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IIM Lucknow Interview Experience-by98.82%iler

IIM Lucknow Interview Experience by 98.82%iler Komal

(Taken From Quora)

Diving into the interview experiences collated from various sources, we came across Komal Katna. Let us talk about her journey to IIM Lucknow.

Detailed Profile

Komal is a GEF candidate and also an M.Tech. She scored 98.82 percentile and her past records include 93.7% in X, 91.2% in XII, 8.23 GPA in her under graduation and 8.87 GPA in her post graduation.

AWT Topic for IIM Lucknow Interview

Sports is a better career than management. Word limit- 300 words.

The IIM Interview Transcript of Komal Katna is as follows:

There were two panelists. Both male.

I was the first one to be interviewed. After greeting them one by one I took the hot seat. ( Everyone told me that Lucknow will grill you badly. You will be thrashed at every answer)

M1 : What is the meaning of your name?

Me : I was quite surprised at this question. Never expected anyone to ask me the meaning of Komal.

I started off by saying sir, it means soft, delicate and/or vulnerable.

M1 : So, is it good to be soft? What do we do with a soft person?

Me : Yes Sir. I believe it is desirable. A soft person can build strong relations based on trust. Soft skills are treasured everywhere.

M1 : What about vulnerable?

Me : Sir, I feel it’s not good to be vulnerable. That makes one weak and susceptible to circumstances.

M1 : So, are you vulnerable?

Me : I am continuously trying to be stronger than before. I believe it’s a process.

M1 : So, you are soft but not vulnerable. Right?

Me : (Too much stretching on name thing) Yes Sir. I don’t want to be vulnerable and I am working on it.

M2 : Silently observing until now.

You have applied for both PGP and PGP-ABM. Would you like to be considered for both?

Me : Yes Sir.

M2 : Okay. What do you do in your free time?

Me : Told.

M2 : (He picked up Buddhism from my previous answer) Mention three teachings of Buddhism which are relevant in corporate world.

Me : Told.

M2 : What are the different schools of Buddhism?

Me : Told.

M1 : Is Dalai lama reincarnation of Buddha?

Me : Told. There were some more questions related to Dalai Lama which I could answer.

M1 : Your profile is more relevant to Agri-Business program. Why should we consider you for PGP program?

Me : Peer-to-peer learning and diversity of the batch are important aspects of learning in a B-school. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for me and I don’t want to make any compromise on the learning aspect.

M2 : But you said courage is important. ( I had earlier mentioned it in one of my answers). Why don’t you show some courage by going for the ABM program?

Me : Sir, wisdom is equally important. And I believe PGP program offers me better opportunities.

M2 : Then why have you applied for ABM program?

Me : Sir, ABM program is also good. But that is not my first priority.

M1 : What other calls do you have?

Me : Told.

M1 : Who all are there in your family? And what do they do?

Me : Told.

M2 : We are done. Put your signatures for the attendance.

Me : Thank you Sir. (One by one)

M1 : We are recommending you for the ABM program. Would you join?

Me : Yes Sir. (Felt I lost the PGP admit)

Thank you.

Verdict : Converted both PGP and PGP ABM.

Despite how nervous she was and what she had heard, Komal says that this was the only interview where she answered all the questions with a smile on her face.

We’ll keep coming with more exciting interview experiences. Hope you’re taking notes of the whats and what nots.

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