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The Best CAT Mock Test Series 2024: A.I. Based Analysis

iCAT  : Best CAT Mocks by iQuanta

iCAT: Best CAT Mock Series 2024 Introducing 7 AIBased Features

The CAT mock test season is here and it’s time for all the aspirants to gear up to take the mock tests. Mock tests are the best way to analyse your CAT preparation. Taking mocks helps you in assessing your stronger and weaker sections. In this article, we’ll be talking about iCAT, the best CAT Mock test series in 2024 and India’s first-ever AI-based mock platform.

Choosing the best CAT test series requires you to take care of a few pointers. Let’s start with why taking mock tests is important.

Importance of CAT Mock Tests to Score 99%ile

Appearing for CAT mock tests gives you a fair idea of the actual CAT exam. It creates an exam-like environment keeping in mind the exam pattern, CAT syllabus, timers and questions at par with the CAT exam. Given below are a few pointers as to why CAT mock tests are important if you are aiming 99+%ile in the CAT exam.

  • Exam-like simulation: Appearing for mock tests prepares you for the CAT exam by creating an actual exam-like environment.
  • Speed and Accuracy: You can analyse your speed and accuracy by analyzing the CAT exam and then work on them.
  • Tracking your goals: The best feature a mock platform can give you is an evaluation of your progress by comparing your performance with your previously attempted mocks.
  • Self Assessment: You can assess yourself and find out the sections/topics you’re weak at through proper mock analysis.
  • Understanding the pattern: Appearing for mocks will help you in understanding the CAT exam pattern and the types of questions that are asked in the CAT exam.

How to Choose the Best CAT Mock Test Series?

All of the aforementioned details come down to one thing; choosing a CAT test series for yourselves. Now the question is, how would you choose the best CAT mock test series? There are multiple factors that can be used to determine the best CAT test series.

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1. Content Relevancy

Content relevancy is an important part when it comes to choosing a CAT test series for your preparation. The resources and materials as well as the test series for CAT you use should be at par with the actual CAT exam. Here at iQuanta, it has been observes several times that the questions in the CAT exam were exactly similar to the mock questions.

iCAT Mocks feedback
Best CAT test series
Best CAT mock test

2. Real Time Environment

The interface of the CAT mock tests should be such that you are able to experience the actual CAT exam. The flow should be smooth with a timer provided for each of the sections and the exam pattern should be followed.

3. Mock Analysis

The mock platform should provide a detailed analysis of your attempt so that you can easily track your performance throughout the mocks. Mock analysis is very important when it comes to assessing your strengths and weaknesses.

Best CAT mock analysis

4. Detailed Solutions

The mock analysis should be followed by giving a detailed solution to all the questions you’ve answered wrong. In the iCAT mocks for example, you’ll be provided with video solutions to all the questions along with the textual solutions hence helping you with proper analysis of your mock. Multiple approaches are provided for several questions.

What Makes iCAT the Best CAT Mock Test Series?

In the previous section, we discussed various factors that you need to keep in mind when it comes to choosing the best test series for the CAT exam. Most of the mock platforms in the market are now providing these features with an advancement in technology. So how to determine “the best”? What sets one mock test series apart from the others?

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Here is what makes the iCAT 2024 by iQuanta different from all the other CAT mock providers hence making iCAT the best CAT mocks.

1. Goal Setter: Reminder & Motivator for Why MBA

Goal Setter for Best CAT  Mock

So just before your First Mock I want you guys to set your target first, according to the B-school or Package you need!

I wanted to set this, so that it must be your constant reminder of where you wanna reach and then Post mock you can check what all you could get and what all you missed. I have also added salary in the Details button, coz I see a lot of students with No Job, no options, with less salary but still confused if they should be doing an MBA. They keep asking me if they should do MBA or not. Many people directly say no, but then again, the first question should be, “What are your other options?”

This feature will remove the confusion if they could see 2L se 15L pohcha ja sakta hai by preparing few months rigorously and it will motivate them.

15L bhi islye likha hai, lets suppose, his acads are not good, he is not expecting 99 but still he will see that there are good B-Schools with 12-18 LPA which are much better option than present one.

Just after you set your targets you can, Start your Mock !

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2. A.I. Based Mock Analysis: Best CAT Mocks Feature

As already mentioned multiple times earlier, analyzing your mocks is equally as important as taking them. CAT aspirants over the years have devised several ways to analyse mocks. From preparing spreadsheets to writing down everything in a notebook, everything has been tried and tested.

Analyzing mocks could be very time taking. Keeping a record itself might take hours. Hence, in order to help you reduce time taken to analyse mocks, iQuanta’s has introduced an AI based mock analysis feature called the “Error Tracker”.

As the name suggests, this AI tool is going to track errors for you and provide you with a thorough analysis of the mock. Here, once you’ve completed the mocks, you can view the solutions (textual and video) and then you’ll be asked the reason why you got a particular answer wrong. Check the image below for reference.

Error Tracker Mock Analysis

Post completion of this step, you’ll be redireced to the error tracker page with a complete detailed analysis of each of the questions that you attempted wrong. This data will be stored on the portal for you to access and compare with your next/previous mocks. Not just this, you can also compare your mock performance to that of the topper. The image below shows the Error tracker in action. Features like these are what make iCAT the best CAT mocks to take.

CAT Mock Analysis

3. Goal Tracker: To Know Where You Stand

CAT mock test analysis

Remember how you entered your data in the very beginning in the Goal setter? Now post mock analysis, the Goal Tracker would be on your screen where you’d be able to see how much you lag compared to your target percentile. The goal setter also generates a list of of your weaker areas as well as personalised corrective measures. You’ll also get a list of B-schools that you can convert with your current percentile and the B-schools you missed.

4. Mock Comparison: Compare your Performance with the Topper

CAT Mocks analysis

The mock comparison feature will allow you to compare your performance between any two mocks that you have taken. Now, the additional feature here is, you can even compare your mock performance to the topper of that particular mock. Number of questions attempted, accuracy, you can see it all. The purpose of this is to give you a fair idea of where you need to reach and how your performance has improved/declined throughout two mocks.

5. Analysis Across All Mocks: Your Personal Performance Tracker

Analysis across mocks

This feature of the iCAT mocks will provide you with a detailed analysis report of all the mocks that you have taken till date. You’ll be able to keep a track of your Percentile & questions Attempted, time taken, skipped, Correct & Incorrect across all mocks. This will help you in figuring out your overall performance through the mocks and will give you a combined analysis of your performance, your weak areas and the key areas you need to work on.

6. Score Vs. Percentile: According to the CAT Exam

Candidates are provided with proper score vs. percentile data according to the difficulty level of the mock.

Details for iCAT 2024: Best CAT Mocks

  • 35 Full Mocks: You’ll be provided with 20 Full CAT Level Mock Tests
  • 45 Sectionals: In addition to the full mocks, you’ll also be provided with 45 sectional tests (15 for each section).
  • 18 Non-CAT Mocks: The 18 Non-CAT mocks will help you prepare for the OMETs.
  • Free Mocks: 2 Free Mocks for everyone to take
  • Solutions: Textual solutions for all the mocks will be provided.
  • Video Solutions: Video Solutions for all the questions will be provided.

iCAT is actually the best CAT mocks in the industry right now. The features are revolutonary which will make taking mocks not only a compulsion, but an element of excitement and fun. If you’re planning to enroll for the iCAT mocks by iQuanta for a never before experience, click on the link below. You can also check out theirfree mocks before purchasing.

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