10 Best Countries to Study Abroad – Education Goals 2023

This blog has a meticulously curated list of the best countries to study abroad in 2023. International destinations have become popular for higher education over the years. 

We at iQuanta believe, “what we learn with pleasure, we never forget.” A beautiful quote by Alfred Mercier that aptly describes the dilemma of an international student in a foreign country. As much as it is stressful and overwhelming to be in a new country, it is also a life-changing experience to study in a faraway land. You gain intercultural experience, make new friends, understand the locals and their traditions, and learn a new language. 

Being an international student has its benefits. If your academic goals are pushing you to pursue education in an international land, we have got you covered. In our list of the best countries for study abroad programs, we have covered all major points to help you shortlist the one country that caters to your needs.

Why Study Abroad? 

If you are not sure why studying abroad is a good idea, shared below is a list of benefits that will help you decide your future academic goals.

Why should you study abroad?
  • It helps you acquire global skills to ace professionally.
  • Opens better career opportunities.
  • Learn a new language.
  • Explore a new country, its culture, and mingle with locals.
  • Be part of new innovations and research programs.
  • Learn from best teachers from around the globe.
  • Make new friends from different countries and cultures.
  • Enhance skills in the field of your expertise.
study abroad
Best countries to study abroad in 2023

Best Country for Studying Abroad – Selection Parameters

Some countries have beautiful landscapes, while others have metropolitan hubs for business and finance. Some are famous for their historical architecture, while others have the world’s largest libraries. So, how do you decide which country has an extremely promising education system? There are various parameters to help you decide which country suits your need to pursue higher education.

Let’s understand each parameter in detail.

Acceptance of International Students

However, enticing and luring studying abroad may look like international students always have an inhibition of being socially accepted in the campus and community. This is a concern in countries that racially discriminate among cross-culture students.

When it comes to acceptance of international students, the US tops the chart. The United States has always been the most cherished study abroad destination among foreign students. It encourages cross-culture blending from across the globe. The US universities welcome students from different countries and backgrounds without discrimination, and is called the land of opportunities. 

Some friendly countries that are happy to accept foreign students are Canada, Australia, Switzerland, Germany, Japan, and Italy, among others.  

Budget – Tuition Fee and Living Expense

Budget is a key factor when selecting the country to study internationally. The plans for higher studies at an international university are mostly sabotaged by the financial involved. World’s finest colleges boast of their flawless education system, high-end tech support, and research based study programs. Hence, the tuition fee is expensive, and so is the cost of living for foreign students in such countries.

However, you should not give up on your dream to study abroad because of money constraint. There are some beautiful, budget friendly education destinations with excellent study programs. Few European countries, apart from others on the economic list, offer low-budget, good-quality undergraduate/postgraduate courses. Apart from the tuition fee, the living expenses are also affordable.

If you want to study abroad at a modest cost, here is a list of shortlisted countries for you to start with:

Courses Offered Graduate/Postgraduate 
Universities Public
Tuition Fee Free 
Study Program Language English
Cost of Living US $17,200 per year

Some specialised programs are chargeable.

Courses Offered 100+ Graduate/Postgraduate 
Universities Public/Private
Tuition Fee US $3,300 to US $4050 per year
Study Program Language English
Cost of Living US $2,900 per year

Taiwan is one of the cheapest Asian countries to study abroad. It attracts numerous international students. The government and universities also grant a plethora of scholarships to foreign students.

Courses Offered Undergraduate/Postgraduate 
Universities Private – Average 
Tuition Fee US $6,300 per year for undergraduate courses
Study Program Language English
Cost of Living US $9,250 per year in Mexico City

US $6,450 per year elsewhere in Mexico

Latin America’s most-visited nation offers English-taught courses to attract international students.

Courses Offered Undergraduate/Postgraduate 
Universities Public

Private – Charge Tuition Fee

Tuition Fee – Private Universities US $5,100 per year for undergraduate courses
Study Program Language English
Cost of Living US $5,000 

Argentina is one of the safest countries and second largest in South America. It attracts students keen on outdoor adventures and exploration.

