IIM Kozhikode Summer Placement’s Comparison

IIM Kozhikode is one of the IIMs focusing highly on the diversity of students. More than 40% of students are from non-engineering backgrounds. This year they started two new batches namely PGP Finance and PGP Liberal Studies and Management.  PGP Finance saw a 73% composition of students from engineering backgrounds.

Due to the pandemic, there was a shift in the mode of conducting placements and for this Placements Operations Team was formed. They ensured smooth conduct of the operational activities resulting in 100% placements.

Batch Profile

Pool Size – 541

  • The gender diversity split is 52% for females and 48% for males.
  • Educational background split is 59% from engineering, 22% from commerce, 8% each from arts and sciences, 3% from others.
  • Work experience split is 10% for 3+ years experience, 27% for 2-3 years experience, 28% for 1-2 years experience and 35% for less than a year experience (includes freshers). The average work experience comes out to be 24 months.
  • Maximum students are from the IT sector followed by BFSI.
  • 73 students are from NITs, 39 students are CA/CFA, 31 students are from IITs, 12 students are from SRCC.

Domain Wise Distribution & Key Statistics

The insights that can be drawn are:

  • There is an 11% decline in S&M roles offered compared to last year as Sales and Marketing was highly hit due to the pandemic. Last year, S&M offers dominated the placements with a 10% difference between the next best.
  • Consulting saw the highest growth of 6% which was a similar trend seen in all the top IIMs.
  • IT and analytics witnessed a growth of 5% from 10% last year to 15% this year. This was due to more requirements of roles like product management, business analytics etc.
  • Front-end Investment Banking and Private Equity/Venture Capitalist roles were the highlights of this year.
  • There is a 73% increase in the number of offers made in consulting and a 23.6% increase in average stipend.
  • IT/Analytics saw around a 23% increase in average stipend which was an impressive figure with the demand for more product managers.
Domain Average Stipend (2020-22 Batch) Average Stipend (2019-21 Batch) % Change
Sales & Marketing 1.55 L 1.59 L -2.5%
Consulting 2.56 L 2.07 L 23.6%
Finance 1.8 L 1.7 L 5.8%
IT & Analytics 1.88 L 1.53 L 22.9%
General Management 1.36 L 1.71 L -20.5%
Operations 2.31 L 2.46 L -6%
  • E-commerce was one of the most prominent sectors with offers doubling this year and having the second-highest average stipend. The number of offers is lesser as compared to other domains but the stipend is high.
  • Consulting and operations are the top domains offering the highest average stipend for both batches.
Domain Highest Stipend (2020-22 Batch) Highest Stipend (2019-21 Batch) Top Recruiters
Sales & Marketing 3.2 L 3.2 L RB, ITC, Coca Cola, Nestle, Colgate
Consulting 3.0 L 3.0 L BCG, Deloitte, Everest Group, PwC, Accenture
Finance 3.2 L 3.0 L JP Morgan, D E Shaw, Goldman Sachs, CITI
IT & Analytics 3.0 L 3.0 L Google, Microsoft, HUL, Walmart Labs
General Management 3.0 L 3.0 L Capgemini, Mahindra, ABInBev, Axis Bank
Operations 3.2 L 2.8 L Amazon, Flipkart, Uber, Cloudtail, Asian Paints
  • S&M, Finance and Operations saw the highest stipend offered which is 3.2 L.
  • Operations witnessed a 15% increase in the number of offers compared to last.
  • Amazon offered the maximum number of offers.

Overall Stipend Comparison

Pointer 2020-22 Batch 2019-21 Batch % Change
Students Participated 541 462 17%
Highest Stipend INR 3.2 L INR 3.2 L
Median Stipend INR 2.0 L INR 2.0 L
Mean Stipend INR 1.88 L INR 1.75 L 7.4%
Mean Stipend of Women Participants INR 2.0 L INR 2.0 L
Top 5 Percentile Mean Stipend INR 3.07 L INR 3 L 2.33%
Top 10 Percentile Mean Stipend INR 3.03 L INR 2.72 L 11.4%
Top 25 Percentile Mean Stipend INR 2.92 L INR 2.41 L 21.26%


Despite pandemic times, IIM K successfully completed the placement drive of the entire batch witnessing a 7.4% increase in the mean stipend. Despite two new batches being started, there is a considerable increase in the mean stipend of top 10 and top 25 percentile students. This shows the resilience and effort of the entire placement team in placing the entire batch across top brands of the world.


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