From 85%ile to 99%ile in LRDI: Aman Jain, SPJIMR shares HOW?

Me: Hey Aman. Was this your first attempt at CAT? If not, what was your score last time and what is your score now?

Aman: Hey Aniket. No, my first attempt was in 2015 thereafter, I started working. CAT 2017 was my second attempt at giving CAT. In 2015, my percentile was around 90%ile and this time around it was 99.06%ile.

Me: How did you prepare in 2015 as in where you enroll and what material did you use?

Aman: In 2015, I had joined the classroom programme of career launcher. I used their material and mock series to prepare.

Me: What changes did you make in your preparation strategy for this year?

Aman: I didn’t enroll into any classroom programmes this time. I had been a part of CAT Preparation – iQuanta group. In February’2017, I enrolled into iQuanta full course. This was the major difference.

I used TIME material to prepare and complemented it with TIME and IMS Mocks.

Me: What preparation strategy would you suggest to other candidates?

Aman: Start by solving TIME Material and take up iQuanta course alongside. Use iQuanta concepts to solve the material. Around July, join mocks and do them rigorously. If I have to suggest a mock series, I ll strongly recommend IMS and then you can pick any other with it.

Me: In which area did you improve the most and what advice would you give for the students wanting to improve that area of preparation?

Aman: I improved in all the sections but the logical reasoning and data interpretation saw the maximum improvement. My sectional percentile went up from 85%ile to 99%ile. My advice would be: PRACTICE A LOT. Initially, students should understand the concept. Even if it takes you an hour to solve a particular question set, do it on your own. Once you’re more comfortable, move to sectional tests and mocks. Here too, iQuanta course helped me a lot. I could visit the video solutions over and over unlike classroom programmes where a question once done can’t be revisited in the same manner.

Me: How do you compare the teaching quality and guidance that you received at iQuanta with what you had experienced in the previous year?

Aman: The environment provided by iQuanta was exceptional, there is a lot of interaction that happened and all my doubts were answered in a jiffy. This helped me solve a lot many questions of different types.

In classroom programmes, the story gets over once all the concepts are taught in the class. They hardly pay any attention to whether the concepts are being applied by the student or not. This was not the case with iQuanta. Indrajeet posted solutions with complete approach. The focus of the iQuanta courses were not on getting the right solution but the right approach.

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