1 day to go for CAT 2021, and you might be wondering what you can do to maximize your score on the D-day!

The short answer is Nothing much!

But as students, we have mastered the art of writing the same answer for 2 marks as well as 10 marks. So, I am just gonna do that.

Basically, you are now at a point where the result is independent of the amount of effort you can put in.

Yeah, there are people who can (and do) crack the exam without a day of preparation. But it has little to do with the preparation on the last day before the test. That can be attributed to their innate abilities. But not everyone is God’s favorite child to be blessed with those abilities.

You are either a member of:

Privileged category, in which case you need not do anything during on the last day.

Aam Janta category, in which case you cannot do anything on the last day.

Say No to Mocks

There is no point in taking mock tests just one day before the exams.

It will do more harm than good. You don’t want to burn out just one day before the exam and let it affect your performance when you’ve worked so hard for months. You should be as fresh as a daisy and raring to go on the D-day.


CAT exam

Revise Formulas and Important Shortcuts

The revision is critical.

Review the Quant formulas and Shortcuts (also keep in mind the scenario where these shortcuts can be used). Don’t try to solve too many questions on the last day. During the course of your preparation, if you have made notes, then you can go through it once.


The Importance of a Good Sleep before D-Day

A good night’s sleep before the test is quite important. The recollection of memory and the ability to sustain attention is greatly enhanced when the person is rested. Long sleep deprivation affects your mood, energy level, and ability to focus, concentrate, and learn, which directly affects your performance in the exam.

But you might be thinking; easier said than done!

If you have prepared an entire year for this exam, you will find falling asleep tough. So, try to get your body habituated to a sleep schedule.

Stop Overthinking!

No matter how much you may have prepared, there might be a few topics that you’re still not very confident about. But this is not the right time to fret about that. Whatever you’ve prepared is more than enough if you manage your time well and avoid silly mistakes. The last day is all about thinking positive and believing in yourself that you can do it.

Chill and Stay relaxed!

Do whatever it takes that helps you to stay calm and keep you relaxed.

You can watch your favorite sitcom or movie, stand-up comedy, or favorite cricket/ football match.

You can listen to songs, play any instrument, cook your favorite dish, etc.


  • Take a print out of your Admit Card and keep it safely
  • Carry an ID for verification (Voter ID/ Aadhaar/ PAN)
  • Make travel arrangements for reaching the test center.

(Pre-book Ola/Uber)

  • Have your lucky shirt ready

Stay safe, and All the best for CAT 2021!

CAT exam