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How to prepare for CMAT 2024 in 60 Days!

The Common Management Admission Test (CMAT) is a National Level Entrance Examination for admission to AICTE-affiliated Institutions in the country for their Management Programs. The NTA released an official CMAT 2024 notification on its website on March 29, 2024, announcing the commencement of the registration process. The Last date to apply for CMAT 2024 is April 18, 2024. For CMAT registration 2024, candidates have to log in at the CMAT-NTA website.

As per the assumptions, the CMAT exam 2024 will be conducted by the NTA in the month of May. It is considered to be a moderately difficult exam and is accepted by a large number of private as well as government colleges throughout the country.

CMAT 2024: Exam Pattern, Syllabus, And Important Dates

As per the latest CMAT Exam pattern, the question paper will cover subjects such as Quantitative Techniques, Logical Reasoning, Language Comprehension, General Awareness and Innovation and Entrepreneurship. The CMAT 2024 question paper will consist of 100 multiple-choice questions (MCQs), 20 Questions in each section. The CMAT question paper is of easy to moderate difficulty level. Every question in CMAT carries 4 marks and there is a negative marking of -1 mark for every wrong attempt.

CMAT Exam StructureDetails
Number of Sections5 Sections
1. Quantitative Techniques & Data Interpretation
2. Logical Reasoning
3. Language Comprehension
4. General Awareness
5. Innovation & Entrepreneurship
Mode of examinationOnline
Duration of Exam180 minutes
Number of ShiftsTwo (9 AM to 12 Noon and 2.30 PM to 5.30 PM)
Number of Questions100
Total marks400
Number of answer choices5 choices
CMAT Marking Scheme+4 marks for every correct answer
-1 mark for every incorrect answer
Language of PaperEnglish

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CMAT 2024 Important Dates

CMAT 2024 Notification29 March
CMAT 2024 Registration Start Date29 March
Last Date to Apply18 April
Last date of submission of application fees18 April, 2024 (upto 11:50 P.M.)
Correction in Particulars in Application Form19 April,2024 to 21 April,2024
Date of ExaminationTo be announced
Result3 Weeks after the exam

How To Prepare For CMAT 2024 in 60 Days with iQuanta:

How to Prepare for CMAT in 2 Months? This is one of the most common questions that every aspirant wants to know. CMAT preparation in 2 months is very much possible. For those who have appeared for other MBA entrances such as CAT, XAT or SNAP, two months are enough to prepare for CMAT. Aspirants willing to appear for CMAT 2024 exam, can also prepare within 2 months months, provided they have a well-structured plan. For candidates aiming to start their MBA in the year 2024, the CMAT Exam is the last exam for which they can aim.

Most of the aspirants of the CMAT may have already taken other MBA Entrances. Being the last MBA Entrance for admission in session 2024-26, it is taken by almost 70k aspirants every year.
From this point in time, one has almost two months to prepare for CMAT 2024, hence iQuanta has come up with the CMAT 2024 Crash Course, which is a well-structured course that can help one in acing CMAT 2024.

Here we have listed the Crash Course offerings in brief:

  • 2 Live Classes Daily
  • 300+ Pre-recorded video
  • GK PDF
  • 7 CMAT Mocks
  • 5 CMAT Previous year papers
  • 3000+ Practice Questions
  • Innovation & Entrepreneurship PDF

iQuanta’s Crash courses schedule:

CMAT 2024 Section-Wise Strategy:

Quantitative Techniques & Data Interpretation Preparation Strategy

To prepare a CMAT preparation strategy for Quants and DI, one should first go through the Concept-building videos and the live lectures. Later one can practice all the sets from the previous year’s questions to question banks and the test series/ courses you’ve enrolled for. Make sure to strengthen your basics. Work on the conceptual part first and then start applying them in Practice. Start with easier questions and then move on to the tougher ones. Work on your calculations. Practice a few calculation-intensive questions to strengthen the same.
Prepare a formulae sheet and maintain it by adding any new formula you come across. Start with easier questions and move on to the advanced ones. Practice questions only belonging to the relevant topics.
Practice speed maths and Vedic maths. You can refer to the following videos for some fast calculation tips: Speed Maths session on Multiplication, Squares & Cubes.

Logical Reasoning Preparation Strategy

Start your CMAT preparation for LR by solving 2-3 sets daily and gradually keep on increasing this number with increasing accuracy. Practice diagram-based questions and make yourself comfortable with them. Make sure to read the question carefully, keep the details in mind and not keep re-reading the question as it may cause more confusion.

Start with basic, easier questions and focus more towards increasing first your accuracy and then focus on the time taken. As you start getting the answers right, your confidence will increase and you’ll start taking less time to solve the questions. Solving past year papers for this section is the best CMAT preparation strategy.

Language Comprehension Preparation Strategy

The first step to deal with any of the questions in the CMAT VARC section is to understand the nature of it. Know what the question is asking of you.
When dealing with RCs, try to analyse the tone of the passage and what the author wants to convey. Read the entire passage and figure out the motive of each paragraph. Understand the gist of the RC. Coming to the questions, instead of trying to find the right option, eliminate the wrong ones. Also, know the reasons behind the elimination of those options.
To prepare a CMAT strategy for the verbal part, practice as many previous year questions as you can. That is going to give you an idea about the question pattern. Find sources providing multiple practice sets. When provided with options in the question, comparing and eliminating should be your approach.

General Awareness Preparation Strategy

For building a CMAT preparation plan for General Awareness, prepare for all the topics mentioned above. Keep track of the current affairs, take a newspaper subscription and read it every day. Watch the news regularly. Take GK quizzes on an everyday basis. To analyse the static GK question pattern, you can check out the previous year’s questions as well.

Innovation & Entrepreneurship Preparation Strategy

To start preparing and formulating the strategy for Innovation & Entrepreneurship, you should know that the questions concerned in this section need logical thinking. The answers should be dealt with with a business mindset. Read about different entrepreneurship schemes and new innovations as well as innovators. Get acquainted with the basics of starting organisations and startups. Think very critically while dealing with this section. Reading business-related articles and magazines will also prove to be very helpful in this section.

If you are looking for a well-structured CMAT preparation along with 24*7 doubt-solving, you can rely on iQuanta’s CMAT 2024 Crash Course. Practice the most relevant CMAT-level content with iQuanta.

Indrajeet Singh
Indrajeet Singh
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