IIM Kozhikode Interview Experience – Priyam Dixit

Priyam Dixit, fresher, chemical engineer, cat-99.16
10th February, Radisson blu, delhi, forenoon.

Originally shared on Facebook group of CAT Preparation – iQuanta

Wat: Data and digitization are no solutions to agrarian distress.

GD: 70% was fish market.

PI: P1 and P2, both, were in 50s. one male and one female.

P1: so, what is this your college name SSBUICET?

Me: sir its shanti Swarup Bhatnagar university……..

P1: ok , such a big name. so, who was shanti Swarup Bhatnagar?

Me: sir, he was one of the greatest scientist india has ever had…….( caught offguard with this question)..

P1: define one of the greatest.

Me: (was not aware of his achievements) sir, right now I can’t recall his achievements…

P1:( grilling starts) that’s the problem of you students. Bas kahin se bhi padh lete ho aur pta kuch hota nhi h.( P2 was laughing, I was crying inside with a smile on my face)

P2: this shows that you are not curious enough. You don’t even know about your college. We don’t want people who are not curious. So you are not fit for mba.

Me: mam , I beg to differ on that. I m curious.

P2: then how can you show me that you are curious?

Me: mam you can ask me about my hobbies, and other academic subjects.

P1: what are your hobbies?

Me: computer gaming.

P1: (got pretty aggressive) gaming koi hobby nhi hoti h, kamar dard, bas button dabaate rho, log maarte rho.(P2 was again laughing).

Me: sir, I beg to differ.( told him all about the benefits and scientific evidences about gaming. He counters. i said something about two sides of the same coin and about perception and how you use it. Both were not convinced.)

P1: acha tell me. Has anyone from your college ever won shanti Swaroop Bhatnagar award?

Me: no sir.

P1: which is the highest civilian award?

Me: (had an idea but was not sure) sir I don’t know.

P1: what? As a student you should know. Its bharat ratna.

Me: sir I had this in my mind but was not sure about it.

P1: you should be sure. What is the highest military award?
Me: param vir chakra.

P1: highest science award.

Me: shanti Swaroop Bhatnagar award.

P1: ok, so tell me , what is an enthalpy. Define in layman terms.

Me: (again, offguard) said something about energy.( next five minutes were about enthalpy, answered all the questions in these 5 minutes).

P1: draw the enthalpy entropy diagram of water.
Me: sir, I can’t recall right now.

P1: what? That’s unacceptable. You don’t know about your subjects.
Me: sir, you can ask me about other subjects like ff, ht ..

P1: (interrupted) you don’t tell me what to ask or not. I know engineering a lot more that you. As an engineer you should know all your 45 subjects inside out.

P2: it means that from first year to last year, your enthalpy change is zero. You don’t know anything.
Best part is yet to come…
Waiter comes and asks them about tea. They, asked me if I would take anything. I thought ki yaar maar to li h, ab kuch kha hi loon. But before I opened my mouth to answer, P1 said to waiter that he would not be here that long. Interview vaise bhi khatam hone waala h. so, he won’t be needing anything. All were laughing, including waiter, except me. I was crying inside with a smile on my face.

P1: so, where do you live.

Me: being from a defence background……..( spoke for 2 mins)

P2: then why MBA after engineering.

Me: again spoke for a minute or so….
(I thought now the interview is going to start.)

P1: thank you Priyam. We are done and all the best.
( again crying with smile).

Really bad interview, maybe stress waala tha. Shayad sirf smile ke number milenge. Duration: around 20 mins.

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