Courses Offered Undergraduate/Postgraduate 
Universities Public/Private
Tuition Fee US $2,340 – US $3,500 per year 
Study Program Language English
Cost of Living US $7,700 per year 

Poland’s universities offer high quality education. And if you speak Polish, you can study any course for free in Polish.

Courses Offered Undergraduate/Postgraduate 
Universities Public/Private
Tuition Fee US $4,000 per year 
Study Program Language English
Cost of Living US $3,550 per year 

Malaysia is one of the cheapest countries for international students with comfortable living expenses.

South Africa
Courses Offered Undergraduate/Postgraduate 
Universities Public/Private
Tuition Fee US $6,000 per year 
Study Program Language English
Cost of Living US $9,150 per year 

If you love outdoors activities and adventures, South Africa is the place to study abroad.

Part-Time Work Opportunities

As international study programs are expensive, many students plan to pick up a part-time job along with studies. Every country has its own rules and regulations for allowing foreign students to work while studying. A student work permit depends on the course they have joined. Some countries do not let undergraduate students apply for jobs off campus. They can only pick up on campus jobs if they are willing to work.

Whatever the criteria for work permission for international students, they are allowed to work only 20 hours a week during term or full-term for a one-year course.

Post-Study Work Opportunities

Most countries have made changes to their immigration policies, and stricter rules have been laid for foreign students. However, if you are skilled in your area of expertise, you can find good post-study working opportunities. This not only gives you exposure to international work culture, but also helps you recover some part of your education expenditure.

Before you decide the country you want to study in, check their post-study work options if you plan to stay there longer. Make a list of countries that provide visa for the same, and let you work without any restrictions. However, it lets you stay for a few more years before returning home. Most English-speaking countries, like New Zealand, Canada, Australia, UK and US, provide post-study work visas.

Availability of Your Study Program

We would advise you to apply to multiple colleges. There is a possibility that the university you are planning to join may reject your application. But you may get an offer letter from the one that’s down on your preference list. Applying to 3 to 4 different universities gives you a chance to plan your budget accordingly. Also, it isn’t necessary that your preferred country has the best study course in your discipline. Or maybe they have the study program of your choice, but it does not fit your budget. 

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List of 10 Best Countries to Study Abroad in 2023

The United States

The United States has been called the ‘land of opportunities’ because of its multicultural environment, conducive for people from different backgrounds and customs. Every year, it attracts innumerable students from around the world because of its flexible education system, exceptional support system for foreign students, and vibrant campus life. It boasts of its unique curriculum, and academic excellence at some of its finest universities.

new york city - USTop 7 Universities for international students to study in the US are:

University Location
Harvard University  Cambridge, MA
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)  Cambridge, MA
Stanford University Stanford, CA
University of California Berkeley, CA
Columbia University New York City, NY
Yale University New Haven, CT
Princeton University New Jersey

 There are certain affordable universities in the US for international students, where tuition fees for undergraduate programs range between US $12,000 and US $25,000 per year.

Tuition Fees and Living Expenses

Whether you plan to stay in campus accommodation, hostel, shared rental or a home stay, the average cost of living for an international student in the US is between US $10,000 and US $25,000 per academic year. This includes groceries, social activities, electricity, gas, internet, transport and emergency funds. The living expense will vary according to the city you choose to live.

College/University/Study-Program Tuition Fee – USD (Indicative)Per Year
Doctoral Degree $27,000 – $55,000 
Graduate Programs $20,000 – $50,000
Undergraduate Bachelor’s Degree $20,000 – $40,000
Community Colleges $5,000 – $20,000

United Kingdom

The UK has a reputation for world-class degrees, high standard of education, and global ranking universities that fascinate a lot of foreign students to join study programs in various disciplines. Famous for its rich history and deep culture, the United Kingdom has the best infrastructural support for Indian students.

