Things to do 5 Days before CAT

CAT 2022 is fast approaching and if you are giving CAT this year, you must be done with much of the syllabus. Still, the last few days of revision is important for a good performance in CAT. In this article, we will go through some last-minute tips to do 5 days before CAT.

2 Mocks on the last 5 days

You can give 2 mock tests in your last 5 days before CAT.

  1. Give a mock on the 5th day before CAT. After the mock, analyze it thoroughly going through each question for all the 3 sections. By now, you must have figured out which are your areas of strengths and weaknesses. Make sure you have identified these areas.
  2. Give another mock 2 days before CAT. This will be your final mock test before CAT. Make sure you give the entire duration of the mock test with the seriousness of actual CAT exam. Put in your everything. And no matter the score of the mock test, you need to satisfied with your mock. You can give a mock test that is in pattern with CAT 2022.
  3. I would recommend not to give a mock test on the day just before CAT exam day. This is because you want some freshness on the CAT day. You do not want the CAT exam paper to be boring to you because you appeared the same pattern test just 1 day ago.

Revision and Performance

Revision of the entire syllabus is very crucial to help you remember what you had practiced through the entire duration of your preparation for CAT. Do not keep revision for the last day before CAT. I would recommend to start revising the entire CAT syllabus one or two days earlier.


Keep revising the quant formulas, cases that can be helpful in the quants section. Remembering these formulas will help you. In the CAT examination, quants will be the last section. You need to make sure you are working at full efficiency while solving Quants. During the exam, make sure you get to read all the questions of quants. Because some questions will be easy but at the last. You need to solve those questions by any means.


You must have practiced a good number of LRDI sets by now. Revise few of the LRDI sets during these 5 days. You can also give sectional tests for LR DI to check/ improve on your efficiency. During LRDI section at CAT, you need to solve at least 3 sets to get above 95% in this section. Make sure you select the right the set to start solving. Pick up a set that you are familiar and confident in.


For this section, you need to continuously keep reading articles on a daily basis. Hence, even on the last 5 days, keep the habit of solving VARC sets. This will help you maintain a good flow of comprehension. Also, you can give small tests for this section to finalize your strategy for the VARC section. You can also practice Para jumbles, Odd sentences, fill in the blanks etc.

I would recommend to not revise those topics which you haven’t practised at all during your entire CAT preparation. As it will only add doubt, fear in your mind because these topics might be your weakness. And it is important to feel confident about your preparation during this final period. And keep practising, keep giving mocks and working your mind to be prepared for the D-Day.

Make all arrangements beforehand

In order to avoid any last-minute hassles or hiccups on the day leading to your CAT exam, it is imperative that you make all required arrangements beforehand. Some of these would be:

  • Take 2-3 Print outs of your CAT Admit card
  • Book a cab/ Auto for your journey to the CAT centre beforehand. You can also make stay arrangements beforehand if needed.
  • Make sure you have enough cash in hand to avoid running for an ATM on the CAT examination day

Relax on the penultimate day

It is important to not take too much stress on the penultimate day leading to your CAT exam. Hence, relax. You can go for a small walk/ do little physical exercise. Make sure to be fully healthy, be hydrated, think clearly without any distractions on these crucial last days.

Be confident. Have faith in your preparation. Utilize your remaining time optimally. Stay hydrated. Be relaxed and do not panic at any point of time during your preparation or on the CAT exam day. And Keep fighting till the last second of the exam.

Wishing all the applicants a very good luck for CAT 2022!

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