NMAT Exam Analysis 2023 : Day 1 Review & No. of Questions

The NMAT 2023 first slot exam was conducted on October 10th 2023 and here we’ll provide you with a detailed NMAT exam analysis report comprising of the number of questions from each of the sections along with the difficulty level of questions.

The NMAT 2023 exam comprised of 3 sections with 36 questions each : Language Skills (LS), Logical Reasoning (LR) & Quantitative Skills (QS) making up a total of 108 questions altogether.


NMAT Exam Analysis : Difficulty Level

NMAT SectionsDifficulty Level
OverallEasy to Moderate
Language SkillsEasy to Moderate
Logical ReasoningEasy to Moderate
Quantitative SkillsModerate

The overall difficulty level of the NMAT day 1 as per the NMAT exam analysis is easy to moderate. The Language and Logical section stayed balanced maintaining an easy to moderate difficulty level. The difficulty level of Quantitative section was considered moderate.

NMAT 2023 Section-Wise Analysis

NMAT Overall Exam Analysis

SectionsNo. of QuestionsTimeScore range
Language Skills3628 mins.12-120
Logical Reasoning3640 mins.12-120
Quantitative Skills3652 mins.12-120

NMAT Language Skills Exam Analysis

TopicsNo. of Questions
Reading Comprehension2 RCs (8-9 Questions)
Fill in the blanks2-3 Qs.
Grammar4-5 Qs.
Error Identification9-10 Qs.
Verbal Analogy6-7 Qs.
Parajumbles/Paraforming4-5 Qs.

NMAT Logical Reasoning Exam Analysis

TopicsNo. of Questions
Critical Reasoning18-20 Qs.
Input Output2 Sets (7-9 Questions)
Arrangement Based Puzzle7-8 Qs.
Mix Topics4-5 Qs.

(No syllogism, Cubes or any complex puzzle)

NMAT Quantitative Skills Exam Analysis

TopicsNo. of Questions
Data Interpretation2 Sets (8 Questions)
Data Sufficiency4-5 Qs.
PnC3-5 Qs.
Probability3-4 Qs.
Number System3-4 Qs.
Arithmetic13-15 Qs.
Series1-3 Qs.
Logarithm1-2 Qs.

Students who have taken the iQuanta NMAT SNAP Course and have attended all the classes properly know how similar the paper was to what was taught in the class. All the topics were done majorly in the class, infact, even more than these topics were covered. Now as the analysis is out, we will follow the same pattern to carry forward the course. Overall, the paper was easy when compared to last year (as of now).

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