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CAT 2022 Mocks (New CAT Pattern)

iQuanta CAT Mocks

iQuanta's test series are the closest to the difficulty level of the actual CAT exam. Many of our students performed exceedingly well in previous CAT exams. We provide 15 New CAT Pattern Full Mocks and also 30 sectionals based on new CAT pattern which will help an aspirant in strengthening their basics. The first two Free CAT Mocks are for everyone to take and gauge through our Mock Quality & Platform.

This year we have refined the CAT Mocks even more closely and most importantly we are bringing video solutions to all the LRDI sets in our Full CAT Mocks. You can find those LRDI video in review section after the window period. Apart from that we have detailed solutions for all the questions followed by analysis of each section which will help you to know your weakness and strength making it easier for you to channelise your preparation.

(Updated Pattern) CAT & MBA Mocks

3 Free Mocks for CAT

  • check_circle15 New CAT Pattern Full Mocks
  • check_circle30 Sectional CAT MOCKS
  • check_circleVideo Solution to LRDI Sets in Full mocks
  • check_circleExcellent Mock Analysis
  • check_circle15 Non CAT MBA Mocks

CAT full Course 2022

  • check_circleQA+LRDI+VARC+MOCKS + Videos package included.
  • check_circle100 Fb live Events Sessions
  • check_circle500+ conceptual Videos
  • check_circleLast 2 months free Crash Course including speed based mega events + Past CAT papers practice

CAT 2022 Mocks (New CAT Pattern) From iCAT 1.0 TO 20.0

  • iCAT Mock 1.0

    Start Date 29th July

  • iCAT Mock 2.0

    Start Date 5th August

  • iCAT Mock 3.0

    Start Date 19th August

  • iQuanta iCAT 4.0

    Start Date 2nd September

  • iQuanta iCAT 5.0

    Start Date 9th September

  • iQuanta iCAT 6.0

    Start Date 16th September

  • iQuanta iCAT 7.0

    Start Date 23rd September

  • iQuanta iCAT 8.0

    Start Date 3oth September

  • iQuanta iCAT 9.0

    Start Date 7th October

  • iQuanta iCAT 10.0

    Start Date 14th October

  • iQuanta iCAT 11.0

    Start Date 21st October

  • iQuanta iCAT 12.0

    Start Date 24th October

  • iQuanta iCAT 13.0

    Start Date 28th October

  • iQuanta iCAT 14.0

    Start Date 31st October

  • iQuanta iCAT 15.0

    Start Date 4th November

  • iQuanta iCAT 16.0

    Start Date 7th November

  • iQuanta iCAT 17.0

    Start Date 11th November

  • iQuanta iCAT 18.0

    Start Date 14th November

  • iQuanta iCAT 19.0

    Start Date 18th November

  • iQuanta iCAT 20.0

    Start Date 21st November

Track Your Progress With iCAT Test Reports

CAT Mock Analysis By iQuanta

With around few months remaining for CAT 2020, we hope everyone has started appearing for CAT’20 Mock Tests already. In case you haven’t, fasten your seatbelts and join AimCAT, SimCAT or iCAT mocks (iQuanta) for CAT- level mocks. Mock tests give you a clear picture of the type of questions and difficulty level of the exam. Regularly appearing for mocks helps increase the SPEED AND ACCURACY.

While a lot of people appear for mocks, they don’t analyze the results. Appearing for these tests is only fruitful if you analyze your score and thereby work upon improving it. Here is iQuanta’s step-wise guide for analysing the mocks:

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