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iQuanta CAT 17 Results

iQuanta CAT 2017 Results

So again its been an year, the time for which every CAT aspirants burn their midnight oil. And there comes a secret group of iQuanta which is constantly gauging with the CAT preparation, concepts, doubts and almost everything required for CAT preparation.

And every year it releases one of the best Results in India. Cheers to the elite list of CAT 2017, Congratulating a few those who informed.

100 got above 97%les, around 40 above 99%le .

Shikhar Sachdeva 99.98 (100%ler in Quant)

Gaurav Saha 99.90 (99.92 %le in Quant)

Aabhas Mathur 99.85 (99.96 in Quant)

Suhrit Sur 99.85

Sameer Sodani 99.80

Siddharth Sridhar 99.78

Sahil Aggarwal 99.77

Bharat Santani 99.67

Sourav Bikash 99.58

Harshit Sharma 99.54

Aditya Kumar Singh 99.4

Bijay Sharma 99.36

Digvijay Sinha 99.29

Soham De 99.28

Ben Harison 99.25 (awesome raise from 90.25 last year)

Ananta Chhajer 99.21 (you deserve a 100 next year)

Bhavya Shah 99.12

Prateek Gambhir 99.10

Aman Jain 99.07 (Sabse jada doubts puchne wala from course  )

Himanshu Singla 99.06

Sounak Kundu 99.04 (you deserve more, youll get more)

Abhishek Paul 99.03

Navneet Gulati 99.02 ( very consistent boy wid prep)

Adarsh Srivastava 99 (hardworking boy )

Pratik Pawar: 99.81

Siddharta Choudhary: 99.67

Aman khandelwal: 99.06

99.98 %ler, with 100%le in Quant
99.90 %ler with 99.92 in Quant
99.85 %le with 99.95 in Quant
99.25 in CAT 2017 , who had just 90 in CAT 2016


Aditya Anand, who raised his %le from 93 to 98.xx this year
One of the questions direct from our class, which was shared a day before CAT


And alot of guys who improved from 82 to 98 like , Naman Chaudhary,Aditya Anand from 93 to 98%le, Pranav Khera 87 to 97 this year, Upasana Ghosh from 60%le to 93, Himanshu Sharma 72 to 97%le this year and many more like Subhadev Pal (98.6) Sambhid Gourav (95.x) Himangshu (95.x) Sinha Akash Bansal (97.7) my favourite students who deserved more than they, got, this is not the end 

This was one year of hardwork, some disappointments , some happiness, but akhir me sab thik ho hi jata hai so those who couldnt get what they wished for, dont lose hope, and those who got what they wished , cheers. And all the best for future journey. 

Check pinned post of CAT Preparation – iQuanta group for starting your CAT Preparation.

Taken from this fb post:  CAT 17 Results: https://www.facebook.com/groups/Rockthecat/permalink/934242560076780/

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