How I cracked the CAT : 99.38 %iler Charchil Jain

My Journey to 99.38 %ile in CAT

Every Cat aspirant starts with desire in mind, a desire to earn more, a desire to fulfil dreams, a desire to achieve it all, and a desire to get the best percentiles in the very first and the only attempt. And it was not only about percentile for me, but it was also about proving those people wrong who said “he cannot do this, But he won’t get much percentile” This actually motivated me. and reaching IIM was my dream and I had to do it anyhow coz not able to reach the IITs actually killed me inside.

This is my journey to 99.38 and how you can reach there too. I have calls from NMIMS(converted), IIMK, L, S, Cap, Amritsar, SPjain, IITB, Kgp, D, MDI, FMS, DFS. I will start my story with a little information about myself first.

My name is Charchil Jain and I hail from Indore. I did my schooling from Tirathbai Kalachand School here. It’s an M.P. Board school and I got 84.67% in my 10th and 87.4% in my 12th class. I am currently pursuing my final year from IET DAVV Indore and had 88% aggregate till my 7th semester of Engineering in IT Branch.

Coming to my preparations, I have been a really active member of the clubs here at IET-DAVV. Apart from being president at ACM-IET chapter, I was a core part of the cultural and technical club. And being a fresher, it becomes hard for you to manage curricular, co-curricular and CAT preparations side by side. Spending the day in college and continuing it with major projects and assignments in the evening becomes the routine. Then? what about the CAT part! iQuanta comes to the aid here.

Their schedule is so well designed that you just have to take out 2–2.5 hours in the night to go through the class and lectures in the iQuanta group, And the lectures were timed in late night at 10 pm. So, after you are done with everything, you can just switch on your laptop and start focusing on your CAT with iQuanta’s help. Also throughout the day whenever I got time amidst lectures and college breaks, I will just open CAT Preparations- iQuanta group and check out the doubts posted across the day and try to solve those questions. It really helps you to boost morale else learn new concepts of formulae’s.

Why iQuanta?

The iQuanta material is very well designed for everyone who cannot give a dedicated time elsewhere. You can just open the group and the events section take you to the classes ever held. You can revisit the classes, important concepts and videos anytime, anywhere and according to your wish. Apart from this, formulae by Indrajeet sir has helped me gain a lot of speed and accuracy in the mocks and CAT paper. You won’t get these formulae anywhere else. Also, the best part about iQuanta is the motivational lecture series by Mudit sir.

The Motivational Lecture Series

Throughout your cat preparation, you are never at your 100% and mentally prepared. You feel unease, you feel falling apart, you feel doubtful over yourself and your preparation level. And you feel like this is not going to give you great results. Regular Motivational sessions by Mudit sir helps you get through all of it. His memory techniques, his life lessons and motivation session just 6 months before CAT, then before 2 months, 1 month,15 days and also even audio clip before the last day help you a lot in trusting yourself.

All About Preparations and Mocks

Regular Mocks and analysis is a must for every aspirant. You can simply not neglect your mocks thinking about attempting them later when you are prepared. Coz, you never are. Attempting mocks and thoroughly analyzing them is a part of preparations and seeing the detailed answers, analysis, video solutions helps you to gain an extra advantage in tricks and tips part. The people giving you those detailed solutions have very high experience. And I have seen people gain marks in their weak section just by increasing practice and in-depth analysis of their mocks. You must spend 5–6 hours analyzing every mock. You must also not forget to note each and every new formulae and solution for unknown problems or for once you were not able to solve. Revising them before mocks, later on, helps you in not repeating the mistakes again.

I did study for 4–5 hours every day and 7–8 hours during holidays. And coming to the sections, here is how I did it-


Started my preparations from the basics, I did this topic wise, took a topic, did questions on it, If solved, move on to the next, else check out solution and note down in my formulae copy, posting doubts on iQuanta also helped at times when solutions are not available. Aspirants help each other here and you get quick answers and solutions from students easily.


Solve previous DI-LR sets and revisit the sets you were not able to solve in the mocks. CAT is too unpredictable for DI-LR and you should be well prepared for it. Video solutions can give you good knowledge of them same.


Like most engineers,This had been a nightmare for me too. For me, it was really bad at the starting. But,But, regular mocks and solving easier RCs towards the end helped me gain confidence and a good score at the final CAT day.

This was my journey for CAT and am still waiting for my final converts. But, for future aspirants, You have a lot of chances to improve and apply before the final D-Day of CAT. So, just believe yourself and practice regularly. Study for a good amount of time and analyze your mocks frequently. Who Knows? You might be the next 99+ percentiler in line.



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