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IIFT Interview Experience – Aditya Anand

Originally shared on Facebook group of CAT Preparation – iQuanta

Date- 21/02/2018
Venue- IIFT Kolkata
Morning Shift

Aditya Anand,

IIFT- 97.54%, CAT 98.39%
18 months work ex

WAT- Don’t get intimidated by things you don’t know. Use it as your strength and think differently. 

Wrote on the lines of how you can leverage the ignorance by innovating new ways and why the infamous saying,”Ignorance is a bliss” sends out an inspiring message.

GD- “Pink” 

Structured GD. Everyone got fair chance to speak. I was asked to start. Linked it with women empowerment and how pink is the new blue. Spoke for one minute.

Three panelists(All Male)- P1(Left), P2(Middle), P3(Right), A- Aditya

Greeted them with a smile. Sat down.

P2- Aditya, tell us something interesting about you.
A- Talked about my interests in writing and travelling. How I like to write self motivating articles and poems.

P2- What is QFD?
A- I don’t know sir.

P2- What is VOC?
A- Sir, voice of customer. He asked me to explain. Explained it in detail. Related to my job role.

P1- So Aditya you want me to ask questions from Physics/Chemistry/Mathematics or Business?
A-( Thought how not being able to answer questions from PCM would create a bad impression) Sir, I am comfortable with both but I will prefer Business.

P1- Lately I was reading that one smart gentleman exploited the loopholes of banking system of a nationalized bank and ran away with 11000 crores. Can you explain me what happened?

A- Sir ,if I am right you are referring to Nirav Modi fiasco.

P1- Yes. Go ahead. Explain it to me in layman terms.

A- Explained everything in detail.

P1- What is LoU?

A- Answered.

*P3 who was smiling till now chipped in *

P3- You have talked about Elon Musk a lot in your form. Can we use technologies used by him in Indian rural context?

A- Talked about how small tractors can run on battery chargeable with solar power.

P3- Which fuel is used in tractors?

A- Diesel.

P3- You have talked about sustainability. There is one problem in our agriculture practice. What is that? How can you solve it?

A- Sir, is it about burning of crop residue?

P3- Spot on. Go ahead.

A- Talked about how government should buy this from farmer and since stubble can be used in bio gas which may lead to sustainable growth and pollution can be curbed.

P3- What is the future of automated cars in India?

A- To say the least, future is bright.

P3- *smiling* Explain. What are the challenges?

A- Talked about complete automation of traffic signals. And up-gradation of road conditions. And how we should always be ready to embrace progressive technologies.

P2- Most influential incident….

A- Talked about struggle of my parents.

P2- What did you learn from it?

A- Talked about dreaming big irrespective of circumstances.

P2- *With smile* Keep dreaming. Thank you.

A- *Poker face*


A- Special thanx to iQuanta and Mudit yadav (iQuanta GDpi faculty) for MBA and interview prep.

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