CAT Score Vs Percentile 2023 : Raw Score & Scaled Score

The CAT exam is one of the most prestigious MBA entrance exams in the country. This year, over 3.3 Lakh people have registered for the CAT exam. With increasing competition, it’s important to stay aware of all aspects of the exam. One of such aspects is the CAT score vs percentile 2023.

In this article we are going to discuss all about the CAT marks vs percentile, how the scoring pattern in CAT works, what is “CAT percentile” and how to calculate it and the section-wise score vs percentile chart for LRDI, VARC and Quant across last 5 years. We would also analyse past year data and give you the expected CAT score vs percentile estimation for CAT 2023.

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CAT Score Vs Percentile 2023 Slot 1 Prediction

CAT 2023 Score Vs Percentile Slot 1
CAT 2023 Score Vs Percentile

Understanding CAT Marks Vs Percentile

In order to understand the CAT 2023 score vs percentile better, you need to know what the CAT score is, what is CAT percentile.

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  • There are a total of 66 questions in CAT with 22 questions in QA, 24 questions in VARC and 20 questions in LRDI.
  • The total marks in CAT exam is 198
  • Candidates are rewarded 3 marks for every correct answer and for every wrong answer, 1 mark is deducted. No marks are deducted for TITA type questions.
  • The CAT score is the total score that a candidate gets in the paper.
  • CAT Percentile is a relative score that shows the percentage of candidates who are behind you.
  • CAT sectional scores are the cummulative score you obtain in one section.
  • The CAT score vs percentile data depicts what CAT marks can fetch you what percentile.

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MBA Entrance exams
CAT marks Vs Percentile
CAT marks vs percentile : CAT Score vs percentile data for each of the section averaged out for the last 3 years.

3 Stages of CAT Marks Vs Percentile Conversion

The CAT score to percentile conversion invoves 3 stages. First, the CAT raw scores are calculated. Second, the raw score is normalised to get a scaled score and then, this scaled score determines the percentile. The CAT scorecard doesn’t show your raw score. It only consists of the scaled score and percentile for each of the sections as well as overall.

  1. CAT raw score : The CAT raw score can be calculated manually through the response sheet that will be made available to you once you are done with your CAT exam. As the CAT response sheets are released, you can put the link to the sheet in our CAT score calculator and check your raw score.
  2. From Raw Score to Scaled Score : As there are 3 slots in the CAT exam, the difficulty level for all of them might be different. Due to this, the raw scores undergo normalisation and then it is called scaled score.
  3. From Scaled Score to Percentile : The scaled score of the candidate will then determine and provide a relative data as to how ahead a particular person is of the other test takers.

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What is CAT Scaled Score?

The CAT exam is held in 3 slots on the same day. All of these 3 slots might have different difficulty levels. So in order to maintain fairness and equal competition between all candidates, the scores are normalised and the scores that then come out are called CAT scaled scores. This scaled score might be more or less than the calculated CAT score.

What is CAT Percentile?

The CAT percentile is a relative term that shows the percentage of candidates who have scored equal to or less than you. Let’s say that you score a 90%ile in CAT. This means that you are ahead of 90% of the test takers.

Given below are the graphs for the CAT score vs percentile data for the last 3 years.

CAT 2022 Score Vs Percentile


CAT 2022 PercentileScaled Score
100 %ile136
99.93 %ile114.5
99.89 %ile109.23
99.82 %ile104.73
99.81 %ile104.28
99.73 %ile100.09
99.59 %ile95.18
99.41 %ile90.49
99.25 %ile87.20
99.05 %ile84.33
98.50 %ile77.93
96.5 %ile65.4
93 %ile53
90.4 %ile49.2
88 %ile45.7
86 %ile42
80 %ile39 – 39.5
70 %ile28.5 – 29
60 %ile22 – 22.5
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VARC PercentileVARC Scaled Score
99.94 %ile52.43
99.73 %ile45.57
99.41 %ile41.77
98.12 %ile35.42
97.84 %ile34.18
95.35 %ile29.12
93.43 %ile 26.59
90.80 %ile24.06
83.13 %ile18.99
77.59 %ile16.46


DILR PercentileDILR Scaled Score
99.99 %ile48.31
99.98 %ile45.98
99.61 %ile34.37
99.41 %ile31.96
99.33 %ile30.89
97.37 %ile22.76
96.67 %ile21.60
92.29 %ile16.95
89.56 %ile14.75


Quant PercentileQuant Scaled Score

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CAT 2021 Score Vs Percentile

PercentileVARC Score
LRDI Score
Quant Score 
Total Score

CAT 2020 Score Vs Percentile

PercentileVARC Score
LRDI Score
Quant Score 
Total Score

CAT Score Vs. Percentile Over the Years

Given below is the CAT marks vs percentile data for the last 5 years.

5 years CAT Marks vs percentile

CAT Score Vs Percentile : Key Differences

The table given below will define the key differences in CAT marks vs percentile.

ParametersCAT ScoreCAT Percentile
CalculationCummulative scores of marks obtained in all the three sectionsPercentage of candidates who have scored less than you.
UseUsed to determine the percentile of the candidateUsed for the final call and admission processes in Top B-schools

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