Profile-based calls for MBA Admissions

Almost every aspirant in their admission cycle will have to fill a lot of forms which require details about all the things they have done in their life so far i.e. basically their profile. Before getting into the details of what is considered to be a good profile and what isn’t. We should first know what are the MBA colleges that consider profile-based admissions in India.

MBA colleges accepting profile-based admissions in India

  1. SP. Jain Institute of Management and Research (SPJIMR)
  2. Indian School of Business (ISB)
  3. Goa Institute of Management (GIM)
  4. Great Lakes Institute of Management
  5. MISB Bocconi, Mumbai
  6. Welingkar Institute of Management Development & Research (WE School)
  7. SP Jain School of Global Management

There are a lot of other B Schools too, which have profile-based admissions, but I have shortlisted some of them here.

What is a good profile?

For any profile-based application there are certain buckets in which you can divide your profile into and they are:

  1. Academic Profile
  2. Experience
  3. Extra curriculars
  4. Co curriculars

Let’s deep dive into all of them.

  1. Academic Profile

This includes your 10th, 12th (or diploma), under graduation and post-graduation (if any) scores and all the academic achievements (if any)

Following is considered to be a very good academic profile:

  • 90% + in 10th standard
  • 90% + in 12th standard
  • 80% + in under graduation

Any B schools will be likely to give such an academic profile at least a chance to be interviewed as they also look for consistency in academics of a student.

Also, this was the academic profile which is a mandatory section for almost all B school application forms. However, there is a non-mandatory field that can be filled to get good brownie points i.e. academic achievements.

Academic achievements

This includes achievements like

  • Scholarships received
  • Competitive exams like Olympiads, NTSE, TST, JEE, etc
  • Rank in your graduation, school, etc


Do make a list of all your achievements and try to rank them on basis of the scale of achievement i.e. national, state, district, school, etc

Also, try to prioritize them on the basis of occurrence i.e. the latest achievements first and then go to school achievements.

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  1. Experience

This section includes your full-time work experience details. This section will not be relevant for freshers or people with no work experience. The process for all colleges is very holistic even if you don’t have the experience that does not mean that you are debarred from the process. They view each application holistically and may rank you on other different parameters.

Certain colleges also have an option for mentioning internships, if that’s the case, this is the golden opportunity to showcase your skills that you have and acquired during your undergrad internships or post that.

For work experience try to mention very specific pointers from your work experience, for example, if you are working in Sales, you can mention your pointer by giving good numbers and the work you did.

Successfully achieved the target of 10 lakhs in 2 months and was the best performer for the quarter 3 of X financial year.

This will tell the admissions team that this person has been a good performer and the numbers like 10 lakhs, 2 months, etc gives more credibility to your work.

  1. Extra curriculars

This section includes all your areas of interest, your passion, talents, etc basically anything that makes you unique and versatile. This is the section where you can showcase the real you, what do you do in your free time and if you have achievements in the same, do mention them.

Note: Try to give specifics of the achievement like achieved Gold medal in Martial arts, national level guitarist, etc

It can range from anything from dancing to reading. Also not limited to but some categories include

  • Sports like cricket, football, badminton, lawn tennis, table tennis, martial arts, etc
  • Art forms like dramatics, drawing, doodling, painting, etc
  • Dance forms like Bollywood, bharat natyam, kathak, etc
  • Music like playing instruments like guitar, keyboard, drums, etc
  • Reading books with genres like science-fiction, historical-fiction, non-fiction, etc
  • Social activities with NGOs, etc
  • Just be 100% sure of what you are mentioning because if you are shortlisted for an interview, you will be expected to know everything about that, for example, if you are mentioning achieved a silver medal in badminton in the state level, you will be expected to know everything from the weight of the shuttle cock to the dimensions of the badminton court to your favourite badminton player, etc.

Also, do not try to mention any extra curricular just to impress the admission committee, instead mention those in which you actually think you like doing.

  1. Co-curriculars

This section includes all the activities that you do/did along with your academics. This can include the following not limited to though:

  • Research papers and scholastic presentations
  • Position of responsibility showed like Senior designer in X committee, Head of marketing in Y fest, Team Member in Z club, etc
  • Competitions like debate, elocution, quiz, etc


Also, apart from all this, I would strongly suggest you to build a good profile as it will not only help you for your B School admission forms but also it will help you once you get in a B School in your summers and final placements.

If you are currently in your undergraduation, try to participate as much as you can in competitions, try to be part of at least 1 committee/club and try to hold a good position of responsibility in that. Try to do whatever you think you are best at and make the most out of it by susbstantiating it with great achievements.

B Schools like S.P. Jain Institute of Management and Research (SPJIMR) have profile based shortlisting wherein if you get a profile based call you have to clear the minimum criteria of 85 percentile overall and 75 percentile in Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension, 75 percentile in Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning and 75 percentile in Quantitative Ability to get admission. This is a golden opportunity to get admission into a very good college with low percentile.

So, the ball is in your court now. Go get it! This is your time!!

Happy reading…

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