CAT 2023 Score Calculator & Percentile Predictor From Response Sheet by iQuanta

The CAT 2023 Response Sheet has been released on the IIM CAT official website. The response sheet will be available to check from 5th December to 8th December 5 p.m. After checking your official response sheet, you can also check your overall and sectional raw scores for CAT along with the expected percentile.

iQuanta’s CAT Score Calculator and Percentile predictor tool is the nearest to accurate that you’ll find. This tool is highly user friendly, easy to use and free for everyone to use.

CAT Score Calculator

How To Use the CAT Score Calculator

Step 1 : Go to the official IIM CAT Website and login.

Step 2 : Click on the Candidate Response button.

Step 3 : Click on here hyperlink from Please click here to download your question paper for CAT 2023.

Step 4 : Copy the link to your response sheet and open iQuanta CAT Score Calculator.

Step 5 : Paste the link in the “Paste link here” box.

Step 6 : Click on Submit.

Step 7 : Your CAT 2023 score along with the expected percentile will be in front of you.

CAT Score Calculator


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