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My GIM Goa Interview Experience | Anmol Gilra CMAT Rank 3996/52000

GIM, Goa Interview Experience of Anmol Gilra

This is the interview experience of Anmol Gilra, CMAT 3996/52000 rank holder and Goa Institute of Management convert. Let us dive into how he tackled the interview of one of the top B-schools in India through the CMAT exam and converted it in his own words.

Detailed Profile

Anmol is a general, non-engineer, male. He is a 3996/52000 rank holder in CMAT. His past records include 8/9/7 in X, XII & undergraduation (B.Com) respectively. Additionally, he has also completed LLB, MCOM, CS Executive with 16 months of work experience.

AWT Topic

Spirituality in Corporate performance

I mentioned that Spirituality doesn’t only reinforce ones on will to work but also maintains an overall healthy environment and helps employees maintain a healthy space of mind. Spirituality is , in fact, central to enhance corporate performance so long as the human capital is motivated, at peace and in a positive headspace. Spirituality, in the corporate world, helps move from transactional leadership to transformational work space. It helps human beings come to terms with their losses, accept the uncertainties that come with business and get on with work.

The GIM Interview Transcript of Anmol Gilra is as follows:

I was one of the few who got a call in January through Achiever’s round. Only select candidates through there profile and extra-curricular achievements get called for Group Discussion and Personal Interview before the regular round. If you get selected through achiever’s round, you get scholarship for 4 lakhs. We have a rigorous process of having to attend WAT, GD and 2 rounds of Personal Interview to get a spot offer from college. I was eliminated before the final round of interview and I got my result in April after the admission process was over for every applicant.

There were 2 panelists; 1 Male & 1 Female. Let’s call them P1 & P2 respectively.

P2: Describe your profile.
Me: I explained about my profile in brief and told them my current association with Reliance as a Legal Consultant and about my hobbies. I explained what my current roles entail and how is it different from the previous job. I told them I was interested to learn about Securities law and that is why I decided to join Reliance full time.

P2: Do you have a gap between your academics?
Me: Explained her in brief that I completed my BCom in 2018 and worked with Edelweiss on a full time basis and after quitting job I enrolled myself in LLB and completed the same in 2021 June and just after graduating I  joined Reliance in November and prepared for entrance exams  simultaneously.

P2: What other calls did you get?
Me: I mentioned about NMIMS, Welingkar and TAPMI. But I had mentioned that GIM has been my foremost priority because of the scholarship as well as GIM gives preference to people from diverse backgrounds which ensures that the transition process for them is smooth. I also told them I had 2 close friends who graduated from GIM this year and they highly recommended that I should join here.

P1 took over from here.

P1: Why are you not going for CA instead of MBA?
Me: As I did not disclose in my application form about CS. I had explained my situation that I was looking to switch to the managerial side of the business and if I start with CS, I would be stuck with the legal and compliance side and wouldn’t get the desired break in the managerial side of the business. And explained that MBA was my long-time dream and everything was secondary and getting into B-school was my top priority.

They seemed convinced.

P1: What is Bath costing in accounting?
Me: Took a minute to answer, but he wasn’t convinced. He even tried to give an example but I told them that I had studied Cost Accounting in 2017 and this is what best I could remember.

P1: What is cost benefit analysis?
Me: I answered and he was convinced.

P1: What is the demand and supply curve?
Me: I answered and he was fairly convinced. A follow up question was asked about Diminishing Marginal Utility and I answered that very confidently and he seemed pretty happy with my answer.

P1: Do you read newspapers? How do you keep yourself updated with the current affairs?
Me: I explained that I am preparing through videos available on Youtube and told them I was preparing was TISSNET and CMAT. He was interested in knowing that I do I read any newspaper or not so that he could grill me on the same. I was so adjusted with the MCQ pattern in the exams that I was worried about answering questions without any options and I jokingly asked will I be getting options for the same.

P1: Give me the names of 2 Padma Bhushan winners.
Me: I could answer 1, but that person was last year recipient and I tried to recollect but couldn’t. I took 2 minutes more in order to recollect but was absolutely in vain but both the teachers told me not to worry and wished me luck for the future.

Verdict: GIM Converted!

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