6 Tips to overcome MBA Entrance Exam fear and optimize your performance.

MBA entrance examinations such as CAT, SNAP, NMAT, XAT etc need preparation, hard work, consistency and perseverance. In this article, we will walk through some of the ways which help you to fight the fear for MBA entrance exams, to help you stay positive and keep working hard every day for a good result.

Here are 6 methods to fight the MBA Entrance exam phobia:

  1. Create a Plan to start with

Regularity and Consistency are two key ingredients that can bolster your chances to get a good score in MBA entrance exams. For this, it is important that you create a definite plan with short-term and long-term goals. Meeting short-term goals will give you
the confidence to move ahead with your preparation.

An example of a short-term goal I followed:

  • Complete this XYZ chapter of quants – solve level 1, level 2, level 3 problems of the chapter within the next three days.
  • Give a 3-hour on pattern mock test and analyze its solutions within the next 1 week
  1. Maintain a record of your progress over the months. This will give you confidence and have faith in your preparation

No matter how many months/ days you have prepared for, it is important to be confident and satisfied on the day of the MBA Entrance Exam.

Tip: I maintained a record of all the mock tests, sectional tests and chapters I had read and appeared. You can do this by creating an Excel sheet. This sheet will help you to keep track of your progress over the months as you prepare for the Entrance exam. You can keep updating on this sheet as soon as you finish a topic or give a mock test. Finally, when the MBA Entrance exam day will approach, this Sheet will give you confidence when you see an overview of your preparation over the months and the effort you have put in will be reflected on the Excel sheet record.

  1. Poor scores in Mock tests. Having scored poor scores in a few mock tests, we lose confidence.

No matter what score you are getting in your mock tests; it is most important to analyze the solutions of every mock test in detail. In doing so, you will learn solutions to a variety of questions and identify your strengths and weaknesses.

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  1. Consult/ talk to students who have cracked MBA entrance exams or are currently studying in reputed B schools.

This will provide you insights into their preparation strategy which helped them get a good percentile in Entrance exams such as SNAP, CAT, XAT, NMAT. You can also discuss the challenges you are currently facing and get them addressed.

I consulted a few of my seniors who had cracked MBA entrance exam the previous year. It was highly beneficial for me as I could see that they had faced the similar kind of problems such as low mock test scores and Time management problems. These interactions are helpful and will boost your confidence and reenergize you.

  1. Take small, frequent study Breaks

It is important to take breaks as well during your preparation leading to the Exam to avoid burn out. Refresh your mind after a drilling 3-hour mock test by going out for a walk, doing some physical exercise and giving yourself time to think and reflect. Exercise will keep your mind fresh and improve blood circulation to all parts of your body for active functioning. Now that you have taken a break, given your eyes a rest, you can come back to the study table energized and optimize your efficiency.

  1. Stay positive, think positive

The best way to prepare for MBA Entrance exam such as XAT, CAT, SNAP, NMAT etc is to stay positive during the entire duration of your preparation. Being positive will fill your mind with positive energy and in return, you will spend more time and energy solving problems, analyzing mock tests and keep improving. Never get frustrated or demotivated as that will only lead to poor performance.

To sum it up: Create a plan to start with, maintain a record of your progress in an Excel sheet, consult/ talk to students who have already cracked the exam, take small frequent study breaks to refresh yourself and stay positive and think positive. Following this routine, will help you prepare better for the MBA Entrance exam and optimize your performance on the D-Day of the exam.

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