Mihir Kapse CAT Percentile : 99.97

I do not regret choosing it as the class timings were perfect for me, and many a times, I used to have my dinner while attending the class after work. They proved beyond my expectations and helped clear a lot of Quant shortcuts and LRDI doubts . I credit iQuanta with getting me at least 20 marks more than even what I was thinking was my maximum possible score.It has been a pleasure staying in the group, solving the many doubts posted and getting my own queries resolved. I can only hope iQuanta grows even more as the top peer preparation place for all CAT aspirants.

Ananta Chhajer  CAT Percentile: 99.91

Been a part of this group since last year and was actually much active in the previous  attempt.

 Indrajeet sir, you expected this score last year itself but that was not to be.
Have not been active this year but used to mentally solve the doubts posted in the secret groups. Hope the preparation part ends this year with a decent convert.

Utkarsh Bajpai CAT Percentile : 99.87

The biggest benefit was the peer learning part of it, apart from the iQuanta course where everyone is helpful. In the last few months, it is the group that kept me going. I didn’t lose my focus and vision. It helped me immensely in the last leg of my preparation.


Aabhas Mathur CAT Percentile : 99.86

Still remember how I used to be active in this group from long back which initially made me develop interest in problem solving related to CAT. Would like to Thank you iQuanta for being a catalyst in CAT preparation all those times and I’ll always hope iQuanta grows more and more!

Anurag Shukla CAT Percentile : 99.70

I have to say , quants ke liye there is no better institute than iQuanta 
This year I scored a measley 94 percentile in VA (inspite of it being my strongest section ) , but quants sure did save my a** .
I scored 99.8 percentile in quants and 100% of the credit goes to iQuanta. Nothing can beat Indrajeet Singh sir ke quants sessions and marathon sessions. Tremendously helpful , esp if you’re a working professional (desk pe baith ke aaram se 30-40 sums solve kar sakte ho 😛)So finally, thank u iquanta …. Definitely couldn’t have done it without you 🙂

Amar Agrahari CAT Percentile : 99.67

Thnx a lot Indrajeet sir. IQuanta provided a great support throughout the journey. All the doubts are cleared by iquanta team as well as fellow aspirants within minutes. The quant shortcuts provided were really helpful.

Tushar Singhal: CAT Percentile 99.70

Thank you Indrajeet Singh sir. Yeh mera 3rd and final attempt tha n honestly aap and iquanta nhi hote toh yeh result bilkul possible nhi hota. And there are certain reason jo iquanta ko best prep platform banate hai.1. Geometry and PNC mei concepts se padhaaya aapne kyunki unki tricks bahut confusing hoti hai. Jabki Algebra, Arithmetic and Number System mei concepts + shortcuts taaki speed se solve kar paaye. This was one of the best strategies.  2. Jitni mehnat sir karte hai, utni shayad koi hi aspirant karta ho. Subah 7 baje se raat 2 baje tak toh meine doubts solve karwaaye and sessions attend karein hai. 3. Peer to peer learning ka isse better platform nhi. Concepts revise group jo questions post hote hai, unhe solve karte karte ho jaate hai.Sir meine bas quant ka course lia tha par aapne poori prep karwa di. I cant thank you enough!

Rishabh Vijay : CAT Percentile 99.66

After leaving job, I started looking for coaching and most of the janta was suggesting to go for offline coaching in Delhi CP. I went there saw the fees and felt that it is Total waste of money so I started looking for online coaching and I came up with few choices apart from iQuanta  I saw past year results and reviews of iQuanta and Joined iQuanta Course in July.Indrajeet’s great passion will make u feel that you are in the best institutes of CAT. Other Coaching Institutes just say that u will get one to one doubt solving advice but iQuanta made it possible. I sent hundreds of messages to him and other faculties of iQuanta and got a reply to each one of them. Class timings were always perfect. I solved various doubts on the iQuanta page and my various doubts were also cleared by iQuanta team and other peers. iQuanta also provided CAT level mocks i-CAT, they were up to the level of CAT and were helpful in my Success.

Shuvendu Jha : CAT Percentile 99.54

Thanx indrajeet sir for your all hard work


Kunal Jain CAT Percentile : 99.54

kunal jain iquanta topper

Thank-you so much for everything sir. 
I cannot imagine myself getting this much without iQuanta. 
Everything about the course is perfect, but the thing that I liked the most is doubt solving part that too 24*7. 
Ps. Convert bhi kra Dena ab koi acha college. 😁😁

Vineet Bajaj : CAT Percentile 99.53

Thank you Indrajeet Singh sir for all the guidance and support. Iquanta’s course is best for both working professionals as well as freshers. It helped me in learning various concepts and tricks. The heat of competition I experienced in iquanta group motivated me to improve my concepts further. I got a chance to prepare with intelligent minds from different parts of the country. This was altogether a nice learning experience.

