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How to Overcome the Monotonicity of the CAT Journey?

Alongside the joy of preparing and getting into your favorite business school, there exists a dark side that we prefer not talking about. To begin with, CAT is not just an exam. It teaches discipline, time management, sincerity, and consistency in you. It prepares you for the hectic yet enriching curriculum that you will be offered if you are well versed with these virtues. So, your hustle, suffering, and problems that you’ll encounter will only enrich you as a person and as a leader.

Coming to the often faced but less talked about problem, we would like to let you know that the preparation journey is not always illuminating and positive. It certainly has its unavoidable rough patches. Monotonicity may arise from various circumstances that you go through. It can come from doing the same sections each day. Or, attempting questions on the previously revised concepts frequently. Alternatively, reading long passages with those technical jargons, try avoiding them but eventually sticking to them and crawling your way out. It seems as if your life is confined to these three sections only.

In addition to this, your low mock scores pile up numerous things. The deadlines at the office and your boss yelling at you. Backlogs in classes, and you trying to cover them up. Freaking out at your profile and overthinking about post-CAT processes. Breaking up with your partner and not being able to move on. Sleep deprivation owing to the upcoming exam. Not being acknowledged for the efforts you are putting in. That is how anxiety starts growing on you. Festivities, parties, dining out, and meeting friends don’t make you happy as you used to before this preparation phase. Do you feel that this exam isn’t your cup of tea?

No matter what, we believe that your dreams still belong to you. We believe when the dreams can find their place in your eyes, why can’t they be in your life- happening in front of you. Sounds cheesy? But, yeah, we do believe that you can do it.

Along with your preparation, we would suggest the following things:-

Time for Outdoor Activities

It would help if you devote some time to physical activity or the sport you like regularly. It enables you to be affirmative, controls your mood swings, and uplifts your spirits.

Setting Smaller Targets

Set small targets for each day. This way, you chart your preparation and time. But, do not extend your tasks and do not procrastinate. Track your progress each day. Update your preparation plan accordingly and discard the shortcomings.

Pursuing Hobbies

Never give up on your hobbies for the sake of preparation. Hobbies are the most colorful part of this dynamic exam journey.

Consulting Mentors

Never hesitate to consult your mentors. Update them with the difficulties that you are facing. Let them know where you get stuck and can’t make a way out. Always take out some time to talk to them.

Mocks for Learning

Take mock tests as a source of learning only. It doesn’t indicate the percentile you will be getting in the final exam. So the correct way would be- take a mock, analyze, learn and move on.

Breaks in Between

Taking breaks may seem like a barrier to your consistent efforts. However, small breaks help you accelerate your journey. You come back stronger and more focused. Balance your preparation with day-to-day life.

Taking Proper Sleep

Never compromise with your sleep. Sound sleep is highly underrated. Binge-watching, scrolling social media without any purpose, opening and closing applications on your phone do not let you sleep nicely. As a result, your day doesn’t start on a good note. Hence, we advise you to take proper sleep.

Take it as an Exam

Take the exam as an exam. Neither should it affect your ego nor your life. Never let the performance of previous sections ruin your performance in the upcoming sections. In the worst-case scenario, if your CAT doesn’t turn out well, there are plenty of exams like XAT, IIFT, SNAP, NMAT, TISS, and CMAT as well which are the gateway to the prestigious B schools of the country.

CAT is not just about how well you are prepared. Instead, it’s about time management, pressure handling, and stress management. Summing it up with the famous line “Hope for the best and prepare for the worst” is genuinely apt in view of the CAT exam.

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