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XAT exam Preparation story of a student while lockdown

After the rumours of Lockdown started airing once again, many aspirants who were not fully prepared for XAT started making excuses like travelling issues to get exempted from taking XAT and ending up getting a shamefully abysmal score. While many people are saying it “acche wfh din“. But actually, what is going to happen in Exam no one knows and hence people are not taking XAT preparation seriously. XAT exam is the Admission Test for admission to MBA/PGDM programs in XLRI and other top MBA colleges like XIMB, IMT Ghaziabad, TAPMI Manipal and 160 other top MBA colleges in India.

In all these rumours floating through social media and specifically CAT Preparation – iQuanta group, Gautam Gosain who is a CAT & XAT aspirant bunked his iQuanta coaching and went out to play cricket saying that there’s no point in going for an exam as anyway we are not going to get any marks or call and we should do something that makes us happy.

Gautam’s father was waiting for Gautam to come back home and the moment Gautam came back, his father beat the shit out of him after which Gautam was hospitalized. Unconscious Gautam was heard mumbling remainder questions.

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