Aditya Prasad : CAT Percentile 99.51

It has been a wonderful time that we have spent together in our journey from aiming for 99+ in CAT to finally realizing it. One name that comes at the top of mind is Iquanta and Indrajeet sir. You have made life a lot easier for guys like us who have to work in shifts and find it difficult to have a fixed schedule. It were your Quants concepts and tricks that made the transition from 92.95 (CAT 2018) to 99.63 (CAT 2018) possible for me. So, I can just say one thing that we owe it to you and to Iquanta. Hope to make you more proud in coming days.

Shiba Da : CAT Percentile 99.53

I would like to credit IQuanta for this.. I remember when I started preps in 2017, I used to find it difficult to cross 80 percentile in quants, rigorous practice in here as well as motivation and the friendly attitude of all the teachers when it came to asking doubts, especially Indrajeet Sir was a big help.. and this is for all prepping for CAT 2019, nowhere will you get an Institute where the teachers are available 24*7 to clear your doubts and address your problems.. so stay motivated, and rock CAT ’19, keep the IQuanta flag flying hire.. 🙂

Jay Patel : CAT Percentile 99.46

it’s good. Sir has some good material and good shortcut tricks to back it up. I would encourage more mega events on more topics. They were good 
DILR : I would say its mediocre. 50% of the sets done in class were repetitive for me as i studied for cat 2017 for a month or so. 

VARC : I didn’t follow this section on iQuanta much so no comments
Though the open group of iQuanta is very helpful if you are consistent because it has like 2 lakh people in it posting their doubts and solutions constantly. Moreover there will be some great events every now and then by iQuanta. Follow them My msg to 2019 aspirants :  you can do this even without joining any classes just prepare yourself religiously till the big day, you will do great. Only thing needed is CONSISTENCY. 

Manavdeep Singh : CAT Percentile 99.40

Manavdeep Singh IQUANTA CAT 18 TOPPER

Thanks Indrajeet Sir, for your support and guidance through out this journey and making a bed-ridden injured person realise his dreams..Mental support was enough from your side to make it happen n I’m proud to be only n only associated with iQuanta for CAT 2018.. I wish, iQuanta reaches new heights every year ❤️😄

Jatin Singla : CAT Percentile99.33


I still remember in June I asked someone in this group ki yr yeh mod kya hota h🤭 
I never thought I would end up scoring 99.79 in QA.. All the credit goes to Indrajeet Singh… the way you picked up pace and motivated us to solve random questions 24*7 was the turning point. I m in love with online coaching bcoz of this reason. Initially I thought online coaching is not that effective but your efforts have just redefined the way online coaching traditionally used to be… May god bless you with all the success and happiness

Priyanshu Porwal : CAT Percentile 99.10

Priyanshu Porwal iquanta cat 18 topper

I would like to thank Indrajeet Singh and Iquanta for continuous motivation and support. This group is amazing and all the sessions helped a lot.

Sahib Chawla : CAT Percentile 99.07

I would say that for the last 2 attempts, I never crossed 93 percentile in quants. Everytime quant came easy and people scored 80+, while I remained at 60. This time the case totally reversed. Since we practiced, a notch above CAT, the exam looked very much doable. 99.57 in QA became a game changer for me and I would say Iquanta do helped me a lot. Thanks Indrajeet Singh Sir.

Charchil Jain  : CAT Percentile99.38

Divey Jot : CAT Percentile 99.30

Sagar Tavse  : CAT Percentile 99.06

Hell of a batch!! 
Your support throughout was fabulous. Ek time Aisa tha jab ek taraf bashing chal Rahi thi iquanta ki aur ek taraf aap Lage hue the..Results speak it all….
You’re really an inspiration.. 
Made so many friends who will stay on for long.. 
Congratulations and all the best everyone! 🙂 

Ronit Ray : CAT Percentile 98.81 

Ronit Ray iquanta

This was my final CAT attempt. Been with this group for the past 2 years. Really admire @Indrajeet singh’s efforts to constantly motivate people and solving doubts and cat queries 24×7. It takes an immense amount of effort and committment and results of the group speak volumes about the way he had guided everyone. 🙂
The course content has really evolved as time went by and now I guess he will be introducing video lectures as well. 
XAT mock platform – exactly like latest IMS , TIME just with better questions.
Please keep up the good work what you are doing and give me blessing that I convert this time :p 
Thank you for everything! 🙂 
Cat 17 – 97.95,
Cat 18 – 98.81

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