In spite of being extraordinarily expensive, this country charms numerous students from India every year because of quick visa availability, ease of immigration, connectivity to India, post-education placements and work permission while studying (up to 20 hours per week). Following an innovative learning approach, the academic experience at UK’s world recognized universities is a cut above. If you are someone with inherent leadership qualities and big dreams of making a successful career, studying in the United Kingdom can be a phenomenal and unforgettable exposure.

london - UKTop 5 Universities for international students to study in the UK are:

University Location
University of Oxford  Oxford
University of Cambridge  Cambridge
University College London Central London
University of Edinburg Edinburg
University of Manchester Manchester

British education system is one of the remarkable education system. There are more scholarships at postgraduate levels, which is relatively low for undergraduate programs.

Tuition Fees and Living Expenses

The UK is an extremely expensive country, hence the high cost of living. If you plan to stay outside of London, you will need US $13,967 per year for covering your living expenses. Staying in London costs a little extra. You require US $18,000+ to cover your yearly expenses. 

College/University/Study-Program Tuition Fee – USD (Indicative)Per Year
Lab Based Programs $8,000 – $62,000 
Postgraduate Programs $7,500 – $58,000
Undergraduate Programs $13,000 – $77,000


France, a small country located in Western Europe, is not just famous for its ravishingly beautiful villages, picturesque landscapes, the snow-covered dreamy French Alps, or the endless vineyards of Bordeaux. But also for its world-best and most accessible system of higher education for international students. It is a country that warmly welcomes and appreciates students from a multicultural background, and helps bring out their best version.

Well known for its culinary arts, and rich architecture and culture, France is an appealing destination for international students. There is an opportunity to learn a new language, gather perspective on a new culture, and gain a competitive edge with access to outstanding research and development facilities. Young talent is valued highly in the innovation and entrepreneur sectors.

For Indian students, a French degree opens avenues to 500 plus French companies in India. Also, over 500 scholarships are available to Indian students, as France is the first country to sign a mutual recognition agreement in India.

paris - franceTop 5 Universities for international students to study in France are:

University Location
University of Burgundy Dijon
Universite Francois Rabelais Tours
University of Strasbourg Alsace
Sorbonne University Paris
Aix-Marseille University Marseille

France is the leading non-English speaking education destination, with 1500 study programs for foreign students. The top programs are in the field of research and innovations.

Tuition Fees and Living Expenses

Few cities in France have a higher cost of living. So, depending on your city of choice for studies, the living expenses may vary between US $680 and US $2,000 per month.

College/University/Study-Program Tuition Fee – USD (Indicative)Per Year
Specialized Degree Higher Tuition Fees (not specified)
PhD. $450
Master’s Degree $275
Engineering Degree $650
Medicine Degree $475
Bachelor’s Degree $180
Grandes EcolesGreat Schools & Establishments $10,528
Private University $1,500 – $21,000
Business Schools (any degree level) $5,000 – $32,000


Australia is famous for many things. From fluffy and playful Koala’s to the stunning Bondi Beach, from its Aboriginal culture to the magnificent Great Barrier Reef, Australia is home to some of the best universities in the world. The diversity of cultures, its vibrant cities and the numerous career opportunities are some of the many reasons that attract international students to study business, science, engineering, humanities, and other majors in this country.

Some Australian universities offer internships to their students. This interests foreign students to choose an education program in this country. It is a great possibility for those who want to extend their stay to work in Australia, and they are offered a temporary Graduation Visa on request.

melbourne - australiaTop 5 Universities for international students to study in Australia are:

University Location
University of Melbourne  Parkville
University of Sydney Sydney
University of Queensland Brisbane
University of New South Wales Kensington
Australian National University Canberra

Australia is one of the most popular countries for study abroad programs. International students can select from a wide range of courses offered in admission to 1000 plus universities. In spite of an expensive education destination, it is the preference of foreign students, because it is a safe and ideal country for students from across the globe.

Tuition Fees and Living Expenses

Australia is not just known for its world-class education, but also for a higher standard of living. Based on the city you prefer to study in, the living expenditure per month would vary between US $957 and US $1,700.  

College/University/Study-Program Tuition Fee – USD (Indicative)Per Year
PhD $15,000 – $35,000 
Master’s Degree $15,000 – $35,000
Bachelor’s Degree $13,000 – $31,000


If you are mesmerized by its breathtaking landscapes, and pleasant lifestyle, you can decide to join a study program in Canada. The country has some of the best institutions that offer Diploma, Certificate, Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. 

