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How to Give Mocks for Government Exams?

Mock it, till you make it

Government exams like banking, defense, UPSC, and others are tests that judge your speed and accuracy. The toughness level of the different government exams varies and has a high value attached to them. Gov’t exams act as a filter to select the best candidates for the various positions under the government. How can one make sure that their learning is going in the right direction? How can one know what strategy works best for them? How can one test their strong and weak area before their exam?

To all the questions above and many more, there is one answer and that is Mock Test. Mock test not only helps you in getting accustomed to the pressure of the gov’t exams but also helps with time management, accuracy, and speed, the parameters that gov’t exams test you on.

A rich mock test series ensures that it is curated in a way that ensures that all the topics under the syllabus are covered as well as the student is taken through every possible pattern of banking, Defense, or UPSC, such that he/she is able to develop comfort in any possible paper pattern on the D-day.

Mock test series help in multiple areas and a few of them are as mentioned:

  1. They provide a platform to test out multiple strategies before the D-day and select the strategy that best works for you. Trying out different strategies helps with understanding what works and what doesn’t as one strategy might work for someone but might not work for you
  2. They help with identifying strong and weak areas and thus, provide direction to route your learnings and practice. Weak areas can be made stronger with practice and a lot of it and strong areas can be solved faster with practice on questions
  3. They help in developing speed and accuracy which is the main deciding factor on the D-day. Paper for gov’t exams usually is not very difficult and is generally balanced to ensure every student has a fair chance regardless of their undergrad background. Thus, these parameters are the real factors that decide fate.
  4. They help in developing familiarity with the exam and thus, help in reducing pressure. This helps on D-day as you already know how you are going to attempt the paper in any situation whether the paper is easy or a difficult one

A mock test without detailed analysis is just like pizza without cheese, just incomplete. Every mock test must be followed with a detailed analysis of that test before attempting the next mock test. This mock test helps in identifying areas that need help in terms of speed, accuracy, basics, or all of them. Post identifying areas of weakness, basics can be revisited that you hardly attempt and this should be followed by a lot of questions. This analysis also helps with revision and brushing up of topics. The mock analysis also helps with finding alternative ways to solve questions as well as finding faster and better ways to solve the same question.

In short, I believe it is very important to give as many mocks as you can. Mocks acts as a great platform to test strategies and figure out areas of improvement. Mocks help in revision and developing confidence in your strengths for any exam pattern. Mock test analysis plays an even more important role as it acts as a mentor and guide that helps you with identifying your current speed and accuracy rate and aids you in improving them even further.

It always comes down to practice as practice makes everyone perfect. All the best!!!!

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