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Nayana on Scoring 99.79%ile in CAT 2023 With a Hectic Job

The CAT 2023 results are out, IIM Lucknow announced the results yesterday, i.e. 21st December 2023. The toppers list will be updated soon on the website. The CAT exam was conducted in 167 cities across India. Around 2.88 Lakh candidates appeared for the exam, the highest till date for this exam. Once again, iQuanta outshone the competition, delivering stellar CAT results for this year as well, reaffirming its reputation as the unrivaled leader in CAT preparation. iQuanta student Nayana Nair who scored 99.79 %ile shares his CAT preparation journey.

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CAT Topper Nayana Nair
Nayana Nair’s Scorecard
Join CAT Prep Group
Join CAT Prep Group

Nayana Nair was a student of iQuanta’s CAT 2023 Batch. She started her preparation 6 months before the exam. Nayana was a working professional who managed to score 99.73 %ile while pursuing her job.
Nayana said “I also want to highlight the importance of the mock tests the team prepared. This was a big reality check. Sometimes they boosted my confidence but most of the time they made me realize that I need to work harder. Special appreciation for all the motivation gyan that the faculty gave us from time to time. They always know when we need these confidence boosters. Also a big thank you to all the iQuanta faculty and the entire iQuanta team!”. Nayana posted her journey in the CAT Preparation- iQuanta Facebook group.

CAT Topper Nayana Nair's Journey

If you are looking for structured CAT preparation along with 24*7 doubt-solving, you can rely on iQuanta’s CAT 2024 Course.

CAT 2024 course
CAT 2024 course
Indrajeet Singh
Indrajeet Singh
The mastermind behind IQuanta, Indrajeet Singh is an expert in Quant and has devised some ingenious formulae and shortcuts to significantly cut down on the time taken to solve a problem

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