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1 Month Into XLRI Jamshedpur: My Struggles, Learnings & Overcoming Obstacles

Satvik’s First Month at XLRI Jamshedpur

“Business Schools are mostly all fun, the studies are easy, and there are lots and lots of parties.” This myth gets busted the day you join your Respective Business School. If you are from a top Business School in India (Among the A, B, C, XL, L, FMS, SPJIMR, etc.), you first notice that everyone is equally or more innovative than you. The selection rate at XLRI is about 0.5 percent, and thus, 99 Applicants to XLRI never had a chance to come to XLRI. Therefore, walking around in XLRI proves that you are the smartest in the country but being a performer among the smartest is a challenge.

My First Day at XLRI was memorable- the day I shifted to Father McGrath Residency; I was shocked to see so many people. I interacted with at least 200 people that day and immediately realized that I am among the brightest minds in this country. The Next day we were formally inducted into XLRI, and we had our orientation for one week.

The first day of class was an immense feeling of success I had experienced; it soon faded away. I realized how hectic the whole Business School could be. There are days I do not get to sleep and days I wish I hadn’t slept. There is constantly some or the other thing going on, and often there is a tremendous Fear of missing out. There are assignments, Quizzes, Presentations, Midterm exams, Final exams, etc. Sometimes they happen unannounced. Apart from that, as a first-year student, we are simultaneously preparing for the Summer Placement process.

If someone had told you that Subjects in Business School are going to be easy, then let me break the glass and say that it is entirely false. Instead, we have a diverse range of subjects- we have Quantitative based issues with pure logical applications, and there are Situation and Behavioural-based matters where we have to apply case-based analysis and hence answer to the situation of the problem. The MBA studies happen rapidly, so if you miss out on something, you may have missed two chapters altogether. To be part of Extra Curricular Activities isn’t easy. One needs to undergo a lengthy selection process where there are multiple rounds of interview and screening, and only after hours of effort does one make to the committee of their choice and love.

In my one-month journey with MBA at XLRI, I had slept before 1 AM only twice, lost my appetite for breakfast (the class starts at 9 AM), and had nervous breakdowns over ten times. It can get hard sometimes- when you are sleep-deprived, hustling through lectures, meetings, and studying for the next day. Also, we have to keep in mind that in the meantime, we are also making our page CV as attractive as possible so that the companies interested in offering an internship shortlist us.

So Business School in its first month is anything but easy. So here are also a few lessons I have learned, and I want everyone to know.

What Did I Learn:

  1. Business schools are the best simulations of the corporate world; you need to be ready for anything and everything.
  2. Business School teaches you to choose; hence, everyone will make choices, and some would be tough. If you need to sleep, then you need to sleep; if you are busy, do not entertain any other nuisance; if you are hungry, stop your work and eat. Making decisions is the essential quality of any Business School and is the most crucial attribute of a manager.
  3. The Subjects of B-school are not easy, and there is generally a relative grading. Please get thorough with some concepts of Statistics, Accountancy, Economics, Maths, etc. before coming to Business Schools.
  4. If there is a Fear of missing out, then there is a Joy of Missing out too. Choose to do something you love over something others may force you into.
  5. It is essential not to try to be the best at Top Business Schools (ones I have mentioned). In Business School, more than 60 percent of the marks depend on your peers, so always work as a team and be the average. When you are average- you automatically perform well.
  6. There are many channels of help at Business School. Reach out to the one you are most comfortable with.
  7. Do not try to be everywhere; please everyone, participate in all competitions, etc. Make intelligent choices, and you will be happy.
  8. Most Important thing- Everyone is struggling and sleepy. Thus, everyone is going through what you are and have gone through what you have. So always know that you are not alone.

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