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Advantages of the GMAT Exam | CAT vs GMAT?

About GMAT Exam

The Graduate Management Aptitude Test or popularly known as GMAT is a computer-based exam conducted as an admission process to around 1900 B-schools globally. Students appearing for the exam are tested for their Integrated Reasoning, Quantitative aptitude, Verbal skills, and Analytical writing. Check out the GMAT syllabus, exam pattern and eligibility criteria click here. This article discusses the various advantages of the GMAT Exam.

Benefits of the GMAT Exam

  • Better career opportunities: The most important advantage of the GMAT exam permits you to pursue MBA from abroad. You get better networking opportunities and better exposure where you can get acquainted with various business organizations and employers. Better networking will help you stay updated with the latest business trends and will allow you to grab opportunities more actively.
  • Better earning potential: Most of the MBA graduates from top international B-schools get placed in the top management positions. According to statistics, the average salary of an MBA from the USA was around $138,000 in 2020. The reason is great skill sets, a business mind, and effective communication skills.
  • Score validity: Once you appear for the GMAT, your scores will be valid for 5 years in more than 150 countries. So if you decide to change your mind and postpone taking admissions you can do it later as well.
  • Date flexibility: GMAT doesn’t have a decided exam date. You can take the exam whenever you feel that you are ready. It entirely depends on your convenience.
  • Self Analysis: The GMAT preparation helps a great deal for you to understand where you are and where you have to go. It helps you to analyze and practice your skills. With rigorous practice, you can improve your time management skills, verbal and writing skills, and computer skills as well.
  • Exposure to different cultures: Once you settle abroad, you’ll get to meet and understand people from different cultures. Interacting with different cultures helps you understand things from a different point of view and to rethink any assumptions you might have. This advantage of the GMAT exam is very lucrative if you have the inclination to interact with different cultures.

GMAT vs CAT: Comparing Benefits of GMAT Exam

CAT and GMAT are two of the most popular MBA exams in the industry. Both have their own perks. Here are some of the advantages of the GMAT Exam has over CAT:

  • Multiple attempts: CAT is conducted once a year in the month of November. That gives GMAT an upper hand since students can sit for it 5 times in a year and 8 times in a lifetime.
  • Worldwide acceptance: GMAT scores are accepted worldwide in 150+ countries and almost 1900 B-schools. CAT is a national level exam where you can get into IIMs and other B-schools in India.
  • Scholarships: Most of the colleges accepting GMAT scores provide scholarships to students who come from countries with lower currency values. The scholarship ranges from 30% to 100% on the tuition fee. On the other hand, IIMs provide no such schemes to the CAT toppers.
  • Less preparation time: CAT preparation requires 3-12 months depending on the level of your conceptual clarity. GMAT has a lesser preparation time i.e., 3-5 months.
  • Less competition & Greater conversion ratio: Most of the MBA aspirants prefer taking CAT which means there is less competition in the GMAT sector. 88 percentile (~700 marks) are considered good in GMAT but you need to be in the 99th percentile to get into a top IIM. 20% of people who appear for the GMAT convert a top B-school while the conversion rate for those who appear for CAT is only 2%.
  • Focus: CAT is all about theoretical knowledge while GMAT also tests your non-theoretical approach.
  • Score Validity: Where CAT scores are valid only for a year, GMAT courses are valid for up to 5 years depending on the colleges you’re applying for.

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