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10+ Questions in CAT 2023 Same As iQuanta CAT Classes Across All Slots

The CAT 2023 exam was termed as one of the toughest CAT papers ever. The CAT 2023 exam analysis also shows most of the section as moderate to tough. No section was termed easy overall. Students were highly disappointed with the paper Yet, more than 10 questions were exactly similar to what was taught in the class. Your entire CAT exam preparation depends...

CAT 2023 Exam Analysis (Section Wise) Slot 1, Slot 2 & Slot 3

The CAT 2023 exam has been concluded and the section wise detailed section-wise analysis for all slots are out. This year's paper was called one of the toughest by the appearing candidates. Here, we will be providing you with a detailed CAT 2023 exam analysis for all the slots. The CAT 2023 pattern witnessed a major change with an increase in the number of TITA...

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