The educational programs in Canada captivate students from different parts of the world. The quality of their study programs, student support satisfaction, and high-tech education facilities qualifies it as the most cherished country for learning.

The institutes in Canada offer many courses in business, arts, tourism, aviation, health, and engineering, that prepare students for a successful professional future. International students are extended support from their colleges, from adapting to the country to providing academic training and job opportunities.

toronto - canadaTop 5 Universities for international students to study in Canada are:

University Location
Centennial College Toronto
Seneca College Ontario, Toronto
Georgian College Ontario
George Brown College Toronto
Mohawk College Ontario

Some colleges and companies in Canada associate to ensure apt industry based training to students to acquire the necessary skills to sustain in today’s job market. The Government of Canada and many education institutes offer scholarship, fellowship, or grant to international students. Check out details on the same before applying to any college.

Tuition Fees and Living Expenses

The universities in Canada prioritize first year graduate students to on-campus living options. Canada is an expensive country. And if you decide to move here for higher studies, you will have to curb your spending habits. The average monthly cost of living in Canada for foreign students varies between US $1,400 and US $2,500, including accommodation, grocery, transport, clothing, social activities, and utilities.  

College/University/Study-Program Tuition Fee – USD (Indicative)Per Year
PhD $1,800 – $13,000 
Master’s degree $1,800 – $13,000
Undergraduate Degree $1,300 – $15,000


Home to Oktoberfest, Germany has been ranked number 3 globally for imparting high quality learning to international students at an affordable price. Spread over 100 universities, 165 universities of Applied Sciences, and more than 50 colleges in arts, music and films, Germany offers a wide spectrum of courses. The colleges provide academic internships that make education here a favoured choice.

germanyTop 5 Universities for international students to study in Germany are:

University Location
Free University of Berlin Berlin
Technical University of Munich Munich
University of Freiburg Freiburg im Breisgau
RWTH Aachen University Aachen
University of Stuttgart Stuttgart

When searching for English taught universities in Germany, look for colleges in big cities. All public universities do not charge any tuition fee. But there is a small mandatory amount to cover administrative formalities and a minor contribution. This gives you a semester ticket, which makes you entitled to free public transport services.

Tuition Fees and Living Expenses

Germany is a popular country among Indians and other foreign students from around the world. The superior study quality and high standard of living increases the monthly living cost for global students. Living expenditure, including rent, food, travelling, health insurance, and miscellaneous expenses, may vary between US $800 and US $1800. 

College/University/Study-Program Tuition Fee – USD (Indicative) Per Month/Semester
Master’s Degree Public – FreePrivate – $800 to $12,000 
Bachelor’s Degree Public – Free to $17,000Private – $600 to $1,000


Switzerland boasts of remarkable universities. The country has beautiful and vibrant cities. If you love outdoor adventure, this country is sure to be on your shortlist for higher education. In your spare time, you may go hiking to the summit of Allalinhorn in the Alps or go rafting through the Giarsun Gorge on the Inn river. For the lovers of art and history, there are museums to explore medieval history and modern art.

A mountainous Central European country, Switzerland is considered the most expensive country in the world. But surprisingly, it has affordable study programs for foreign students.

switzerlandTop 5 Universities for international students to study in Switzerland are:

University Location
University of Geneva Geneva                                
University of Bern Bern
University of Zurich Zurich
Business & Hotel Management School of Switzerland Lucerne
International University in Geneva Geneva

The government funds public Swiss universities. Hence, the tuition fee here is affordable than charged in other European countries.

Tuition Fees and Living Expenses

Living in Switzerland is expensive. You will require an average monthly budget of US $1300 to US $1800 to cover the cost of accommodation, transport, food, utilities, and leisure activities.

Zurich and Geneva are the two most expensive cities, where your monthly living expenditure could exceed limit of US $1800.

College/University/Study-Program Tuition Fee – USD (Indicative)Per Year
PhD Public – $100 – $1000Private – up to $45,500
Master’s Degree Public – $400 – $3,900 Private – up to $45,500
Bachelor’s Degree Public – $400 – $3,900 Private – up to $45,500


Famous for its neoclassical architecture, heritage sites, and rich in Renaissance art, Italy is a beautiful country in South-Central Europe. The Italians are considered friendly and generous, and are known to celebrate and enjoy life.

