5 Smart Ways to Overcome Study Challenges When Preparing For CAT

Feeling demotivated? We found smart ways to overcome study challenges when preparing for CAT. The Common Test (CAT) exam is the toughest competitive exam in India. The fear of not getting the desired percentile can become overwhelming.

CAT aspirants can find it difficult to cope with the study challenges as they advance into the preparation stages. There could be various obstacles, from lack of focus to no time management skills. You may feel less productive from time to time because of health issues or worrying too much.

As a matter of fact, these obstacles can be overcome to restart your CAT exam preparations.

Study Challenges When Preparing For CAT – Issues Faced By CAT Aspirants 

Many of you, when beginning preparing for CAT, do not realize the pressure that comes with it. While there’s a lot that you have to sacrifice to strive for the desired goals, you will stumble occasionally. And the reasons for study challenges could be:

Now that you know the study challenges, you need to develop smart study skills to prepare for the CAT exam. You need time, effort, discipline, routine, and lots of practice to learn the subjects and compete with thousands of students who appear for CAT. A word of caution here, do not be tempted for short-term pleasures in exchange for long-term benefits.

5 Smart Ways To Overcome Study Challenges When Preparing For CAT 

Over the years, students have faced the above challenges and worked smartly to overcome them and get fruitful results. Let us understand the issues and how to conquer the challenges.

Challenge: Start Preparing Late

The biggest study challenge that CAT aspirants face is that they start preparing late. This is mostly true for professionals. The CAT exam is scheduled in November every year. It is advisable to start preparing twelve months before appearing for CAT, as there is no set syllabus for the exam. Students study from a vast study material divided over three sections. But many aspirants do not start studying till as late as August or September. 

Smart Solution: Start CAT Preparations Early

If you are appearing for CAT 2023, now is the right time to start preparing. This exam is considered the toughest exam over all other entrance exams across India. No set syllabus makes it all the more difficult to achieve the desired percentile. The only way to crack the CAT exam is to practice, practice, and practice. Join CAT coaching from the beginning to help you get support. iQuanta’s CAT 2023 course provides live teaching sessions with the mentors, recorded videos, mock test series, 24×7 doubt clearing support, and practice sessions and papers. 

Challenge: Lack of Concentration

Lack of concentration is the most common challenge students complain about. Overthinking, procrastination, and demotivating thoughts are responsible for low productivity. Preparing for CAT can be confusing if you do not have any guidance. The enormous undefined syllabus, the study material that keeps growing, and no understanding of which topic/session is your strength and which one is your weak area can throw you out of focus. 

Smart Solution: Improve Focus

Every problem has a solution. If you lack concentration, that means you do not have a clear vision. Your aim is to get your focus back. We should focus our energy where it is required. Understand your CAT preparations are your prime focus. To get back on your study schedule, you need to sleep 6 to 8 hours a day. Lack of sleep can make you tired and clumsy. It is difficult to concentrate on any task when you are tired. Keep yourself hydrated throughout the day. Exercise daily to improve your attention span. Go for a walk, gym, aerobics, cycling, anything that excites you, and get your lazy bones working.

Challenge: No Study Strategy

You started preparing for the CAT exam, but you have no idea where to start your preparations. This could be one of the scariest challenges you as a CAT aspirant can face, especially with numerous distractions like smartphones, social media, television, music etc. You have enrolled for CAT 2023, got the study material, and started preparing through self-study. You study randomly whenever you get some time. There is no study strategy to get you into a schedule and routine. These ways you are headed to disaster. 

Smart Solution: Create a Study Plan to Follow

Passing the CAT exam with the required percentile is your responsibility. There will be study pressure, mock test pressure, final CAT exam performance pressure. How will you handle the pressure if you do not have a plan in place? Studying for a CAT exam is not like studying for a school exam. You need a study strategy that’s built on your strength of topics. Out of the three sections: Verbal and Reading Comprehension, Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning, and Quantitative Aptitude, it is essential to find your weak areas, and devote more time to those topics. The only productive way to do this is to design a study strategy and remove all distractions from your study area. Keep a designated time to check your phones and social media, so that you don’t get disturbed by the pings while studying.  

Challenge: Feeling Demotivated

No one said it will be a bed of roses. The CAT exam preparation gets monotonous and hectic as time passes. Long hours of studying alone can drop your motivation levels from time to time.    

Smart Solution: Take a Break Whenever Required

Whenever you feel a dip in your motivation levels, take a break from books. Also, it can be helpful to follow a study routine where there are regular tea/coffee breaks, or greet a quick ‘hi’ to family members in break. You can also call a friend, listen to your favourite music or podcast to uplift your mood. As much as it is necessary to study hard, so much it is important to take regular breaks.  

Challenge: No/Less Mock Tests

It is sad to see that the number of CAT aspirants who appear for the mock tests is fewer compared to the number that appears for the final CAT exam. Most students do not give mock tests for fear of failure. Mock tests are taken lightly and not analyzed thoroughly. This is one mistake that can cost you in the final CAT exam score.

Smart Solution: Give Mock Tests Regularly

The mock test is a replica of the CAT exam paper, and is significant to gauge your performance. Attempting regular mock tests improves your speed and accuracy, and helps you change and redesign your test giving strategies as and when required. Mocks help you practice and prepare for the final CAT exam. Start by appearing for mock tests in January, with once a fortnight, gradually increasing it to twice/thrice a week in the last two months of preparation.

Not everyone who appears for the CAT exam will go through all these challenges. But they will surely go through some downtime. Finally, every individual has to learn to overcome the challenges they face.

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