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Arpit Behl: “How iQuanta helped me ace CAT?”

  • Hi Arpit! Congratulations for the conversion of MDI!

Thank You!

  • Let’s start by talking about your academic profile!

10th std – 93.1%

12th std – 89%

Graduation- 69% BSc (H) Maths from University of Delhi

I am an active sportsperson and represented my college in the college cricket team.

  • What has your work experience been like?

I don’t have any work experience. I was handling my family business along with my father. I don’t have any internship experience.

  • How did you decide to pursue MBA?

I always dreamt of having my own business venture and was largely fascinated by the management world. To apply it on my business venture and add on to my skills, I wanted to pursue MBA.

  • So now when you recall, how do you see your entire journey of preparing for MBA?

I have been preparing for CAT since 2014. CAT 2014 was my first attempt where I scored 89 %ile. I had rigorously prepared for CAT that year but I think my basic problem was, I didn’t analyze questions before attempting. I kept on practicing and working on my weakness in Quant. My second attempt was CAT-2015 in which I scored 94.8%ile. I converted IMT Ghaziabad but was in a dilemma whether to join or not and finally decided of giving CAT-2016.

  • What was your score in CAT-2016?

QA- 98.79%ile

DILR- 98.4%ile

VARC- 92.7%ile

OA- 98.9%ile

I scored 99%ile in SNAP and 97.8%ile in XAT but because of low sectional score I didn’t receive calls from premier colleges under XAT.

  • With that percentile, I suppose you must have received a lot of profile based calls?

I didn’t receive any calls from IIM A, B and C. I received calls from MDI, IIM K, S and all new IIMs.

  • And which all colleges have you converted till now?

MDI Gurgaon

  • So, having talked about all the calls and converts, is there anything special about any interview that you would like to share with us?

Yes. I would like to share my experience in IIM S interview. It was a stress interview. I was asked around 13-14 questions on my graduation courses and from the syllabus of my semester books. They asked me several tough GK questions. I was grilled in that interview by questions on my graduation subject, maybe they did this because of my low graduation score.

I had a general interview with MDI. They asked me on current affairs and burning topics of business and economy and about my family business.

  • Would you like to share with us how iQuanta helped you in your preparation?

Yes definitely. I joined iQuanta when I started preparing for CAT-2016 and iQuanta played a leading role in my success. With the help of Indrajeet Sir in Quant- my stronger section, I scored a sectional score of 98.79%ile in Quant. I was not scoring in this section before. His shortcuts and methodology are excellent.

  • Do you have any suggestion or feedback for iQuanta, so that they can improve further?

I have nothing as such to suggest. Indrajeet Singh is doing an excellent job. And the rising number of converts with every passing year in iQuanta is all because of him and his methodology.

  • Any specific method you would like to share that you used while preparing for VARC, DILR and QA?

CAT is not an examination that judges your intelligence but accuracy. The most important thing according to me is to analyze questions and to analyze your preparation by appearing mocks. I started preparing in middle of July and appeared around 20-25 mocks throughout my preparation. I didn’t study much near the CAT exam but during my preparation I used to regularly  devote 5-6 hours daily.

  • What about your strategy for the D-day?

I didn’t study much near the exam. I tried to relax myself howsoever possible. I watched movies and went out with my friends a day before the exam.

  • So, what are your thoughts about online coaching?

It is a great platform for preparation of any competitive exam. You don’t need to run hither thither for classes. Just sit before the PC and take live lectures. If at all you miss some lectures, you can take it later through the recorded video. It saves so much of time.

  • Any suggestion for future aspirants?

CAT is an exam in which you need to work upon accuracy and time management. Try to stay determined and meticulous throughout the preparation. Just strategize your time and do justice to CAT along with your daily activities.

Indrajeet Singh
Indrajeet Singh
The mastermind behind IQuanta, Indrajeet Singh is an expert in Quant and has devised some ingenious formulae and shortcuts to significantly cut down on the time taken to solve a problem


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