Home to the world’s oldest universities, Italy has gained popularity among global students.

florence - italy Top 5 Universities for international students to study in Italy are:

University Location
University of Bologna Bologna
Scuola Normale Superiore Pisa, Florence
Sapienza University of Rome Rome
University of Padua Padua
Politecnico Di Milano Milan

You can apply for scholarships in universities. These are mostly government funded.

Tuition Fees and Living Expenses

Milan and Rome are the two expensive cities compared to other Italian cities. Average monthly cost of living in Italy can vary between US $750 and US $1500, including accommodation, transport, utilities and social activities.

College/University/Study-Program Tuition Fee – USD (Indicative)Per Year
PhD Public – up to $5,000Private – $7,200 to $24,000 
Master’s Degree Public – up to $5,000Private – $7,200 to $24,000
Bachelor’s Degree Public – up to $5,000Private – $7,200 to $24,000


Japan has a rich historic culture. If you have a bend to dig in the history, you will find some fascinating places, like The Tokyo Skytree, The Osaka Castle, The Buddhist Temple, to explore.

A hub of scientific and technological creativity and research discoveries in biomedicine, Japan has a literacy rate of almost 100%. The most popular disciplines in academics are Mathematics and Science, among others.

With a low crime rate and violence, the island is considered a safe place for foreign students.

japan Top 5 Universities for international students to study in Japan are:

University Location
The University of Tokyo Hongo, Komaba, Kashiwa
Kyoto University Kyoto
Osaka University Osaka
Tokyo Institute of Technology Meguro City
Nagoya University Aichi

Most Japanese universities grant scholarships and grants to international students. Some waive up to 50% of the tuition fee, while others waive the entire fee. Do spend some time to check the details, as you can apply for scholarships before or after reaching Japan.

Tuition Fees and Living Expenses

The tuition fee may vary depending on the university you apply to and the choice of your study program. The fee mentioned is an average idea of how much you would spend per year.

On-campus accommodation is limited, so if you do not get a room in the university dormitory, you can rent outside the campus at a low-cost. Make sure to apply for the hostel facility much before reaching your college. But the average monthly cost of living for international students will vary between US $600 and US $900. 

College/University/Study-Program Tuition Fee – USD (Indicative)Per Year
Bachelor’s Degree National Uni – $7,200Public – $8,200

Private – $9,700 to 14,400 

Master’s Degree

(full-time, all years of study)

National Uni – $11,800Public – $12,600

Private – $13000 – $23,000


Looking for an adventure overseas? Ireland has a handful of globally ranking universities. Situated on the westernmost edge of Europe, Ireland is an island nation. Every year, it is populated with students from all over the world coming for both short-term and full-term education programs. It is a student-friendly country where English speakers have a smooth transition to living and studying.

With over 1000 leading multinational companies across multiple sectors like financial services and banking, pharmaceuticals, agribusiness, and technology, Ireland is the European hub for potential career opportunities.

urban dublin street ireland Top 5 Universities for international students to study in Ireland are:

University Location
Trinity College  Dublin
National University of Ireland Galway
University of Limerick Limerick
Technological University of Dublin Dublin
Maynooth University County Kildare

Ireland Universities are gaining immense popularity among foreign students, as it has the most advanced and dynamic academic system. Each international student has to pay an annual fee of US $2,600 for student services like examination service, club/society support, etc. 

Tuition Fees and Living Expenses

Ireland is Europe’s fastest growing economy, ranked among the top 20 education systems worldwide. The cost of living depends on the choice of your city, lifestyle you will maintain, and accommodation you choose. Average living expenditure of students from across the globe for one academic year will be US $7,000 to US $12,000. 

College/University/Study-Program Tuition Fee – USD (Indicative)Per Year
PhD $9,000 – $39,000 
Master’s Degree $9,000 – $39,000
Postgraduate Degree $9,000 – $39,000
Undergraduate Degree $9,000 – $48,000


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