, OmniScience Capital’s Chief Investment Strategist Vikas Gupta also points out the shrinking risk-reward advantage. Head of ETF Products at Mirae Asset Mutual Fund Siddharth Shrivastava urges prudence in light of the rising valuations, particularly in light of the possibility of negative earnings revisions affecting businesses with higher valuations. A possible slowdown in economic growth is signaled by tightening monetary policy and economic data, as mentioned in DSP Mutual Fund’s December 2023 Netra report.

Long-Term Views

Experts stress the secular character of development vectors like artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud computing, notwithstanding immediate difficulties. Regarding long-term trends in software, cybersecurity, data centers, cloud computing, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and semiconductors, Shrivastava is adamant about maintaining optimism. Gupta agrees, saying that even though a few stocks may be pricey, the medium-term outlook for the entire basket is still positive because of the strong revenue visibility and growth rates.

Diversification Considerations

The FANG+ETF provides a highly concentrated exposure to mega-cap tech companies, but it also necessitates a strong belief in the best of the US tech sector. Alternatively, investors uneasy with this kind of focus should look into the more diverse portfolio provided by the tech-driven Nasdaq 100 index. Many of the same stocks are included in this index, but their distribution is more balanced, which may reduce the risks associated with placing a concentrated bet.


The exceptional performance of Mirae Asset NYSE FANG+ETF in 2023 has surely attracted the attention of investors. However, the risks and benefits connected with these high-flying assets also change as the investment landscape does. Even while the technology industry has still got a lot of room to grow, investors should carefully assess the potential drawbacks and concentrated exposure. Investors need to balance the FANG+ETF’s appeal with the overall dynamics of the market, paying close attention to how the world’s technological developments and economic conditions are changing. Because “past performance is not indicative of future results,” as the adage goes, wise investors should proceed with caution when deciding whether to participate in this high-flying fund and stick to a well-balanced portfolio strategy.

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Indrajeet Singh
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