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Chat GPT Vs. Bard : A Battle of the Bots

Bard Vs. ChatGPT : How AI is Shaping the Corporate Playground

What is the similarity between Elon Musk , Peter Thiel , Jessica Livingston and Reid Hoffman ? The question is bound to create a perplexed response to the reader at a first glance – they come from various diverse backgrounds and seemingly there seems no common thread to connect them – however introduce the name Sam Altman and the answer becomes crystal clear. They all formed the founding and funding partners of the company that is planning to , if not yet already revolutionized the way of machine learning , artificial intelligence and the way it can impact the future. Yes , you guessed it right – the company we’re talking about is OpenAI. Founded in 2014 mainly as a scholastic organization aimed at creating a form of AI with claim – anything humans can do , we can do better – an AI closest to the reality. Sam Altman , a Stanford dropout who has been in the helms of Redditt decided to head a team of highly dedicated scientists and AI experts to create the next AI of the future – which will be later known as ChatGPT – a chatbot that’d shake the world and open new horizons for AI – namely identifying new spike proteins to design better vaccines (Instadeep and BioNTech)

The Switch from Scholastic to Profit Based Organisation

The thing that seperates ChatGPT from other AI is it’s creativity that’s enmeshed in its working and learning process and bootstrapping it to the source code seemed to be the major task to be done. However the initial taste of success by OpenAI was given by DALL-E-2– a text to image transformer. Suppose we give it a prompt to draw an image of two rabbits fighting in a parking lot in Andy Warhol style – something that’s completey random- and it will create something original – something that’s first in terms of automation.

With its first taste at success – there was a huge potential for growth – and Sam Altman did something that was always his forte – Marketing new ideas. After a brief flight to silicon valley from Seattle – he pitched the idea to Satya Nadella – CEO of Microsoft – who liked the pitch and continued to fund the project with some stake at the company. When asked whether OpenAI is changing its goals and visions and changing itself to a profit oriented organization – Sam Altman denied – stating with new funds it can impact humanity better.

Finally with the launch of ChatGPT attracting over 4 Billion search in 24 hours – a new star was born. GPT stands for Generative Pregenerative Transformer.

How its affecting the Corporate Playground

Microsoft made its intention clear to implement and use the new star of the TechIndustry in its packages and softwares to create a more interactive user experience. Soon , tis created a code red among other tech giants namely Alphabet , Chinese firm Elgoog among others. The AI race was on. With the launch of BARD yesterday in Paris by Google , a chatbot working closely on the principles on ChatGPT – it was official – it had a competitor in the market. Chinese based bot – Ernie VILG which loosely translates to” ERNIE bot “ is also expected to follow suit soon.

Bard Blunder

Work done under limited time frame and amidst rush is seldom good. Bard , launched as a countermeasure to combat ChatGPT monopoly – eventually backfired for Google – as on it’s demo Bard committed a factual error – stating the James Webb Space Telescope to be the first to click a picture of the earth surface from the orbit. The repercussions were severe , alarming and catastrophic – as Alphabets netvalue tanked by 100 billion overnight. What was supposed to be an ace in the sleeve of Google turned out to be a suicide bomb.

No matter what the outcome will be , it is clear that AI is here to stay and a tool that corporate intend to use in the near future to grow , support and sustain their organizations and it is the new trend that will create a massive ripple effect in every field of operation known to man. As of now , godspeed AI –is the new slogan in the Valley.

Indrajeet Singh
Indrajeet Singh
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