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SP Jain Interview Experience- by99.31%iler

SP Jain Interview Experience by 99.31%iler Dhruv Jhalani

Dhruv Jhalani, a CAT 2021 aspirant from iQuanta scored 99.31%ile. He recently appeared for his SP Jain Interview for Finance specialization. Let us dive into his SP Jain interview experience.

Detailed Profile

Dhruv is a GEM candidate and his past records include 9.8 CGPA in X, 87% in XII and 9.5 GPA in his under graduation (B.Tech). He also had a 8 months work experience (till January 2022) in Business Development role. He also mentioned that CAT 2021 was his second attempt.

SP JAIN interview experience

AWT Topic for SP Jain Interview

Which is better : Working in a team or working alone?

The SP Jain Interview Experience Transcript of Dhruv Jhalani

SP Jain Group Interview 1

There were 2 female profs , both somewhere in their 30s in the SP Jain interview. Lets call them:

F1, F2, and  A (Me), B (Finance) and C (Marketing)

The SP Jain Group Interview took place online on Zoom platform. As we joined the panel in the breakout room, all of us greeted the panel. Now let us talk about my SP Jain interview experience.

F1: Welcome to the first round of interview for SP Jain. Please start in alphabetical order with a short introduction about yourself in no more than 60 seconds.

A: I started with a practiced introduction of myself including my education, hobbies and interest in Finance. Also mentioned that I am a national level ultimate frisbee player.

F2 : So you play ultimate frisbee? Tell us a bit about it?

A : Ma’am, Ultimate Frisbee is a mixed gender, non contact and a  self referred sport which is currently at a growing stage in our country. It is a mix of Rugby, Football and Basketball and is played with a flying disc on a Football sized field with two end zones at opposite ends. Goal is to pass the disc and catch it in the opponent’s end zone.

F2: Okay, this sounds interesting. So, how many tournaments have you played and what is one unique thing that you like about this sport?

A : I told them that I have played around 10 tournaments till now including 2 national level competitions. I was the team captain of our college team and even won 3 college tournaments. One unique thing about this sport is that it is a mixed gender sport and in a team of 7 players, girls and boys play in a ratio of 4:3 for every alternate points.

Then there was some questioning with other two candidates about their profile and work experience.

After some time the F1 came back to me and questioned me about my interest in Finance.

F1So you mentioned that you are a stock market trader(Had mentioned in form and also in my introduction as well). Tell me what is Nifty 50 and any one stock in the FinTech sector.

A : Ma’am, Nifty 50 is an index which tracks the TOP 50 companies in NSE ranked by their market capitalization. Some companies that are a part of NIFTY 50 are Reliance, HDFC Bank, Infosys. One FinTech stock that I could remember is Paytm which got listed recently.

F2 jumps in,

F2: Oh you mentioned Paytm IPO. So why did its IPO failed.

A : I tried to explain that Paytm is currently a loss making company and was valued very high during its IPO process. This was due to the current bull market and euphoria created around new age IPOs. Now as the market is correcting a bit, these stocks are falling. Also, the market share of Paytm is decreasing due to rising competitions from Google and PhonePe in UPI and also the management is not confident about new growth prospects. Hence, these reasons could have led to failing of IPO.

F2 (seemed convinced with my answer): Okay tell me how do you trade Daily and how do you select which stocks to select for trading.

A: Ma’am, I am an intraday trader and generally trade in derivatives market. I plan out my trades the previous day considering the current market sentiment and global market condition. Then I do some chart analysis and use some indicators to confirm my view. Then, when the market opens the next day, I try to execute the trades I have planned.

F2: Okay, tell me what is the difference between call option and put option.

A : Started explaining that call and put options are derivative instruments where it is a contract between the buyer and seller who have the right but not an obligation to pursue their contract on the date of expiry at a fixed price. Call option is generally bought if you are bullish on the underlying asset and expect it to appreciate and Put option is generally bought, if you are bearish and expect the price to fall. These are generally used as hedging instruments.

(Both the panelists seemed satisfied and no further questioning was done in Round 1 of the SP Jain interview with me. Panelists questioned the other 2 candidates for 5 more minutes). We all left the breakout room and waited for nearly an hour for the results.

Result: Only myself among the 3 candidates converted GI 1 and was accepted for Group Interview 2

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SP Jain Group Interview 2

4 candidates were present in this group, A(myself), B, C, D and all of us were sent to a breakout room where 2 panelists M1 and F1 were present who were in their 60s. Let us now get into Round 2 of my SP Jain interview experience.

F1: “Welcome everyone to this round 2 and congratulations on clearing Round 1”. She greeted us and also explained the process. Afterwards she started asking everyone individually about their favorite sport.

A: (As I had mentioned that I am a national level ultimate frisbee player in my form, I spoke a bit about it; how I started playing this sport and how leading my own team helped me get a different perspective of leadership responsibilities.

F1: Tell me one bad experience from your captaincy role & responsibilities.

A : I talked about the one time where we were playing a final match in one of the college tournaments. During the play, our team was leading the score line and the game was almost in our reach. But, towards the last half of the game, I made some really bad calls for the team line and that really backfired and our team started losing momentum. In the end, we lost by just 1 point and that really was painful considering the situation we were in the first half.

Then there was some cross questioning with the other candidates. After around 5 – 7 minutes, M1 came back to me with a scenario based question.

M1: Let us assume Dhruv that you wake up one day and you find yourself in the middle of the sea on a deserted island. What would be your immediate steps.

A: (After thinking for 10 – 15 Seconds) Sir, if I do find myself in middle of such situation, I would first of all create a help sign in an open space so that anyone passing could see that. After that, the 3 most important things will be food, water and shelter. So, I would find a place where I could stay for a while which is covered and will help me during the cold nights. After that, I will look for a fresh water source on the island and would also look out for plants and fruits.

M1: And what will you do if you get to know that you will have to stay at their place for the next 5 years?

A:(Suddenly remember Mowgli) Sir if that situation arises, and if there is no other human there, I would try to interact with the wildlife and animals over there and will try to understand how they live in this deserted place for whole of their life.

Same question is given to everyone and all of them answers on a similar line.

F1: (Open question to everyone) What is the one trait that you won’t like in your partner.

Since it was an open question to everyone, I answered it first.

A: Ma’am, I would want my partner to be loyal and honest with me and that is the one trait I would not compromise with.

The panelists did not question me further and went ahead with other candidates.

At last, they asked if we had any question for them and that was the end of the interview process. We all logged off from the breakout room and from the meeting.

My SP Jain interview experience was amazing and not much grilling was done. The panelists were chilled out in both the interviews and just wanted to understand you as a person why do you want to go for an MBA.

The first round of the SP Jain interview was majorly a technical round and was related to your selected specialization and the second round was more of a personality round.

So this was Dhruv Jhalani’s SP Jain interview experience. Hope you learnt how to go about the interview.

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